August 25th, 2013

UK Mistress Elise – New Web Site

West Midlands

Mistress Elise

Mistress Elise

Internet news with Mistress Elise who has recently released Her new web site.

This is a great new site from Mistress Elise & very clearly laid out, easy to navigate & allows slaves and subs to hear Her  thoughts about how She likes to abuse men. Everything you need to know about how you can apply to Serve Mistress Elise is included on the new web site which contains a contact form for Domination Session enquiries, a send Money page for FinDom fans or those that simply want to treat Mistress Elise, a link to Her Clips4 sale store & of course a gallery containing loads of new pictures of Mistress Elise looking fantastic which will no doubt appeal to Her new & old fans alike.

Mistress Elise is located located in the West Midlands of England & conducts Her Sessions from a fully equipped Dungeon & enjoys amongst many others Ball busting, Trampling, Face Slapping, Foot Worship, Boot Worship, Corporal punishment & Smoking. Female Domination Sessions are available to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive & Mistress Elise respects all limits. Please note that you might be requested to pay a deposit to secure your time Serving mistress Elise.

Mistress Elise told Hogspy  that “If you’re more of a Foot slut & just love the scent of sweaty Feet or love Licking dirt from my Boots after I have just walked my dog or love having me Kick your Balls around like footballs then I would love to bring your fantasies alive, not only am I beautiful, I am very intelligent & understand what slaves need & want, I await your emails slave”

You can find out lots more information about Mistress Elise, check out the brand new web site, see new pictures & plenty more besides by (Site Closed)

August 24th, 2013

Miss Miranda – Los Angeles BDSM

23rd – 27th September 2013

Miss Miranda

Miss Miranda

FemDom travel news in as Miss Miranda makes a fast return trip to America.

Following a recent & very successful United States visit English Bondage Mistress Miranda is venturing  back across the pond only this time She’s set  set to hit Los Angeles with numerous Filming commitments already in place, Domination Session time is extremlely limited so booking early is advisable.

Whilst in Los Angeles Miss Miranda will be conducting FemDom Sessions from top Dungeon facility Sanctuary Studios during Her stay & confirms that some Sessions are currently available on the 23rd , 24th, & 26th September when She’s offering Sessions during the evenings from 6pm onwards & with one full confirmed day of play only being Friday 27th September. Please note that no Sessions are available on the 25th of September.

Worth us mentioning too that the Sanctuary Studios are available to be hired by travelling Dominatrices whilst visiting the west coast, Mistresses,Dominatrices & others are welcome to contact Sanctuary to discuss dates & travel arrangements, more info for which can be found via their web site which you can access Here

Miss Miranda will be Shooting with a number of major American Fetish sites whilst visiting the west coast & Her schedule is looking pretty solid, genuine slaves & subs who wish to Session with Miss Miranda should be aware that fees are $250 per hour & there’s also an option to be Used as a Film slave at a reduced rate which may also include a multi Dominatrix experience, in either case please be aware that you might be required to pay a small deposit to secure your time Serving Miss Miranda.

An experienced Dominatrix of many years & specialising in Bondage & Restraint Miss Miranda is usually located just outside of London, close to Heathrow Airport & is sometimes referred to as The Bondage Mistress & aside from all things Rope related enjoys a wide variety of Female Domination Sessions including but not limited to Medical Scenes, Foot Worship & Verbal Humiliation.

You can find out more about UK Dominatrix Miss Miranda via Her web site & follow Her blog to keep up with all Her latest FemDom travel & Film Shoot news, see additional pictures & much more besides by Clicking Here

August 23rd, 2013

Princess Cheryl – Film Slaves Wanted


Princess Cheryl

Princess Cheryl

Hogspy returns to Film news as Princess Cheryl seeks slaves to Use & Abuse.

Princess Cheryl is launching Her new Clips store later this year & is currently planning a number of FemDom Film Shoots which are scheduled to take place in Blackburn, England during September, applications are currently being considered by Princess Cheryl for this rare chance to be put to good Use by Her & be Used in a number of small Film & Photo Shoots.

Only genuine & reliable slaves need apply who must of course be of legal age, be prepared to sign a Model release form on the day of action as well as be able to provide proof of identification. Applicants who are comfortable showing their face & have a high tolerance to pain will be given preference, however, most applications will be considered which need to be kept brief outlining any previous Film Shoot experience with other Dominatrices as well as include a summary of your Fetish’s, limits & anything else that you feel may be of interest to Princess Cheryl. Please note that you will not be paid a fee for your appearance & are responsible for your own travel arrangements & costs.

We’re pretty certain that Princess Cheryl will be swamped with applications to Film with Her next month & further opportunities will exist later in the year too, we’ll bring you any further announcements along with dates & details on such just as soon as we have them.

Whilst known mostly for Her Online Domination & Humiliation of male slaves & subs Princess Cheryl also conducts realtime Domination Sessions in Blackburn, Lancashire & enjoys a wide variety of different Domination scenes including but not limited to Butt Worship, Face Spitting & Verbal Humiliation to name just a few, Princess Cheryl of course is still very much available to be Served on the Internet by way of Webcam as well as also through Her personal Chat Lines both of which She mostly conducts through the Adultwork web site which also contains additional pictures & further information about the Princess.

Whilst Princess Cheryl doesn’t currently have Her own web site but is planning to release one in the not too distant future you can contact Her not only on Adult Work but also via various other sites too including FetLife  & various Social Media sites such as  Twitter which is a good place to initially contact Her to offer your Film slave Service as well as learn lots more about Princess Cheryl which you can access by Clicking Here

August 22nd, 2013

Miss Mara & Ms Lydia – In Boston

27th – 28th August 2013

Ms Lydia Supremacy & Miss Mara Mayhem

Ms Lydia Supremacy & Miss Mara Mayhem

News with Miss Mara Mayhem & Ms Lydia Supremacy visiting Boston soon.

Mara Mayhem & Lydia Supremacy are making a brief trip to Boston during next week & together are offering double Domination Sessions whilst there during the dates shown up above. Polite applications to Serve which may require a small deposit can now be sent via the web site of Miss Mara Mayhem or Ms Lydia Supremacy which contain full contact & booking request details.

Dominations Sessions are available to both novices as well as the more experienced slave & submissive & it’s important to mention that both Mistresses are also available to be Served individually whilst in Boston subject of course for schedules allowing so.

Toilet Training, Anal Training & Foot & Shoe Worship are just a small amount of the different Session types that Miss Mara Mayhem enjoys whilst Ms Lydia Supremacy enjoys amongst many others Chastity Training, Dinner Domination & Consumption Training. Phone Sessions on Ms Lydia’s private Chat Lines are possible for those not able to Serve in

Miss Mara Mayhem is usually located in Chicago when not travelling & Ms Lydia Supremacy divides Her time between New York & Philadelphia when not on the move.

You can apply to Serve Miss Mara Mayhem & Ms Lydia Supremacy in Boston next week as well as see additional pictures or Serve on a Chat Line & plenty more besides via the web site of Miss Mara Mayhem by Clicking Here

Alternatively contact Ms Lydia Supremacy via Her site & apply by Clicking Here

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