Tuesday, May 8th, 2012...6:07 am

Cybill Troy – New Site Pictures !

New York !

Cybill Troy

Cybill Troy

Picture news in with Cybill Troy who recently added new photos to Her web site.

A number of new pictures have recently been added to Cybill Troy’s site such as the sample shot above showing Her looking amazing & dressed in Latex & Heels.

Cybill Troy is a New York based Dominatrix who travels extensively including the up & comming DomCon in Los Angeles which runs from the 16th – 20th May, applications to serve Cybill Troy during DomCon are now being considered.

Electrical Play, Human Ashtray Training & Spanking are just a few of the session activities Cybill Troy enjoys, you can find out lots more information & submit an application to serve in New York or Los Angeles via Her site by Clicking Here

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