Katya Von Calder – San Fran Dates

15th – 17th August 2013

Mistress Katya Von Calder
Mistress Katya Von Calder

Dates confirmation from Mistress Katya Von Calder visiting San Francisco.

As recently reported Here on Hogspy Mistress Katya Von Calder now confirms specific dates as displayed up above during mid August for Her first ever trip to San Francisco, applications can now be Submitted using the compatability form located on Her web site. Please be aware that all bookings must be made in advance of Mistress Von Calder’s trip as no booking requests will be entertained whilst She’s there, also please note that a deposit will be required by every succesful applicant to Serve Katya Von Calder, who, incidentally is sometimes referred to as The Rubber Domme.

Travelling with an assortment of Clothing Attire & various pieces of carefully selected Toys & Equipment Mistress Katya Von Calder is an experienced Dominatrix with a true passion for Latex & enjoys amongst many other things Corporal Punishment, Breath Play & Psycho Dramatic Roleplay whilst Using & Abusing male slaves & subs in the Dungeon, check out Her web site for a fuller listing.

Mistress Katya Von Calder offers “Remote Training” for those unable to Serve Her on the forthcoming San Francisco trip or who are not able to be Used by Her in Her regular East Coast locations, Training can either be on the Telephone through Her dedicated Niteflirt Chat Lines altenatively Webcam Domination & Training can be carried out over the Internet with Her too.

Find out lots more information about Mistress Katya Von Calder, view a wide selection of fantastic pictures & apply to Serve in San Francisco next month, on the East Coast before & after & on Her Chat Lines at most times when available all via Her web site just by Clicking Here

Mistress Wynter – BDSM In Chicago

15th – 18th July 2013

Mistress Wynter
Mistress Wynter

Mid summer travel news as Mistress Wynter heads off to Chicago soon.

Mistress Wynter makes a welcome return to the windy city during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be sent via Her web site which contains booking request & contact details, please be aware that you might be required to pay a small deposit to confirm your Domination Session.

During this Chicago trip Mistress Wynter will be utilising the excellent facility of none other than top Dominatrix Miss Maya Sinstress & with this in mind both double Domination Sessions as well as solo Sessions with either Dominatrix is a possibility subject to schedules & time restraints, early application for double or single Domme Sessions are strongly advised.

Ms Wynter is an experienced Domina¬†of many years & enjoys being Served in a variety of different ways, Harsh Canings, Verbal Degradation & Cock & Ball Torture are just a tiny selection of the things that She enjoys most in the Dungeon, check out the “Session Info” on Her web site for a more comprehensive listing.

You can find out lots more about Mistress Wynter & apply to Serve Her in Chicago this July, see additional photos & plenty more by (Site Closed)

Mistress Brown – Eccles Chambers


Mistress Brown
Mistress Brown

FemDom Dungeon news as Mistress Brown relocates to the Eccles Chambers.

Miss Buffy Brown confirms that She will be available to be Served from today onwards at the extremely well appointed Eccles Chambers which is in greater Manchester, England, applications to Serve Her at the new premises may now be Submitted via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details, please note that a deposit may be required to secure your Session with Mistress Brown.

Boasting a number of different themed rooms including the Peach Room & Red Chamber not to mention it’s own Medical Suite The Eccles Chambers is a fully equipped facility containing mostly bespoke furniture & opens from early until late, Spanking Benches, Bondage Rack, Cages, Queening Stalls & loads more can all be found at this first rate facility which is easily located, clean & discreet.

Mistress Brown who’s sometimes referred to as Miss Buffy Brown is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of FemDom Sessions in the Dungeon, Tease & Denial, Corporal Punishment & Face Spitting to name just a few, you can find out lots more & apply to Serve Mistress Brown at the Eccles Chamber & more just by Clicking Here

Boston Domination – Mistress Darcy

18th – 20th July 2013

Mistress Darcy
Mistress Darcy

Mid summer travel news in from Mistress Darcy who’s visiting Boston soon.

Mistress Darcy returns to Boston for a brief visit during the dates displayed up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request information, please be aware that a deposit might be required to secure your time Serving Her. This is a shorter  than usual trip to Boston by Mistress Darcy with some Session time already booked & confirmed by a number of slaves & subs & with this in mind genuine applicants are strongly advised to apply soon to avoid any possible disappointment Serving Mistress Darcy whilst there.

Mistres Darcy is an experienced Dominatrix who divides Her time between New York & London & also travels the globe extensively, Toilet Training, Corporal Punishment & Face Spitting are just some of the Session types that She enjoys & well worth noting too that Mistress Darcy will be offering Her “Degradation Dates” whilst in Boston this month giving you the chance to be fully Humiliated & Degraded in public, contact Her direct to discuss this limited opportunity.

You can find out lots more about Mistress Darcy & apply to Serve Her in Boston soon or in London or New York & most other times, see additional pictures, keep up with future travel arrangements & more via Her site by Clicking Here

FemDom In London – Domina M

22nd – 29th July 2013

Domina M
Domina M

FemDom travel news in with Domina M returning to London later this month.

Once again Domina M returns to the capital during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be sent by email the address for which can easily be found on Her web site. A deposit might be required in some circumstances to secure your time Serving Domina M & please be aware that some Session availability has now been taken & with this in mind early email applications are highly recommended to avoid any possible disappointment.

Prior to London Domina M will be conducting Female Domination Sessions in Spain & will be available to be Served firstly in Bilbao from the 11th until the 17th July which is closely followed by a trip to Barcelona which takes place from the 18th until the 21st of this month & again applications for Spain can also be Submitted via the web site of Domina M.

An experienced Dominatrix of many years & who travels extensively throughout Europe & beyond Domina M enjoys a whole host of Female Domination Sessions including but in no way limited to Foot Worship, Humiliation & Degradation, check out Her web site for more information as to Her preferences which also includes information about “Distance Training” which can be carried out via Email or Webcam as well as through Her own personal Chat Lines which are carried out via the NiteFlirt network.

You can find out lots more information & apply to Serve Domina M in London as well as Spain & on the phone via Her Chat Lines, watch free sample Video Clips on Her YouTube Channel & plenty more besides by Clicking Here

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