October 18th, 2013

London Domination – Miss Jasmine

22nd – 28th October 2013

Miss Jasmine On Hogspy

Miss Jasmine

Travel news continues as Miss Jasmine heads for London early next week.

Miss Jasmine makes a welcome return to central London in England during the dates displayed up above, applications to Serve Her whilst in the capital may now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking information, please note that you may be asked to pay a small deposit in advance in order to secure your appointment.

Well worth mentioning too that whilst in London aside from individual Domination Sessions you can also Serve Miss Jasmine in double Domina action alongside Her close friend Lady Bellatrix subject to their schedules allowing for such, those not able to Serve in person can apply to do so on Miss Jasmine’s private Chat Lines which are carried out through Niteflirt & details for which are located on Her site.

FemDom Sessions with Miss Jasmine whilst in London always prove popular & with this in mind early applications are encouraged in order to avoid any possible disappointment. Chastity Training, Ruined Orgasms & Gagging with Panties are just a few of the many different Session types that Miss Jasmine enjoys, you can find out more information, apply to Serve in London or on Her Chat Lines & see more pictures by Clicking Here

October 18th, 2013

Lady Bellatrix – Tours The East Coast

November 2013

Lady Bellatrix On Hogpsy

Lady Bellatrix

FemDom travel news as Lady Bellatrix confirms an East Coast tour next month.

Lady Bellatrix will once again head across the Atlantic during the month of  November where She will firstly be available to be Served in Toronto from the 2nd until the 5th of the month which is immediately followed by a visit to Montreal which takes place from the 6th of November until the 8th & finally it’s on to New York City where Lady Bellatrix will be Dominating male slaves & subs between the 11th & 14th, polite applications to Serve in all locations may now be Submitted via the web site of Lady Bellatrix which contains full contact & booking request details. Please note that you may be required to pay a small advance deposit in order to secure your appointment.

Usually located in London in England & currently on a short trip to the French capital city of Paris Lady Bellatrix is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of different types of Session which are open to beginners as well as the more seasoned slave & submissive, Role Play, Foot Worship & Corporal Punishment are just a few of the Session types that Lady Bellatrix enjoys, those not able to Serve in person fear not as you can apply to Serve on the Telephone by way of personal Chat Lines conducted by Lady Bellatrix which are carried out through Niteflirt more details for which can be found on Her site.

Apply to Serve in Toronto, Montreal, New York or London as well as on the phone through Chat Lines, see additional photos & much more by Clicking Here

October 17th, 2013

Isabella Sinclaire – Dominates Again

Los Angeles

Isabella Sinclaire On Hogspy

Isabella Sinclaire

FemDom news as Isabella Sinclaire confirms a return to Pro Domme Sessions.

Isabella Sinclaire is once again available to be Served in individual Domination Sessions following a 4 year hiatus which will no doubt appeal to Her masses of fans located all across the globe. Respectful applications to Serve may now be Submitted via Isabella Sinclaire’s web site which contains full contact & booking request details, an advance deposit may be required to confirm your appointment.Cock & Ball Torture, Sensory Deprivation & Medical Exploration are just a tiny selection of the different types of Domination Session that Isabella Sinclaire enjoys whilst in the Dungeon, Her web site lists many more activities too.

Lunch, Dinner & Shopping outings are also possible for slaves & subs & Couples Training for those into the lifestyle is also offered. Please note that witheld telephone numbers will not be responded to & calls are best made during the week around lunchtime, alternativelty apply by email & please be patient for a response should you not hear back immediately. Telephone Domination via Isabella’s personal Chat Lines & FemDom Recordings are also possible for those not able to Serve in person & are carried out via the Niteflirt network.

Isabella Sinclaire On Hogspy

Isabella Sinclaire

Aside from the return to Sessions Isabella Sinclaire is keeping very busy right now taking on numerous new photo shoots as per the new pictures we’ve featured in this article as She revitalises Her Gwen Media members web site with brand new feature length Films as well as continuing to offer & schedule Dominatrix Training classes for Her “Sinclaire Academy” which in the past has seen a number of notable Domina’s pass through it’s doors & who have subsequently established themselves as some of the most regarded Mistresses in the world thanks to Isabella’s skill & expertise & willingness to share Her vast knowledge, beginner Dominatrices as well as established Dommes who wish to learn more about their profession & brush up on their skill set  should contact Isabella to discuss future dates & details of forthcoming term time.

In other news Isabella Sinclaire confirms that She will be appearing at The Halloween Ball in Los Angeles which takes place this month on the 25th & is hosted by Clive Barker as well as making a special appearance & Filming for The Stockroom which is set to be broadcast at this years Los Angeles Fetish Film Festival in November, in short Isabella Sinclaire has returned & is back to full speed as She undertakes on more Filming, updates Her sites with fresh content, makes personal appearances & generally embraces the Fetish world as if She had never been away, welcome back Isabella Sinclaire.

Isabella Sinclaire On Hogspy

Isabella Sinclaire

Domination Sessions are being carried out at Isabella Sinclaire’s fully rebuilt & remodelled Dungeon facility  which is in the same location as the past in Downtown Los Angeles & aside from Professional Sessions can also be used for Film Shoots, Parties & Classes, open most days of the week from early until late, discreet, clean & easily located, well worth mentioning too that established Dominatrices from around the world who wish to hire the facility whilst on their travels in America should reach out to Isabella to discuss potential dates & details.

Isabella Sinclaire told Hogspy “It feels great to be back & to be welcomed by so many members of the community & by fans from around the world.  I honestly thought I would have been out of sight, out of mind to everyone but it’s an amazing feeling to realise that isn’t & wasn’t the case.  It fuels my creativity & energy to give even more back to the community than ever before.  I feel very fortunate” We’re absolutely certain that slaves, subs & many others are also feeling very fortunate with the news of the return of Isabella Sinclaire & Hogspy wishes Her all the very best in the new ventures & projects which we’ll try to keep up with over the coming months.

You can find out the very latest happenings in Isabella Sinclaire’s fast moving world, apply for a FemDom Session in the Dungeon, see additional pictures & plenty more besides by Clicking Here

October 16th, 2013

Carly Castille – Visits San Francisco

1st – 5th November 2013

Mistress Carly Castille On Hogspy

Mistress Carly Castille

FemDom travel news as Mistress Carly Castille confirms a San Francisco trip.

Carly Castille will be available to be Served in the City by the Bay during the dates shown up above & respectful applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details, a deposit might be required in advance to secure your appointment with Mistress Castille.

Female Domination Sessions on this trip will be conducted from a discreet & well appointed hotel, alternatively some outcalls might be possible at your hotel, contact Carly Castille with your details & preferred time & date to discuss specifics. Well worth mentioning too that on this west coast trip Mistress Carly Castille is also available to be Served in a double Domination Session alongside Her close friend & associate Mistress Ingrid Mink, slots for double Domme are limited & subject to schedules allowing for such, early applications are therefore strongly encouraged.

Mistress Carly Castille is an experienced Domina of many years usually located in Milwaukee & Chicago & enjoys a wide variety of different Sessions which include but are in no way limited to Smoking & Human Ashtray Training, Forced Bi & Corporal Punishment to name just a few, you can find out plenty more, apply for an individual Domination Session or a double Domme Session, see additional pictures & much more besides by Clicking Here

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