April 29th, 2014

Ariane Arborene – New Kindle Novella

A Sissy Maid For Arabella

Ariane Arborene On Hogspy

Ariane Arborene

FemDom fiction news as Ariane Arborene releases Her latest title to download.

FemDom author Ariane Arborene has just published Her first sissy Maid novella, entitled “A Sissy Maid for Arabella: A Feminization & Sissification Erotic Novella.”  Set in the days when men worked on farms and Ladies learned how to get what they want from their charms, A Sissy Maid for Arabella is the story of a reckless young man who goes up against the powerful Arabella, his lady employer. He suffers the X-rated consequences in a decidedly Feminized fashion.

Ariane Arborene told Hogspy “I’ve published a couple of stories that involved Forced Feminization & sissification & I’ve grown more & more interested in this kind of FemDom fiction,” Arborene said.“I love the glamour of it, putting a man in Heels and a frilly Maid’s Uniform.I love the Female Domination of it, showing the man who is boss!”

“This is the first time I’ve written a novella-length exploration of the sissification element of Female Erotic Domination.I’ve put all of the classic elements of a sissy Maid story in my novella which includes a scene where the new sissy must learn how to walk properly in Heels like a Lady  & Her first glimpse in the mirror seeing Herself in full make-up & wig, the pretty moments, as well as the Sexier moments with the more challenging, Sexual elements of the genre.These include Strap-on Training & servicing men erotically under Arabella’s harshest orders.It’s really Forced Bi & Forced feminization but unfortunately one is not allowed to use the term Forced Bi in describing my book on Kindle”

“It’s a very hot story,” Arborene said.“I got very excited writing about the erotic Punishments that Arabella puts Her poor sissy Maid through.”

Ariane Arborene stated that She enjoyed the Sissy Maid type of FemDom story so much that She plans on producing a new Sissy Maid novella by early June.

A Sissy Maid for Arabella by Ariane Arborene is now available to purchase directly through Amazon

Ariane Arborene has been producing & publishing FemDom erotica stories for a number of years, you can find out more information as well as check out Her previously released titles which are also available to buy through Amazon by visiting the web site of Ariane Arborene

April 28th, 2014

Victoria & Salome Sin – In Glasgow

6th – 8th May 2014

Mistress Victoria On Hogspy

Mistress Victoria

FemDom travel news as Mistress Victoria & Mistress Salome Sin visit Scotland.

Mistress Victoria & close friend & associate Mistress Salome Sin head North of the border to Glasgow where they will be conducting professional Domination Sessions during the dates displayed up above. Polite applications to Serve whilst in Glasgow may now be Submitted but please note that you may well be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment. Sessions are available to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

Whilst in Glasgow Mistress Victoria & Mistress Sin will carry out their Sessions from the Abstrakt Studio which is a fully equipped facility, centrally located, clean & discreet. Domination Sessions will be available from early until late at Abstrakt with short duration Sessions from 20 minuets possible right through to multi hour & extended stays. Individual Sessions with Mistress Victoria & Mistress Salome Sin are on offer whilst in Scotland as too are double Domination Sessions with both which on this trip  are being discounted to a very attractive rate, contact the Mistresses direct to discuss your possible FemDom Session & indicate clearly whether you are seeking a solo or double Domina experience which are subject to the individuals Mistresses schedule permitting for such.

Mistress Salome Sin On Hogspy

Mistress Salome Sin

Mistress Victoria & Mistress Salome Sin are both experienced Dominatrices who are usually located in Manchester in England when not on the move at their own private Dungeon, Corporal Punishment, Foot Worship & Bondage are just a few of the different types of FemDom Session that they enjoy. Those not able to Serve in person in Glasgow on this trip or in Manchester at most other times can apply to be Used & Abused through the Mistresses Distance Training options which includes telephone Chatlines, Webcam Sessions & various other forms of remote control.

You can find out lots more information, see additional pictures & apply to Serve Mistress Victoria & Mistress Salome Sin in Glasgow next month via the web site of the Manchester Dungeon

April 27th, 2014

Mara Mayhem – Visiting Wisconsin

2nd – 3rd May 2014

Ms Mara Mayhem On Hogspy

Ms Mara Mayhem

Travel news with Ms Mara Mayhem who visits Wisconsin during next weekend.

Ms Mayhem makes a quick dash for Madison in Wisconsin where She’ll be conducting a limited number of professional Female Domination Sessions next Saturday & Sunday. Respectful applications to Serve Mara Mayhem in Madison may now be Submitted via Her web site by utilising the “Appointment Request” form easily found there. Please note, as is normal nowadays with Dominatrices on their travels, you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your Session with Ms Mayhem. FemDom in Madison will be available from early until late with applications to Serve open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

Usually located in Chicago but with frequent travel, often in America, occasionally further afield, Ms Mara Mayhem is an experienced Dominatrix of many years & enjoys a wide variety of different types of FemDom Session, including but not limited to Tape Bondage, Punching & Verbal Humiliation to name just a few, check out Ms Mayhem’s web site for a much more comprehensive listing or contact Her politely to enquire about your particular Kink should it not be listed.

Those not able to Serve in an individual Domination Session can apply to be Used & Abused on Webcam or through the personal Chatlines of Ms Mara Mayhem which are carried out through Niteflirt, details & links for which can also be found on Her web site. Ms Mara Mayhem also offers Chastity Training to potential slaves & subs which includes a Key Holding option for those seeking a more ongoing type of arrangement.

You can find out more information, apply to Serve in Wisconsin this coming weekend or in Chicago at varying other times, be put in your place on the telephone Chatlines or on WebCam, see additional pictures & much more besides by visiting the web site of Ms Mara Mayhem

April 26th, 2014

Mistress Tokyo – Dominates New York

6th – 14th May 2014

Mistress Tokyo On Hogspy

Mistress Tokyo

Spring travel news continues as Mistress Tokyo heads for New York next month.

Mistress Tokyo makes Her first return trip to the Big Apple in five years scheduled to take place during the dates displayed up above. Polite applications to Serve whilst there may now be Submitted via Her web site by using the direct email address provided or the appropriate telephone number shown. Please note that you will be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your FemDom Session with Mistress Tokyo & you may be required to telephone confirm your appointment with Her in New York the day prior to your Session taking place, full details on the correct protocol for Session applications are clearly included on Mistress Tokyo’s web site.

Female Domination Sessions with Mistress Tokyo whilst on the East Coast will take place at the Partthenon Studio which is sometimes referred to as The New York Rubber Studio & offers a multiple of rooms & themes, is clean & discreet, fully equipped & is overseen by none other than Mistress Ariana Chevalier. Mistress Tokyo will be conducting Her Sessions from the Parthenon from early in the morning until late in the evening & are open to beginners as well as the more seasoned slave & submissive.

Mistress Tokyo is an experienced Dominatrix who’s located in Sydney in Australia & occasionally travels to Dominate in various different parts of the world, Cock & Ball Torture, Watersports & Medical Scenes are just a small selection of some of the interests She includes on Her web site. Mistress Tokyo is also a huge fan of Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage & regularly performs Her skills at various Fetish scene events & parties.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in New York in May or in Sydney at most other times, see additional pictures & plenty more besides by visiting the web site of Mistress Tokyo

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