June 27th, 2013

Chicago Domination – Carly Castille

Until 29th June 2013

Mistress Carly Castille

Mistress Carly Castille

Travel news with Mistress Carly Castille who’s currently Dominating Chicago.

Mistress Castille has once again returned to the Windy City where She is available to be Served by slaves & subs from today right through until the weekend, applications for such can now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details.

Carly Castille is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Milwaukee & who travels frequently conducting Female Domination Sessions in various differnt Dungeons mostly in America & has arrived in Chicago in good time to attend tonight’s “Bondage A Go Go” which takes place at the “Exit” on West North Avenue & is frequently attended by a number of Dominatrices including the likes of Mistress Alexandra Sadista & Sophia Asphyxia & makes for a great night out.

Golden Showers, Leg Worship & Human Ashtray Training are just a small selection of the FemDom activities She most enjoys, you can find out lots more & apply to Serve Mistress Carly Castille in Chicago right now by Clicking Here

June 26th, 2013

Mistress Miranda – Visits Pittsburgh

2nd – 4th August 2013

Mistress Miranda

Mistress Miranda

Advance travel news as Mistress Miranda confirms an August Pittsburgh trip.

English Dominatrix Mistress Miranda will be available to be Served at The Compound in Pittsburgh during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be Submitted, please note that you may be required to pay a small deposit to confirm your appointment with Mistress Miranda. Novices as well as the more seasoned slave & sub are welcome to apply.

Usually located in West London in England Mistress Miranda is an experienced Dominatrix of many years & is an expert in heavy Bondage Sessions as well as enjoying a whole variety of FemDom fun in the Dungeon including Corporal Punishment, Medical Play & loads more too. Mistress Miranda is a big fan of personal fitness & works out numerous times a week taking great pride in Her body & appearance, lazy subs & slaves beware !

The Compound is a first class multi room Dungeon facility located in Pittsburgh & regularly features travelling Dominatrices & Mistresses from all over the world such as Mistress Charlotte who’s currently conducting Female Domination Sessions there from today onwards as recently reported Here On Hogspy & Sessions are carried out most days of the week from early until late & are all overseen by none other than Domina Irene Boss who needs zero introduction as one of the most respected Dominatrices in the world & who takes great pride in ensuring Her facility is well run & welcoming for both Dommes & slaves alike.

You can find out more information about Mistress Miranda’s visit to The Compound in Pittsburgh during early August, apply to Serve in a FemDom Session, see additional pictures & plenty more by Clicking Here

June 25th, 2013

Nikki Domino – Philadelphia Trip

25th June 2013

Nikki Domino

Nikki Domino

One day travel news with Nikki Domino who’s currently visiting Philadelphia.

Dominatrix Nikki Domino is available to be Served in Philly for today only, applications for such can immediately be Submitted either by telephone or email but please note only genuine slaves & subs are encouraged to apply for this single day trip.

Sessions with Nikki Domino will be carried out at the “Destiny’s Chamber” Dungeon facility which is easily located in Philadelphia & open from early until late. Double Domination Sessions may be possible with Mistress Domino alongside a number of the other Dominatrices who are based there including the likes of Goddess Destiny Kaine, Mistress Onyx & Mistress Gwen.

Destiny’s Chambers is a multi room & multi Dominatrix facility in Philadelphia which is open from early until late most days of the week, fully equipped & discreet, overnight Sessions are often available with the Domina’s located there. Worth pointing out as well that Mistresses who are travelling to Philly & wish to hire this excellent Dungeon for Female Domination Sessions should contact Mistress Destiny Kaine at the Chambers to discuss their dates & proposed arrangements.

Nikki Domino is an experienced Mistress who’s usually located in Washington but who travels extensively Training, Using & Abusing male slaves & subs, Ball Busting, Boot Worship & Feminization are just a few of the activities She enjoys, those unable to Serve in Philly today or Washington at other times can apply to Serve Her on Her own personal Chat Lines which are conducted through the Niteflirt network.

You can apply to Serve Nikki Domino right now for Sessions later today, see additional pictures  & plenty more besides by (Site Closed)

June 24th, 2013

London FemDom – Mistress Ayn

8th – 11th July 2013

Mistress Ayn

Mistress Ayn

London FemDom travel news in with Mistress Ayn who’s visiting next month.

Mistress Ayn makes a rare trip to the capital during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details, please note that you might be required to pay a small deposit to secure your time Serving Mistress Ayn.

An experienced Dominatrix of no less than 15 years Mistress Ayn is usually located in Atlanta at the multi room & multi Domina facility The Atlanta Dungeon & travels extensively across the globe Using, Abusing & Destroying male slaves & subs, Sessions in the capital will be conducted on the 8th & 9th of July at  the West End Dungeon located in W1 which is followed by Domination on the 10th & 11th of July also in the centre at a fully equipped facility close to Euston Square. Domination Sessions with Mistress Ayn will be carried out from early until late in London.

Mental Domination is a speciality of Mistress Ayn who also enjoys Physical Captivity of slaves too, Golden Showers, Slut Training & Tickle Torture are a few of Her other interests which are wide & varied, details of which can be found on the web site of Mistress Ayn who’s an educated & elegant Dominatrix available to be Served by both beginners as well as the more experienced slave & sub.

You can find out much more about Mistress Ayn, apply to Serve Her in London during July, see additional pictures & much more besides by Clicking Here

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