July 9th, 2012

Mistress Darcy – Chastity Weekend

21st – 23rd July 2012

Mistress Darcy 682x1024 Mistress Darcy   Chastity Weekend

Mistress Darcy

News from Mistress Darcy who’s running a Chastity challenge later this month.

Mistress Darcy heads off to Philadelphia soon & will be available to be served there during the dates shown above & on this trip will travel with no less than five different Chastity devices including the plastic Birdlock, Cock Crimper & a few from the famous C.B. range too.

Mistress Darcy is issuing the following challenge to any male that feels sub enough to take part, in short any sub that applies will be locked into a Chastity Cage in a quiet rest room early on the Saturday morning & won’t be released until the Monday morning which will take place at the Hotel of Mistress Darcy as She prepares for Her return trip to New York. Basically you will be locked down for the whole weekend & have zero chance of release & without knowledge of where Mistress is for the entire weekend.

There is of course a tribute to be paid & an advance deposit will be required by everyone taking part in this challenge to avoid timewasters & dreamers & please note that the challenge only applies for the stated weekend whilst in Philadelphia.

There’s a competition linked to the challenge which is well worth noting, whoever over the weekend proves to be the most submissive, Mistress Darcy advises yo use your imagination in this regard, will win a free 30 minute session in conjunction with their unlocking ceromony on the Monday morning.

Mistress Darcy is an experienced Dominatrix who is based mostly in New York but also who travels the globe extensively & enjoys a variety of session activities including Role Play, Foot Worship & Spanking, you can find out more details & apply for the weekend Chastity challenge via the blog section on Her web site which contains full booking & application info & lots of photos by Clicking Here

July 9th, 2012

Salome Sin – At New Bury Dungeon !

Sessions !

Mistress Salome Sin Salome Sin   At New Bury Dungeon !

Mistress Salome Sin

FemDom session news with Mistress Salome Sin available to be served in Bury.

Salome Sin returns to session at this well known facility which formally went by a different name with immediate effect & applications to serve Her can now be submitted via Her web site which contains full contact information & booking details.

Worth pointing out too that Mistress Sin will be available not only for single one on one sessions but also double Domination sessions alongside close friend Mistress Victoria who has also returned to this north east located Dungeon facility.

Toilet Training, Face Sitting & Role Play are just some of the session types Mistress Salome Sin enjoys, find out more info & apply to serve by Clicking Here

July 8th, 2012

Stella Van Gent – New Free Pictures !

Boots !

Steela Van Gent Smoking1 Stella Van Gent   New Free Pictures !

Stella Van Gent

Steela Van Gent Boots Stella Van Gent   New Free Pictures !

Stella Van Gent

Picture update with Stella Van Gent who has added new photos to Her web site.

Stella shares Her passion for Smoking in the first gallery whilst wearing tight Lycra Leggings with high heeled Boots with a tight Corset & Boots feature again in the second gallery as Stella wears Her popular Louboutin zipper ones with a new Corset along with a short pleated Leather mini skirt, no doubt both new galleries will prove popular with Her many admirers from all over the world.

Stella Van Gent is a Fetish Model with a passion for Latex & who runs Her own web site which is full of free FemDom pictures & Clips, you can find out more information & see additional shots from the brand new galleries by Clicking Here

July 7th, 2012

Goddess Severa – In San Francisco !

7th July 2012

Goddess Severa Goddess Severa   In San Francisco !

Goddess Severa

Quick travel reminder  with Goddess Severa who’s currently in San Francisco.

Goddess Severa will be available to be served today only in San Francisco & applications to do so can be made via web site which contains all contact details.

Goddess Severa is an experienced Mistress who enjoys being served in various different ways, Role Play, Scissor Sessions & Breath Play to name just a few, you can find out lots more  & apply to serve in San Francisco today by Clicking Here

July 4th, 2012

Mistress Alex – Sessions In Boston !

6th July 2012

Mistress Alex Mistress Alex   Sessions In Boston !

Mistress Alex

Travel news in with Mistress Alex who’s visiting Boston later during the week.

Mistress Alex will be available to be served this Friday in Boston & applications to serve Her whilst there can now be made via the email link on Her web site which requires you to answer a few questions in order for you to be considered to serve.

Mistrss Alex is an experienced Dominatrix who is usually located in New York City & also travels extensively too, new slaves & submissives as well the more experienced are invited to apply to serve Mistress Alex in Boston or of course in New York, you can find out more info & apply to Mistress Alex by Clicking Here

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