February 1st, 2014

Mistress Naughtya – New Web Site


Mistress Naughtya On Hogspy

Mistress Naughtya

Internet news with Mistress Naughtya & the release of Her brand new web site.

Built entirely by Mistress Naughtya Herself & uploaded on to the net a short while ago this fantastic new web site offering will no doubt prove popular with Her many fans across the globe, both new & old alike.  The site contains everything you need to know about Ms Naughtya & how you can apply to Serve Her with the “About” page giving lots interesting background details about Her seven year history as a professional Dominatrix, which is followed by a “Sessions” page where you can find out everything you need to know about Mistress Naughtya & what you can expect in Sessions which are open to experienced slaves & subs as well as beginners. Couples can also be accommodated, extended Sessions as well as Telephone Domination on Mistress Naughtya’s personal Chatlines & Text Exchange, which is sometimes referred to as Sexting along with other forms of Distance Training are also an option as well.

The “Galleries” page is split in two on the new web site with the first page offering a large number of excellent pictures featuring Mistress Naughtya & a seperate Dungeon gallery showing pictures inside Her Cleveland facility, which, incidentally, is available to hire by established Dominatrices seeking a suitable facility to utilise whilst touring the Midwest of the United States.

The Dungeon page offers specific details about Mistress Naughtya’s setting & outlines some of the equipment located there much of which was custom built for Her along with additional details about the  location which is not far from Hopkins airport, followed by a Wishlist section & after which comes Her Shop page where you can apply to purchase custom made FemDom Video Clips & Movies as well as select personal effects including Panties, Socks & Nail Clippings.

A Blacklist is included on the new web site from Mistress Naughtya & the Contact page tells you how you can apply to Serve in an individual Domination Session with Her & includes a contact form, telephone number & email address along with specific instructions on how best to ensure your application is favourably considered. Links to various other Female Domination web sites as well as Her Social Media pages including FaceBook, Twitter & Instagram complete the picture for this informative & well laid out new web site from Mistress Naughtya.

You can apply for a professional Domination Session in Cleveland with Mistress Naughtya, check out the new web site, see additional pictures & lots more by (Site Closed)

January 31st, 2014

Mistress Evilyne – Live Scat Show

8th February 2014

Mistress Evilyne On Hogspy

Mistress Evilyne

Webcam news in as Mistress Evilyne announces Her live Scat show next week.

English Dominatrix Mistress Evilyne is streaming a live & interactive Hard Sports Cam show on the date displayed up above which is set to take place from 10pm, London time & will run for a couple of hours. This is a rare opportunity to tune in to a genuine Scat Session as Mistress Evilyne totally Humiliates & Degrades Her slave & feeds him Her delights live on Webcam, what’s more She’ll even be inviting ideas & suggestions from those tuning in on how best  to deal with him. The action will come to you in full HD, live & direct from Mistress Evilyne’s excellent “Dungeon Manor” facility.

Butt Worship On Hogspy

Butt Worship

The broadcast takes place on the “Blue2Red” platform & you’ll need to register in advance for this performance as well as pre purchase credits too, viewing in group mode will be at $5.50 per minute with an option for private chat coming in at $15 per minute.

This really is a rare occasion & bought to you by an English Mistress who relishes in Scat scenes & all things Toilet Training related & one that will no doubt attract a lot of attention from fans of Brown & Golden Sports across the globe, well worth mentioning too that Mistress Evilyne recently added a Blog entry on the topic to Her web site entitled “On Hard Sports & Toilet Training” which gives an insight into Her thoughts & views on what is often regarded as a taboo activity but one that She is totally comfortable with & clearly enjoys too.

Scat On Hogspy


Mistress Evilyne is an expereinced Dominatrix who’s located in Kent in England & offers realtime Domination Sessions with slaves & submissives at Her fully equipped & multi room Dungeon Manor facility & aside from Scat both Online & in person also enjoys a wide variety of different types of Domination Session such as Cropping, Shaving & Foot Worship to name just a few, Mistress Evilyne also offers Chastity Training incorporating a Key holding service as well, more details of Mistress Evilyne’s Domination Session preferences can be found on Her web site which also includes full contact & booking request info including a contact form, telephone number & direct email address also.

You can find out lots more about Mistress Evilyne, see additional pictures & check out Her recent Scat Blog entry by Clicking Here

Register & buy credits for the up & coming Scat Webcam show with Mistress Evilyne taking place next week on the Blue2Red web site by (Site Closed)

January 30th, 2014

Mistress Sultry Belle – Edinburgh Visit

6th February 2014

Mistress Sultry Belle On Hogspy

Mistress Sultry Belle

More travel news in as Mistress Sultry Belle revisits Edinburgh in a weeks time.

Mistress Sultry Belle confirms that She will be Dominating the Scottish capital for one day only next week & applications to Serve Her whilst there are now being entertained from experienced or beginner slaves & submissives, please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment with Mistress Belle. Applications can be made by telephone or by direct email, details for which can easily found on the web site of Sultry Belle.

Professional Domination Sessions in Edinburgh with Mistress Belle will take place from a city centre apartment, clean, discreet & easily located & will occur from mid afternoon & go right through until late at night, check out the “Edinburgh” section on Mistress Belle’s web site for up to date available Serving opportunities as well as tribute rates & various other snippets of information.

Mistress Sultry Belle On Hogspy

Mistress Sultry Belle

In other news Mistress Sultry Belle recently undertook a new photo shoot with “Monkey Twizzle Photography” including the couple of fanatastic pictures we’ve featured today, keep a close eye on Her web site for more photos from  MonkeyTwizzle as they’re uploaded on to Her gallery over the course of the next few days.

Mistress Sultry Belle is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Glasgow, Scotland & who travels frequently to various different destinations including Dublin in Ireland, London & beyond, Punching, Face Spitting & Nipple Torture are just a few of the many & varied types of Session She enjoys, check out Mistress Sultry Belle’s web site for a much more comprehensive listing of what She likes most when Using & Abusing Her subjects.

Apply to Serve Mistress Sultry Belle in Edinburgh next Thursday, check out the new pictures & find out much more by Clicking Here

January 30th, 2014

Madame Christine – Antwerp Trip

3rd – 4th February 2014

Madame Christine & Mistress Shane On Hogspy

Madame Christine & Mistress Shane

FemDom travel news continues as Madame Christine visits Antwerp soon.

Madame Christine confirms that She is returning to Antwerp in Belgium during the dates shown up above where She will be conducting professional Domination Sessions from early until late. Polite applications to Serve may now be Submitted via Madame Christine’s web site which contains full contact & booking request details but please note you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your Dungeon Session. Applications are open to experienced as well as the beginner slave or submissive.

Whilst in Antwerp Madame Christine will carry out Her Sessions from the Dungeon of none other than Mistress Shane which is a fully equipped & multi room facility, clean, discreet & easily located & aside from individual Domination Sessions double Domination is also a possibility with both Mistresses subject to their schedule allowing for such, please indicate clearly when applying to Serve Madame Christine as to whether you’re seeking a one on one experience or double alongside Mistress Shane.

Located in Europe & with occasional travel beyond Madame Christine is an experienced Dominatrix & former Lady of The Other World Kingdom, Face Sitting, Caning & Boot Licking are just a few of the different types of Session that She enjoys most when Using & Abusing Her subjects, you can find out more, see additional pictures & apply to Serve Madame Christine in Antwerp from early next week by (Site Closed)

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