23rd – 25th August 2012

Mistress Katya Von Calder
Mistress Katya Von Calder

Late Summer news in with Mistress Kata Von Calder visiting Washington soon.

Mistress Von Calder makes Her final travel trip of the year to Washington during the dates shown up above & applications to serve Her whilst there are now being considered via Her web site which contains full contact & booking information.

Sessions will take place downtown not far from the McPherson Square station & only a limited amount of Sessions are now available to genuine applicants, serious enquiries should be submitted straight away to Mistress Katya Von Calder in order to avoid any possible disappointment.

Spanking, Corporal Punishment & Psycho Drama are just a few of the Session types Mistress Katya Von Calder enjoys who incidently is usually located on the east coast, find out loads more & apply to Serve in Washington by Clicking Here