Domina Sara – Springtime Update

Milton Keynes

Domina Sara On Hogspy
Domina Sara

Female Domination news as Domina Sara  updates & keeps busy during Spring.

First up Fallen Angel Studio which is the name of Domina Sara’s facility in Milton Keynes in England & which in the last few days has seen quite a serious upgrade, all ready known for being one of the best Equipped Studios in the Southern half of the United Kingdom, over the weekend 4 new pieces of kit made their entry into the Studio to complement the already extensive list of items at Fallen Angel.

The 4 new additions included a Fetters Rotation Bed & Stretching Rack, Fetters CBT Throne, Fetters St Andrews Cross which replaced the existing Steel Cross & a Fetters upstanding Leather lined isolation Coffin. Prolonged Sensory escape & stimulation is achieved with the New Serious Kit Milking Machine recently added with both a standard Milking Tube option & Electric Tube that attaches to the Erostek System. As you can see from the pictures a pretty awesome space with BDSM play at its heart & soul, clean & discreet, easily located & a very well organised set up bound to appeal to all visitors to the Angel both new & old alike.

Fallen Angel Studio On Hogspy
Fallen Angel Studio

It’s important to stress that Fallen Angel is the exclusive facility of Domina Sara where She conducts Her Sessions from on a regular basis & is not currently available to other Dominatrices seeking suitable rental options although that might change at some point further down the line, however, established & amatuer Film shooters & Content producers in the FemDom arena can make enquiries to hire Fallen Angel for their up & coming shoots & productions, contact Domina Sara direct via the dedicated Fallen Angel Web Site which contains additional pictures, fuller information & pretty much everything you need to know about this first rate Film location opportunity.

Fallen Angel Studio On Hogspy
Fallen Angel Studio

In other news, those that follow Domina Sara closely will know that She updates Her web sites frequently, usually a couple of times a year in order to keep things fresh & appealing & this year is no exception, however, on this occasion rather than just a small tweak & refresh here & there Domina Sara has totally revamped both Her sites which includes some brand new pictures, layouts & backgrounds & plenty more besides & really are well worth checking out, on top of this Domina Sara told Hogspy that Her “Reel English FemDom” Clips4sale store has recently returned & has been updated with brand new Clips & Movies as She continues to Shoot & Film throughout the Summer  months & ramps up productions in preparation for Her soon to be released Members web site which is set to go live soon & which we’ll of course bring you further news of just as soon as there’s a  confirmed release date, in the meantime  you can check out & purchase FemDom Clips & Films featuring  Domina Sara via Her Clips4sale store, details & links for which can be found on Her sites.

Domina Sara is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of different types of FemDom activities from Her Fallen Angel Studio in Milton Keynes in the heart of England which includes but isn’t limited to Ball Busting, Foot Worship & Bondage to name just a few, Her sites contain a much more comprehensive listing as to Her Session preferences & you can contact Domina Sara respectfully to enquire about your own particular Kinks & fantasies should they not be mentioned.

You can apply for a professional Domination Session, see additional pictures & find out plenty more by visiting the redesigned web sites of Domina Sara by Clicking Here & by Clicking Here

Mistress Shakti – Visits South Carolina

10th April 2014

Mistress Shakti On Hogspy
Mistress Shakti

FemDom travel continues as Mistress Shakti visits South Carolina next week.

Mistress Shakti makes a welcome return visit to Greenville next Thursday where She will be Dominating male slaves & submissives for one day only, polite applications to Serve whilst there may now be Submitted directly by email but please note that you might be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving Ms Shakti. Professional Domination Sessions will be offered from early until late & are open to novices as well as the more experienced slave & submissive. As Dominatrix Shakti is only visiting South Carolina for the day only applications to be Used & Abused by Her will no doubt be high & with this in mind early enquiries are strongly recommended in order to avoid being disappointed.

Mistress Shakti is an experienced Dominatrix of many years & enjoys a wide variety of different types of scenes & FemDom activities whilst with Her subjects which includes but isn’t limited to Corporal Punishment, Foot Worship & Verbal Humiliation to name just a few. Mistress Shakti is currently in the process of a major web site overhaul at present & as a result has put a holding page in it’s place, however, this does contain Her email address which can be utilised to make initial contact in order to apply to Serve. We’ll bring you more news here on Hogspy  about the relaunch of Mistress Shakti’s web site just as soon as it’s confirmed.

You can apply to Serve in Greenville next week via the aforementioned web site holding page of (Site Closed)

Goddess Severa – Summer Travel News

May & June 2014

Goddess Severa On Hogspy
Goddess Severa

Advance travel as Goddess Severa confirms Her up & coming touring details.

Top Amazonian Dominatrix Goddess Severa will once again be on the move during the early Summer months taking in a number of different destinations along the way, respectful applications to Serve in all locations may now be Submitted via Her web site which contains a specific “Session Form” along with additional booking information & details. Please note that you may well be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment in the Goddess’s presence as is the norm with Dominatrices on tour. Professional Domination Sessions with Goddess Severa are available to beginner slaves & subs as well as the more experienced & are usually on offer from early until late.

First up is San Francisco where Goddess Severa will be Using & Abusing Her subjects on May the 17th & 18th which is followed the next month with a return once again to the East Coast where She’ll be Dominating in New York City between the 13th & 17th of June which is immediately followed by a trip to the American Capital City of Washington D.C. where lucky slaves & subs can be put through their paces by Goddess Severa from late on the 17th & running through until the 20th of June. Keep a close eye on the web site of Goddess Severa for all Her very latest travel announcments & touring news.

Goddess Severa is an experienced Dominatrix & Fetish Model who’s mostly based on the West Coast of America & who frequently travels within the United States & occasionally beyond, including Europe, Height Comparisons, Lift & Carry & Trampling are just a very small selection of the different type of Female Domination Session that She enjoys, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her Domination preferences which also includes Wrestling to a semi competitive level for the seriously brave.

You can apply to Serve in San Francisco, New York or Washington over the coming months or in San Diego or Los Angeles prior to then, see additional pictures & much more by checking out the web site of Goddess Severa

FemDom Empire – New Pictures Out

Female Domination

Goddess Lexi Sindel On Hogspy
Goddess Lexi Sindel

Picture news as the FemDom Empire release some new photos, certain to appeal.

Uploaded on to various different web sites & Social media pages such as Twitter & FaceBook over recent days this small collection of new FemDom pictures from the Empire will no doubt prove a hit with both new & old fans alike as they keep expanding their catalogue with some of the very best FemDom action that can be found on the net these days.

Adriana ChechikOn Hogspy
Adriana Chechik

As some of the regular observers of the FemDom Empire are aware they continue to attract not only lots of the very best professional Dominatrices on the planet to Film & shoot with them but also venture in to the wider Adult arena as well & occasionally invite carefully selected Dominate performers to feature on their site too such as Karmen Karma & Adriana Chechik both of who we include today. Previous appearances from other Adult industry artistes such as the massively popular Ash Hollywood can be found & enjoyed deep within the FemDom Empire vaults along with Film & photos of the other Domme we’ve included today namely Mistress Sophia Fiore.

Karmen Karma On Hogspy
Karmen Karma

The FemDom Empire is a collective of Dominatrices who produce their own FemDom Clips & Movies & is bought to you by some of the biggest named Domina’s in the world right now, a number of the Mistresses that feature on the web site can be Served in realtime Domination Sessions at various different Dungeon venues, mostly in America & whilst the site is members only, which you’ll need to join in order to gain access to their entire range, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a small selection of free sample Clips which you can check out without the need to have to register giving you a feel of what you can expect should you decide to sign up which is quick & secure & conducted through the popular CCBill platform.

Sophia Fiore On Hogspy
Sophia Fiore

See more pictures, watch the free sample Clips & Films & keep a close eye out for more updates on the web site of the FemDom Empire

Mistress Mimiko – At Pandoras Box

New York City

Mistress Mimiko On Hogspy
Mistress Mimiko

Female Domination news as Mistress Mimiko begins to Dominate in New York.

Japanese Dominatrix Mistress Mimiko has recently joined the collective at the well established Pandoras Box FemDom facility in the heart of the Big Apple where She can now be exclusively Served from most days of the week, early until late. Applications to Serve Mistress Mimiko must be made in advance & through Pandoras Box, please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving Her.

An experienced Dominatrix of some years Mistress Mimiko enjoys a wide variety of different Domination Sessions in the Dungeon which are open to both beginners as well as the more seasoned slave & submissive, Rope Bondage, Kicking & Foot Worship are just a small selection of the different types of activities She enjoys the Box’s web site gives much more comprehensive details about Mistress Mimiko & Her Session preferences along with profiles & information about the other Dominatrices located there, some of whom can be Served alongside Mistress Mimiko in double Domina scenes.

Worth mentioning too that those not able to Serve Mistress Mimiko in an individual Domination Session in New York can apply to Serve Her & be Degraded & Humiliated on Webcam through the Punishment Square platform further details for which can be found on the Pandoras Box web site.

Pandoras Box is a world renowned multi room & multi themed FemDom facility located in the heart of Chelsea & close to excellent transport links & parking, open from early until late, every day of the week. Established Dominatrices seeking suitable rental options on the East Coast of America can contact the team located there to discuss dates & details & arrange their Touring Sessions.

You can find out more about Mistress Mimiko, check out Her profile & Submit an application to Serve Her in New York City or on Webcam, see additional pictures & much more besides by visiting the web site of Pandoras Box

Domination In London – Natalie Black

7th – 9th May 2014

Lady Natalie Black On Hogspy
Lady Natalie Black

FemDom travel news continues as Lady Natalie Black returns to England soon.

Lady Natalie Black confirms that She will once again be conducting professional Domination Sessions in London during the dates displayed up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be Submitted by using the contact form found on Her web site which also contains a direct email address as well as mobile telephone number too. Please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your Session Serving Natalie Black.

Domination Sessions with Lady Black will be carried out in the centre of the Capital during this pre Summer trip & will be conducted from early until late, applications are invited from experienced slaves & subs as well as those venturing in to all things FemDom related for the first time, Session applications will no doubt be plentiful between now & Lady Black’s arrival in London & with this in mind early enquiries are highly recommended in order to avoid disappointment.

Lady Natalie Black
Lady Natalie Black On Hogspy

Lady Natalie Black is an experienced Dominatrix & Model who Uses & Abuses male slaves & subs in a variety of different locations, mostly within Europe & who also Films & shoots with a number of the top Female Domination web sites such as Kinky Mistresses & Femme Fatale Films where you can see Her in action in loads of Clips & Movies as well view a variety of photos often featuring Her in Her favourite Latex attire.

Strap On Training, Face Spitting & Boot Worship are just a small selection of the different types of FemDom Session that Lady Natalie Black enjoys whilst in the Dungeon, worth mentioning that Lady Black does not partake in Online or Distance type arrangements preferring to conduct realtime professional Domination Sessions in person only.

Apply to Serve in London this Spring, see additional pictures & find out more information by visiting the web site of Lady Natalie Black