December 21st, 2012

Ms Divine – Castration Doctor Found

Castration Assistant

Ms Venus Divine

Ms Venus Divine

News in from Ms Venus Divine as a Doctor agrees to assist in a slave Castration.

As the news of Ms Venus Divine & the real life Castration of one of Her slaves continues to gather momentum on the likes of Max Fisch where the request for a Doctor recently re-emerged we decided to contact Ms Divine direct to find out how things were progressing in the search for a genuine & qualified Doctor who is prepared to assist in the Castration of Ms Divine’s slave of some eight years Service.

Ms Venus Divine has told Hogspy that She has now found the required Medical assistant that is to say a Doctor & that background checks are now being carried out & credentials are being checked & if all stacks up then a face to face meeting will follow.

We can also reveal that Ms Divine plans to Film the Castration Operation & we’ll bring you the first shots or clips available from the footage here on Hogspy however it’s important to stress that Ms Divine states that She fully accepts that ultimately it will be the choice of the Doctor with regards to Filming & pictures taking place as they may be somewhat camera shy for obvious reasons, a position Venus Divine fully understands & accepts as the Castration itself is far more important to Her than any Filming which is not the driving force of the Operation.

We asked Ms Venus Divine whether She & Her slave were to engage Lawyers prior to progressing & the answer is simply no on the grounds of discretion which is the slaves choice stating that they have developed a strong trust over the years & that they are both comfortable with this position of no legal representation.

Wherever you stand morally or practically on the Castration of a male slave by a Dominatrix one things for sure it certainly is an emotional topic that stirs up lots of debate, often heated & a fantasy that many slaves we imagine often dream of but very few  have the Balls (Sorry I couldnt’ resist that!) to see through let alone find a Dominatrix prepared to undertake such a task.

Some have questioned Ms Divine’s motive for Her request for a Doctor citing it as simply a marketing ploy or even a fantasy enactment being carried out online, we’ll leave that for you to decide, Venus Divine is critical though of as She puts it the BDSM crowd, stating “I’m NOT surprised at all of the negative feedback I received regarding the post about castrating my slave.  I have found that the BDSM crowd is the most intolerent and judgemental group of people I’ve ever come in contact with and that is sad.  While main stream society calls me a freak, my fellow BDSMers are following right behind as pots calling the kettle black!”

One things for sure we’re going to keep in contact with Ms Venus Divine & bring you any updates as they occur, we would like to thank Venus Divine for the news & wish Her & the slave all the very best on their journey wherever it ends up.

Based in Las Vegas Ms Venus Divine is a Professional Dominatrix, you can find out plenty more details by visiting Her web site by Clicking Here

December 20th, 2012

Lady Lena – New Trampling Pictures

Schlagende Girls

Lady lena

Lady lena

Lady lena

Lady lena

Lady lena

Lady lena

Picture news in featuring Lady Lena of The Schlagende Girls Trampling a slave.

Taken from a recently uploaded Movie Clip entitled Trampling The Rubber Slave the above photos show Lady Lena looking stunning dressed in Latex & Trampling Her slave in Heels as well as Her bare Feet, Dominating & Humiliating the slave who surely had as much fun as Lady Lena Herself.

Lady Lena is just one of many German Fem Doms that make up the collective known as The Schlagende Girls who own & operate their own web site which has a strong FemDom theme & is frequently updated with new material.

You can see more from Lady Lena & all the Dommes at The Schalgende Girls including lots of free sample clips & pictures via their web site by Clicking Here 

December 20th, 2012

Lady Cyn – Back At Pandoras Box

New York

Lady Cyn

Lady Cyn

Confirmation in from Pandoras Box where Lady Cyn makes a welcome return.

Lady Cyn is once again available to be Served at Pandoras Box in New York either in their fully equipped Dungeon alternatively via their Web Cams or even on the telephone by way of Her own personal Chatline. Outcalls are a possibility as well subject to a deposit being paid in advance.

Lady Cyn is an experienced Domina who enjoys being Served in many different ways such as giving Enemas, Tickle Play & Corporal Punishment to name just a few.

Pandoras Box is a fully equipped facility located in New York City & open every day of the week from early until late & where a aside form Lady Cyn a whole host of other Professional Dominatrices can be Served, you can find out lots more details & apply to Serve Lady Cyn in a single Session or even a double Domination Session alongside many of the other Mistresses by Clicking Here

December 19th, 2012

Mistress Ryan – Back At The Dominion

Los Angeles

Mistress Ryan

Mistress Ryan

Confirmation in from The Dominion where Mistress Ryan makes a return.

Mistress Ryan returns to The Dominion this coming Friday the 21st December & will be available to be Served with applications now being accepted via the main Dominion web site which contains full contact & booking request information.

Mistress Ryan is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of individual Sessions types including but not limited to  Caning, Tickling & Cuckold scenes, check out Her profile on the main Dominion web site for more specific details.

The Dominion is a multi Dom & multi room facility located in Los Angeles, fully equipped & stays open every day of the week from early until late & is operated & managed by none other than Lady Hillary, individual Sessions as well as double Domina or even multi Domme Sessions are available, you can find out plenty more about The Dominion as well as read profiles & see photos of all the Doms that can be Served there & apply to Serve Mistress Ryan by Clicking Here

December 18th, 2012

Kendra & Goddess Amadahy – Picture

Club Dom

Kendra James & Goddess Amadahy

Kendra James & Goddess Amadahy

Great new picture of Kendra James & Goddess Amadahy recently released.

Uploaded recently onto Twitter & proving popular the picture features the two Dommes dressed in Latex along with Thigh high Boots & looking truly fantastic.

The picture is taken from a recent FemDom shoot which will soon be uploaded onto the main Club Dom web site which is a members site that you can join as well as see lots of free Fetish samples.

You can check out the Club Dom web site & look out for more from Kendra James & Goddess Amadahy & view plenty of free samples by Clicking Here

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