May 31st, 2012

January Seraph – Travel Update News !

June 2012

Mistress January Seraph 2 January Seraph   Travel Update News !

Mistress January Seraph

Travel confirmation with Mistress January Seraph who is on a mini tour  soon.

Currently in Los Angeles where She will remain until the 13th June & is accepting session requests January Seraph then plans to visit Manhattan from 18th until the 23rd June afterwhich comes San Francisco from 26th June up until the 30th June. Polite applications to serve in all locations are now being considered by Mistress January Seraph via Her web site which contains full contact information.

In other New Mistress January is actively seeking a six foot tall male to use & abuse in a photo shoot which is set to take place in the next couple of months, Hoods can be worn & you must be very reliable & useful, send your details & confirmation of your exact height to Mistress January in order to be considered.

Mistress January Seraph is a professional Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of session activities, find out lots more details & apply to serve by Clicking Here

May 31st, 2012

Mistress Kathy – New Pictures !

Schlagende Girls !

Mistress Kathy Mistress Kathy   New Pictures !

Mistress Kathy

Mistress Kathy 500 Mistress Kathy   New Pictures !

Mistress Kathy

Back to the Schlagende Girls with brand new Mistress Kathy pictures released.

Taken from a recent video shoot the above photos feature Mistress Kathy & Her personal trainer as She prepares then force feeds him a special breakfast inbetween punishing & abusing him with the use of  some very big boxing gloves.

The Schlagende Girls are a collective of German Domina’s with a passion for Latex & all things Femdom, more clips, pictures & information by Clicking Here

May 30th, 2012

Ms Chloe – Doubles In New York !

6th – 13th June 2012

Mistress Chloe 2 Ms Chloe   Doubles In New York !

Ms Chloe

A Temp Mistress Alex Ms Chloe   Doubles In New York !

Mistress Alex

Travel news continues with Ms Chloe who’s visiting New York early next month.

Ms Chloe will be available to be served in the big apple during the dates shown above & applications are now being considered which you can make via Her site.

Ms Chloe will be available to be served at the facility of Her close friend Mistress Alex & single sessions as well as double Domination servitude are both offered on this trip. Ms Chloe is a Professional Domme usually located in San Francisco.

Strapon Play, Forced Bi & Leg Worship are just a few of the session types Ms Chloe enjoys, find out more info  & apply to serve in New York by Clicking Here

May 30th, 2012

Mistress Wynter – Dominates Chicago !

9th – 12th July 2012

Mistress Wynter 2 Mistress Wynter   Dominates Chicago !

Mistress Wynter

Advance travel news with Mistress Wynter who’s visiting Chicago during July.

Mistress Wynter will be available to be served in the windy city during the dates shown above, polite applications to serve are now being considered via Her site.

Whilst in Chicago Mistress Wynter will be utilising the facility of Her close friend & associate Ms Maya Sinstress & therefore individual sessions as well as double Domme serving are both offered.

Mistress Wynter is an experienced Dominatrix usually based in New York who enjoys a variety of session activities, Ear Tugging, Whipping & Corporal Punishment to name just a few, you can find out lots more information as well as see additional photos as well as keep up with all Her travel news by Clicking Here

May 29th, 2012

Mistress Kiva – Cincinnati & Nashville !

30th May – 5th June 2012

A Temp Mistress Kiva Mistress Kiva   Cincinnati & Nashville !

Mistress Kiva

Travel news with Mistress Kiva scheduled to visit Cincinnati & Nashville soon.

Fetish Kiva will be available to be served first in Cincinnati from tommorow the 30th May through until to Sunday 3rd June which is then followed by Nashville where She will be from late evening on the 3rd right up until late 5th June 2012.

Mistress Kiva is skilled Dominatrix  with over ten years experience & enjoys Ass Worship, Watersports & Spitting to name just a few, you can find out lots more info & apply to serve in Cincinnati or Nashville via Her web site by Clicking Here

May 28th, 2012

Strapon Jane – Gets A New Strapon


We return to Youtube once again with Strapon Jane & Her brand new video clip.

Uploaded today & already attracting a large amount of views this clip sees Strapon Jane showing off Her latest Strapon as She prepares for a photoshoot & attaches it tightly as She talks about the upcomming Fucking She’s about to dish out in Her very English accent.

Strapon Jane is a Female Dominatrix with a true passion for Screwing slaves, sissies & sluts with a vast collection of Strapons & other similar devices to enjoy Herself with, you can see lots more from Strapon Jane via Her own web site, packed with FemDom clips & pictures & is updated very often by Clicking Here

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