March 15th, 2014

Mistress Darcy – In Dublin & London

April 2014

Mistress Darcy On Hogspy

Mistress Darcy

Spring travel news continues as Mistress Darcy returns to Ireland then England.

International Dominatrix Mistress Darcy is once again on the move next month as She heads firstly to Dublin in Ireland where She’ll be conducting professional Domination Sessions from the 14th until the 16th of April which is followed by a return to London in England where She’ll be Dominating in the capital from the 17th until the 26th of the month. Professional Domination Sessions will be available from early until late.

Advance applications to Serve in either destination may now be Submitted via the web site of Mistress Darcy but please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure you appointment with Her. Applications are invited from beginners as well as the more expereinced slave & submissive. Importantly, please note that owing to Mistress Darcy’s continued hectic schedule the aforementioned dates are possible to change & with this in mind it’s well worth keeping a close eye on Her web site & Blog pages in particular  for all the very latest travel updates & news & apply early in order to avoid any possible disappointment.

Social Media news & Mistress Darcy recently took the decision to delete Her Twitter account which has now been completely removed & thereby freeing up some much valuable time as Her globe trotting schedule shows no signs of slowing down, it’s important to stress that Mistress Darcy will still be keeping in touch with Her fans & updating with all Her goings on but mostly through Her Blog which can of course be accessed through Her site, it’s certainly a loss for Twitter to see Mistress Darcy delete Her account, Her Tweets & shenanigans will sorely be missed by Hogspy & no doubt the many followers She had gained there.

Mistress Darcy is an experienced Dominatrix based in New York City in America between excursions across the world Using & Abusing male slaves & subs, Watersports, Corporal Punishment & Chastity Training are just a few of the many different types of Domination Session that She enjoys, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her preferences which also contains a store where you can purhase a number of Her used items including Foot wear & Lingerie should you not be fortunate enough to be granted an audience with Her.

Applications to Serve in Dublin & London can now be Submitted, see additional pictures, check out the store & much more via the web site of Mistress Darcy

March 14th, 2014

Mistress Jenna – New Maid Training


Mistress Jenna On Hogspy

Mistress Jenna

FemDom news from Mistress Jenna who’s now offering Maid Training Sessions.

Mistress Jenna confirms that She has recently expanded Her range of Domination activities to now include Maid & Domestic Training for wannabe Sissies & Maids who are  seeking to learn & improve their skills in a safe, discreet environment & at the hands of a Mistress that will be certain to put you to good use & which you’ll no doubt thank Her for after you have been released from your duties.

You will be provided with a suitable Uniform & will be given a list of tasks to carry out, cleaning, Serving & organising are all very much on the menu during a typical Domestic course with Mistress Jenna which are usually designed around 3 hours long & costs from £225, it’s important to stress that this doesn’t include Session time although that may be incorporated by advance arrangement, longer duration Domestic courses may be possible, including extended stays, further tribute information & additional details can be found on the web site of Mistress Jenna.

Mistress Jenna is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Cheshire in England & who occasionally conducts professional Domination Sessions in London & further afield, aside from Maid & Domestic Training Mistress Jenna enjoys a wide variety of different types of FemDom actions from Her fully equipped premises including but not limited to Ball Busting, Leg Worship & Degradation to name just a few, those not fortunate to be able to Serve Mistress Jenna in an individual Domination Session or those that simply can’t wait to be in Her presence can see Her in action in a number of YouTube Clips which you can access via the “Videos” page located on Her web site.

You can apply for a Maid Training & Domestic Domination, apply for other types of FemDom Sessions, including Caged Confinement, see additional pictures & watch the YouTube Clips & plenty more besides on the web site of Mistress Jenna

March 13th, 2014

Empress Ming – Domina Tour Begins

Houston & Washington & Chicago

Empress Ming On Hogspy

Empress Ming

FemDom travel news continues as Empress Ming hits the road  across America.

Dominatrix Empress Ming begins Her mini tour from today onwards & applications to Serve in all destinations may now be Submitted via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details including a telephone number & direct email address. Professional Domination Sessions with Empress Ming are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive but please note that you may be required to pay a small deposit in order to secure your appointment should you be fortunate to be granted an audience with Her.

Empress Ming has now arrived in Houston where She will be conducting Sessions from later on today through until Sunday the 16th of March which is followed by a trip to the United Staes Capital City of Washington D.C. where you can apply to be Used & Abused by the Empress from the 20th until the 22nd of March finally comes the Windy City of Chicago which has possible dates of the 25th to the 28th March although importantly the Chicago leg is not set in concrete & you should check first with Empress Ming for confirmation as well as keep a very close eye on the “scheduling” page of Her site for all the very latest travel announcements.

Mistress Soosie Monster & Empress Ming On Hogspy

Mistress Soosie Monster & Empress Ming

During the first part of Empress Ming’s tour taking place in Houston She will be conducting not only individual Domination Sessions but also  double Domination action alongside close friend & associate Mistress Soosie Monster who’s an expereinced Dominatrix &  recenlty launched Her brand web site which includes a selection of new pictures, Blog page & links to Her Social Media profiles on Twitter & FaceBook , you can find out more details including Session likes & dislikes & see the new shots & apply to Serve in single or double Domination Session in Texas via the new site of Mistress Soosie Monster

Empress Ming is an experienced Dominatrix who will be making Her permanent move to Los Angeles following this mini tour & who has a wide variety of FemDom interests which includes but is no way limited to Toilet Training, Face Spitting, Trampling, Slapping, Water Torture & Electrical Play, check out the “Fetishes & Expertise”  section on Her web site for a full listing. Worth mentioning too that should you not be able to Serve Empress Ming on the road in person you can apply to be Humiliated & Degraded on Her personal Chat Lines & Webcam which is conducted through Niteflirt information for which is also included on Her site.

Apply to Serve in Houston, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles or on Chatlines or Cam, see additional pictures & find out how you may be Dominated or put to good use & much more besides over on the web site of Empress Ming

March 12th, 2014

Lady Sara Borgia – New Web Site


Lady Sara Borgia On Hogspy

Lady Sara Borgia

Internet news as the brand new web site of England’s Lady Sara Borgia goes live.

Uploaded on to the world wide web not long ago this compact & infomrative new offering from Lady Sara Borgia tells you everything you need to know about Her & includes all the information that you need in order to apply to be Dominated.

The Bio section on the new site gives a good broad view of Lady Sara Borgia’s approach to Female Domination & the Sessions page confirms some basics such as the need to pay an advance deposit should you be lucky enough to be Serving Lady Sara Borgia for the very first time & also confirms the 24 hour option whereby you’ll be Trained by for an entire day & when your duties are complete you’ll be put in the slave’s quarters or Shackled in the basement.

The Diary section is an up to date page which outlines Lady Sara Borgia’s forthcoming availability & contains additional details about applying to Serve, which can incidentally be made on the same day although pre applying is highly recommended, a contact telephone number is clearly displayed at the top of this page along with Session location information which take place from “Dungeon Manor”  in Orpington in Kent which is a multi room, fully equipped facility open most days of the week from early until late, clean, discreet & easily accesable.

Lady Sara Borgia On Hogspy

Lady Sara Borgia

Inside the gallery page there’s a collection of new pictures featuring Lady Sara Borgia which will no doubt appeal to both new & existing fans alike, keep a close eye out as even more new shots are set to be added soon which is followed by the Contact page  containing an application form to apply for a Domination Session with Lady Sara Borgia as well a direct email address along with the aforementioned phone number, a links page completes the picture. Worth mentioning too that across the new web site on every page is the Twitter logo which you can click on in order to gain access to Twitter pages of Lady Sara Borgia where you can keep right upto date with all Her latest goings on & antics.

Professional Domination Sessions with Lady Sara Borgia are open to beginners as well as experienced slaves & submissives, most days of the week from lunchtime onwards & may include Ball Busting, Face Slapping, Watersports, & Nipple Torture to name just a selection, contact Lady Sara direct to discuss your Kinks & the various different ways in which you can amuse Her or be of Use to Her.

Finally, Lady Sara Borgia offers a variety of Distance Training options for those not able to Serve Her in person which includes Her personal telephone Chatlines  where you’ll be Humiliated & Degraded accordingly as well as Webcam Domination & Email Training too most of which is carried out through the Adultwork web site, a link for which can be found on the links page.

Check out  the brand new web site, view additional pictures & apply to be Dominated at Dungeon Manor, on Webcam or Chatlines & find out more about Lady Sara Borgia

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