March 7th, 2014

Inga Larsson – London Domination

1st – 3rd May 2014

Inga Larsson On Hogspy

Inga Larsson

London’s popularity continues as Inga Larsson announces Her next visit there.

Top Scandinavian Dominatrix Inga Larsson makes a much welcome return to the the English capital city during the dates displayed up above & advance applications to Serve Her may now be Submitted via Her web site which contains an email address as well as contact telephone number too. Domination Sessions in London will take place from early until but please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving Inga Larsson.

Keeping in Europe it’s well worth mentioning that after England Inga Larsson heads to the French capital of Paris where She will be Using & Abusing male slaves & subs from the 7th until the 9th of May Prior to Europe & taking place later on this month Inga Larsson is conducting Sessions in Chicago & New York from the 22nd until the 27th of March where you can apply to Serve Her not only in an individual Domination Session but also in a a double Domination situation alongside Her close friend & associate Mistress Ekatarina Romanovich. A return trip to New York is also scheduled for the 27th to the 29th April.

Respectful applications to Serve in London or Paris, Chicago or New York or Inga Larsson’s regular location of Los Angeles when not on the move are now being considered but please ensure you indicate clearly your preferred FemDom Session location & keep your application brief. Confirmation of all scheduled travel by Inga Larsson can be found on Her web site & is frequently updated & well worth keeping an eye on.

Foot & Boot Worship, Cock & Ball Torture & Play Piercing are just a few of the varied types of Domination Session they Inga Larsson enjoys, check out the “Sessions” page on Her site for a more comprehensive listing of Her preferences which also contains a great gallery featuring lots of pictures of  Her along with other snippets of useful information.

Apply to Serve in London or Paris this spring or in Chicago or New York before, keep up with all the very latest travel news, & see more pictures via the web site of Inga Larsson

March 6th, 2014

Mistress Ava Black – Domination Tour

April – July 2014

Mistress Ava Black On Hogspy

Mistress Ava Black

Tour news continues as Mistress Ava Black confirms a number of destinations.

Mistress Ava Black has recently announced new dates & locations for Her up & coming tour taking place in the United Kingdom starting from the middle of next month & running until early Summer. Applications to Serve in all Cities may now be made by using the email address found on Mistress Black’s web site. Please note that you will be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment.

First up, Birmingham which is in the middle of England & where Mistress Ava Black can be Served in professional Domination Sessions taking place on April the 14th & the 15th. The following month Ms Black heads to Cardiff in Wales where you can apply to be Used & Abused by Her on the 12th & 13th of May, a short gap & then Mistress Ava Black goes north of the boarder with a visit to Glasgow in Scotland which is occuring on the 29th & 30th of May followed by Manchester on the 11th & 12th of June then a quick return to Birmingham on the 25th & 26th of June & finally Newcastle in the North East of England on the 8th & 9th of July. Experienced slaves & submissives are welcome to apply respectfully to Serve Mistress Ava Black as well as novices & beginners too.

Face Spitting, Strap On Training & Foot Worship are just a few of the different types of Female Domination Session that Mistress Ava Black enjoys whilst in the Dungeon & aside from FemDom Sessions She also enjoys Shopping excursions as well as other types of sane FemDom related proposals, Telephone Domination & Text Domination through Niteflirt & Adultwork as well as Webcam opportunities are also possible for those either not able to meet Mistress Black in the flesh or for those who simply can’t wait to be at Her Service. Mistress Black also produces Her own FemDom Clips & Movies full details & links for which are included on Her site.

Apply to Serve on the Spring & Summer United Kingdom Tour or on Chatlines or Webcam, see additional pictures & find out lots more information by visiting the web site of Mistress Ava Black

March 4th, 2014

Domina M – Barcelona Domination

26th – 30th March 2014

Domina M On Hogspy

Domina M

Travel update with Domina M who’s visiting Barcelona later during the month.

Domina M confirms that She has limited availability remaining for Domination Sessions on the Spanish leg of Her European mini tour taking place during the dates displayed up above, polite applications for FemDom in Barcelona may now be Submitted via the web site of Domina M which contains a telephone number along with Her email address. Please note that you may be required to pay a small deposit in order to secure your Session.

Prior to Barcelona Domina M will be available to be Served in the French capital city of Paris taking place from the 11th until the 14th of March as recently reported Here On Hogspy & with only some Session opportunities now remaining genuine slaves & subs are encouraged to apply for a Domination Session immediately in order to avoid any disappointment.

An advance schedule for all Domina M’s confirmed travel destinations can be seen at the Foot of each page on Her web site along with specific contact telephone numbers dependant on Her current location.

Domina M is an experienced Dominatrix who recently relocated to Manhattan in the United States & travels frequently across the globe Using & Abusing slaves & subs along the way, those not able to Serve in person can apply to be Dominated on the phone through Niteflirt Chatlines, custom made Clips are also a possibility as well & details for both can be found on Domina M’s site.

You can find out lots more details, apply for a FemDom Session in Barcelona later this month or in Paris from next week onwards, see additional pictures & watch a selection of YouTube Clips by visiting the web site of Domina M

March 3rd, 2014

Mistress Heather – London Domination

8th – 14th March 2014

Mistress Heather On Hogspy

Mistress Heather

London continues to prove popular as Mistress Heather confirms Her next visit.

Professional Dominatrix Mistress Heather makes a welcome return to the English capital city of London during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be Submitted via Her web site which contains full booking request details including a direct email address, please note that a deposit will be required in order to secure your appointment with Mistress Heather.

Domination Sessions are scheduled to take place on this trip from a Domestic setting in the centre of London & close to excellent public transport connections, FemDom in a Dungeon location is also possible with Mistress Heather by prior arrangement as too are Outcalls but to quality Hotels only. Please be certain to include clearly your preffered location when contacting Mistress Heather.

London Sessions with Mistress Heather always prove popular & with this in mind early applications are strongly advised in order to avoid any possible disappointment. Worth noting too that Online Domination is also now a possiblity with Her by way of Webcam Training, Chatline Domination is sometimes possible as well, more details for both can be found on Mistress Heather’s web site.

Mistress Heather is an experienced Dominatrix who travels frequently in Europe & beyond Using male slaves & subs along the way, private travel requests are sometimes entertained by Her, specific details for which can be found in the “Booking” section of Her site along with other snippets of useful information for those seeking to Serve in a professional Domination Session.

Worth mentioning as well that aside from Dominating in individual Sessions Mistress Heather occasionally Films & Shoots with a number of top Female Domination sites where you can often see Her in action including the brilliant Femme Fatale Films web site which has free sample Clips featuring Her  & is well worth checking out.

Role Play, Humiliation & Trampling are just a few of the very many different types of professional Domination Session that Mistress Heather enjoys, a full listing of all Her preferences are on Her web site in the Sessions section, if  your particular Kink or Fantasy is not  listed then respectufl enquiries for such can always be made.

Apply to Serve in London from next weekend, keep up with the latest travel news, see additional pictures & much more besides on the web site of Mistress Heather

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