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We would like to hear your news on anything such as new pictures, new web site launch, forthcoming travel announcements, Dungeon openings, retirement announcements.We consider news from Female Dominants from all over the world for Hogspy.We will link your story to your main web site & announce it briefly on Twitter.When sending your news please just include the facts, be precise & informative the more details you send the better your article will read.

Please do not send us a copy n paste of news that is already on your Blog or web site or about to be, do not simply send us a link telling us “all the info is there”, yes of course we look at your sites for additional information but we need as much other details from you as possible, remember the article is about you & therefore the more facts you give us the higher the likely hood that it will get better results, we’re not asking for a novel just basics, bullet point style is fine.

Once we receive your news we will email you for any further info we need & also request a photo but please no watermarks or wording.We do not run pictures with wording included in them nor will we display pictures of Dominatrices whose faces cannot be seen either in a photo Submitted or at least be found on their site. We do include pictures of submissive male slaves &  subs in photos we run but will not include pictures of Females being Dominated in any shape or form, we are are strictly Female Domination news site of males. Please use the contact form below if you would like to send an article to Hogspy.

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Rates shown are in British Pounds, various different payment methods accepted.

We’re absolutely delighted you’re reading the site just like thousands of others do every single day as we bring you all the very latest Female Domination news which is accompanied by the best pictures we can find from all across the world, readership continues to grow as we attract new surfers daily who in turn return to the site very frequently, we value every single reader & trust they enjoy reading the articles as much as we enjoy putting them together.

All advert spots you buy on the site are yours & yours alone, in other words no rotation, it’s your unique position & remember your advert will appear on every single page of Hogspy so no matter where a reader arrives to us from & regardless of what page they land on you can be certain your advert will be on that page. We accept advertising from a variety of people & companies from all over the Fetish world especially those in the FemDom scene, your advert can be linked through to any of the the following but not limited to: Pro Domme site, Members site, Blog site, Clips4sale Store, Twitter or Facebook pages, special one off events & party sites, plus others by consideration, just tell us what you want to advertise & we’ll get straight back to you answering any questions you have.

Keep in mind that any online advert’s success cannot only be measured in “Click Throughs” there are numerous other benefits including brand building by the fact that your image & name are appearing every day in front of our returning & new readers plus benefits gained through search engine recognition.

A lot of confidence is gained by surfers in seeing an advert from a professional Mistress or business placed on our site & if you’re offering more than say just Sessions such as Clips or Cam shows or possibly even Chat Lines then overall we hope you’ll see that it’s money well invested.

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If you want to add our banner to your web site then that’s fine & we would of course appreciate that  but we would much rather you mention us on your Blog or run a small piece on us & link directly to your article, alternatively a bit about us on your Facebook or Twitter pages would be appreciated, in the very least a Retweet or mention on your Social Media sites is always welcomed. Updating your Blog with news that you appeared on Hogspy is in the least a good excuse to give your Blog a bit of attention.

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