September 18th, 2013

Ms Maya Midnight – New Pictures

New York

Ms Maya Midnight On Hogspy

Ms Maya Midnight

Picture news as Ms Maya Midnight adds some brand new photos to Her gallery.

Uploaded recently on to the main web site of Ms Maya Midnight these excellent new shots feature Maya Smoking in Her new Latex Lingerie & will no doubt appeal to Her fans both new & old alike. Also recently Ms Midnight has given Her site a mini overhaul which now includes Her advertised rates for a Domination Session as well as improvements & additions to Her “Newbies Guide” which is pretty much as it says, a chance for those first entering the scene or contemplating seeing a professional Dominatrix the chance to find out & learn more about FemDom & what you can expect from a professional Session & much more besides.

Located in New York but with frequently travel as well as operating Her own Chat Lines via Niteflirt Ms Maya Midnight is an expereinced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of Session activities including but not limited to Human Ashtray Training, Forced Intoxication & Hypnosis Role Play to name just a few, you can find out lots more, check out the brand new pictures & apply to Serve in a Session or on the Phone through Her chat Lines & more by (Site Closed)

September 16th, 2013

Mistress Saphire – Shaved Head Pics


Mistress Saphire

Mistress Saphire

Picture news in with Mistress Saphire who has uploaded new photos to Her site.

Added to Her web site gallery a short while ago these new photos feature Mistress Saphire sporting Her brand new Shaved head look & is is a result of Her simply deciding to opt for a fresh style to Her appearance & will no doubt appeal to all fans of the Shaved head style across the world. Mistress Saphire points out on Her blog that those of you that find the look a bit too harsh need fear not as She does have access to a wide variety of Wigs & Hair pieces that She’s happy to wear in Session should you desire. Mistress Saphire Shaved Her head whilst on a trip to Los Angeles during the Summer & will be keeping it so for the forseeable future.

An experienced Dominatrix of  many years Mistress Saphire is located in Eccles in Manchester which is in England but who also travels frequently within Europe as well as beyond to America where spends a lot of time in Las Vegas & is scheduled to travel back to the United States very soon, details for which we’ll bring you right here on Hogspy once the exact dates are confirmed.

Anal Stretching, Trampling & Water Sports are just a few of the different types of Domination Session that Mistress Saphire enjoys whilst in the Dungeon, check out the “Sessions” section on Her web site for a much more comprehensive list & additional details.

You can find out lots more information about Mistress Saphire, see the new Shaved head pictures, apply to Serve & much more besides by Clicking Here

September 15th, 2013

London Chambers – Mistress Electra

Swiss Cottage

Mistress Electra On Hogspy

Mistress Electra

News from Mistress Electra as She opens Her brand new Chambers in London.

Based in the centre of the capital & just one stop from Baker Street tube Mistress Electra’s brand new facility is a multi room & multi themed Chambers incorporating a Dungeon, Medical Room as well as a Domestic setting too, fully equipped & including Sounds & full Electrics & a brand new E-Stim System with over 130 different settings. The Chambers are easily located with excellent transport links, discreet & clean, Sessions are available to beginners as well as the more seasoned slave & sub but strictly by appointment only, you may be asked to provide a deposit to confirm your time Serving Mistress Electra.

In other news Mistress Electra confirms that owing to the continued success of Her Clips4sale store She is set to undertake a number of new Film shoots & seeks genuine & reliable slaves to be put to good Use as Film Slaves. Only genuine slaves & subs need apply who must be very reliable & need to respectfully apply via Her web site giving brief back ground details as well information on any previous shoots along with a short list of your Fetish’s, likes & dislikes the new Film shoots are set to take place over the coming weeks in London & applications can be sent via the web site of Mistress Electra. A link to the Clips4sale store of Mistress Electra can be found under the “Services” heading of Her web site giving potential Film slave applicants the chance to get a feel for what’s required of them.

As mentioned Mistress Electra is located in central London & is an experienced Dominatrix who is now accepting FemDom Sessions in Her new Chambers, Boot Worship, Instructed Bisexuality & Needle Play are just a few of the very many different types of Session that Mistress Electra enjoys, Telephone Domination is also an option as Mistress Electra will call you on Her own personal FemDom Chat Line & promises to Humiliate & Destroy you in Her very well spoken English accent, details for Chat Line as well as information for Session preferences are all included in Mistress Electra’s web site along with links to Her Social Media pages including Twitter & FaceBook.

You can Submit an application to Serve Mistress Electra at Her new facility in London by using the form found on Her web site which also includes Her Telephone number too, you can view additional pictures & plenty more besides by (Site Closed)

September 14th, 2013

Mistress Naughtya – Opens Dungeon


Mistress Naughtya On Hogspy

Mistress Naughtya

FemDom news in as Mistress Naughtya confirms Her new Dungeon is now open.

Mistress Naughtya is delighted to confirm that following many months of hard work that Her brand new Dungeon is now fully operational & accepting slaves & subs, both the experienced as well as beginner.

Having moved to Cleveland in Ohio from London in England earlier this year Mistress Naughtya’s new Dungeon is located on the west side of Cleveland, under 10 minutes from the centre of town & is fully equipped with quality equipment including but not limited to a Bondage Bed, St Andrews Cross, Kneeling Bench, Ropes, Chains, Cuffs, Floggers, Canes, Hoods & loads more besides, the  Dungeon is clean, discreet  & easily located.

Mistress Naughtya is an experienced Dominatrix who is now permanently based in Cleveland but who occasionally makes return trips back to London for Domination Sessions & enjoys a wide variety of Female Domination whilst in the Dungeon including but in no way limited to  Slut Training, Wax Play & Incarceration to name just a few.

You can find out lots more about Mistress Naughtya, see additional pictures & apply to Serve at Her new Cleveland Dungeon & much more besides via Her web site which you can access by Clicking Here

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