July 21st, 2014

Madame Estelle – Dominates London

9th – 11th August 2014

Madame Estelle Madame Estelle   Dominates London

Madame Estelle

FemDom travel news continues with Madame Estelle who visits London soon.

Madame Estelle heads for the English capital city to Dominate, Use & Abuse male slaves & subs taking place during the dates displayed up above. Polite applications to Serve may now be Submitted but please note that you may well be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment. FemDom Sessions in London will take place from a fully equipped & centrally located Dungeon & will be available from early until late whilst Madame Estelle visits England & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

Spanking, Foot Worship & Face Spitting are just a few of the different types of Session that Madame Estelle enjoys whilst Dominating Her subjects.

Whilst in England Madame Estelle will be Filming with top FemDom web site “Kinky Mistresses”  Film shoots will be occurring during Her London visit as well as an additional day scheduled to take place in Kent on the 12th August. Applications are invited to be utilised as a Film slave by Madame Estelle & the Kinky Mistresses crew for both the aforementioned locations. Reliable slaves & subs are now being sought for the productions but please note that you must be of legal age, be able to provide identification & be prepared to sign a Model release form on the day of Filming. No fees will be paid & above all you’ll need to have a flexible approach & can expect to be Used in a whole variety of different ways covering a wide variety of Fetish’s.

Kinky Mistresses is a popular Female Domination web site which features a number of the world’s top Dominatrices & is frequently updated with fresh content, furthermore, their web site contains a number of free sample Clips that you can watch without the need to sign up, however, if you do join the Kinky Mistresses web site then you’ll not only gain access to all the very latest releases but also have access to their entire back catalogue of Movies.

You can find out lots more information & apply  to Serve Madame Estelle in a FemDom Session in London next month, alternatively Submit your details to be considered as a Film slave for the capital or for Kent, see additional pictures & much more besides via the web site of Kinky Mistresses

July 20th, 2014

Dungeon Manor – The Domme Life

Orpington In England

Mistress Evilyne Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Mistress Evilyne

Hogspy recently took a day out the office & visited Dungeon Manor in Orpington.

Having gladly accepted an invitation from Dungeon Manor Proprietor & keeper Mistress Evilyne, I arrived on a glorious English Summer’s day to spend a sunny afternoon & be shown around at what certainly makes for an impressive set up. Whether you’re a slave or submissive fortunate enough to be Serving Mistress Evilyne Herself or one of the increasing number of  Dominatrices that frequently now rent space there or a Film & Production company looking to shoot fresh content or perhaps a touring Dominatrices from outside England looking to combine your residential & Session needs together, whatever your FemDom rental requirements might be there’s a chance that The Dungeon Manor will provide you with a solution.

Dungeon Manor1 Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Welcome To Dungeon Manor

Firstly, it’s important to stress how straightforward it is to get to The Dungeon Manor which is located in Orpington in Kent. Frequent trains go to & from the local train station which is less than a 10 minute walk away  & take you straight into central London, no changes or connections to make just right into the heart of  the capital on a 20 min journey with no stops in between. In short, from the door of Dungeon Manor into the heart of London is about 30 minutes & all very easy & straightforward. Local taxis are plentiful & airport connections are excellent in this part of the world too. The Dungeon Manor really does offer the combination of peace & tranquility in the English Countryside with the shopping, entertainment &  hustle & bustle of London right on its doorstep.

Dungeon Manor The Dungeon2 Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - The Dungeon

Discreet & easy to find with secure parking available too the impressive house is kept spotlessly clean & bang up to speed by Mistress Evilyne & those that do Her bidding. Mistress Evilyne oversees the entire  operation & certainly knows how to run a run a tight ship, a positive vibe greets you & no doubt continues throughout your stay whatever purpose you’re visiting for. Whilst a relative new comer to the English FemDom scene The Dungeon Manor is fast becoming recognised as an attractive alternative to Session from, Tour from or Film at as opposed to the usual expensive West End  rental prices which are typically much smaller & cannot match the flexibility, hospitality & overall experience that the Manor has to offer & all overseen impeccably by Mistress Evilyne an English Dominatrix who not only offers professional Domination Herself but genuinely lives the lifestyle too.

Dungeon Manor Equipment1 Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - Equipment

If you’re a slave or submissive attending Dungeon Manor to Serve Mistress Evilyne or one of the various Mistresses who frequent there then you can look forward to being Used & Abused in the Dungeon room itself. This is not your typical dark & dingy affair but a well equipped, play space, uncluttered, spotless & offering a vast array of items, Furniture & Toys, including but not limited to a Venus 2000, E-Stim , Violet Wand, Bondage Rack, Cage & more  (all of which are Sanitised accordingly after use incidentally) with it’s untypical style really  making for a refreshing approach to what you might otherwise have come to expect. Domestic opportunities are plentiful for wanna be Sissies & Maids seeking to be put through their paces, with more bathrooms, toilets, cooking appliances & nooks & crannies than I can remember, there really is plenty of opportunity for genuine hard working applicants to get Domesticated & Serve in various & useful ways.

Dungeon Manor The Cellar Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - The Cellar

Outside in the garden yet more possibilities await, whether it’s Pony Play, Garden slavery duties , exercise regimes or whatever else you wish to indulge in then there’s more than enough room to partake in what you fancy with plenty of tress,greenery & folage to ensure that discretion is maintained. The gardens at Dungeon Manor opens up even more possibilities for Sessions or Filming, however, the Cellar is the one place though that you really don’t want to find yourself in.

Dungeon Manor Gardens Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - The Gardens

Regular followers of Mistress Evilyne’s Blog & Social Media feeds such as Twitter & Facebook will be familiar with the underfloor slave box. This is pretty much as described, a box that is built underneath the floorboards at Dungeon Manor with a hole drilled through the top. Useful for locking slaves in & leaving there to contemplate things for a while & which apparently lends itself excellently as an additional Toilet facility for Mistress Evilyne or the particular Dominatrix that you happen to be Serving there. Hogspy didn’t actually climb in to the box, thanks all the same to Mistress Evilyne’s polite offer that She made with a certain glint in Her eye, needless to say if Confinement or Abandonment along with (or without) Toilet Training is your thing then the slave box is well worth considering including in your Session at The Dungeon Manor.

Dungeon Manor Slave Box Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - The Slave Box

As mentioned, if you’re looking to Film new content for your members site, Clips store or any other purpose then the Manor really does lend itself well as a brilliant backdrop for shooting a variety of scenes & activities, what’s  more the chilled environment, spacious & homely feel along with great  refreshment facilities & even easy access for the loading & unloading of equipment make this a very viable option for productions, whether your a single shooter or have a whole crew Dungeon Manor is well worth considering for your future Film shoots & productions.

Dungeon Manor Filming Flexibility Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - Session Or Filming Flexibility

Hogspy chatted with Mistress Evilyne throughout the afternoon about all aspects of Dungeon Manor & in particular touring Dominatrices which is an area where the Manor really comes in to it’s own. Established Mistress & Dominatrices can temporarily reside at the Manor with the use of their own bedroom with en-suite facilities & including television, fast & unlimited internet connection, use of kitchen facilities along with complete access to the wonderful gardens & all the other comforts it has to offer.  Varying lengths of stay can be arranged at really reasonable rates be it from a single night stay through to the excellent value for money “7.6.5″ offer which is 7 days, 6 nights & all for just £500, which is approximately $850 & just to be very clear, the prices for residential arrangements not only includes your accommodation at Dungeon Manor but  full use of the Dungeon & Domestic settings for your Sessions too, in other words it’s all fully inclusive deal, theres no hidden charges, no separate Dungeon rental hire fees, no internal travel expenditure to get to & from your rental venue, theres no surprises whatsoever the residential deals are fully inclusive.

Dungeon Manor Bathroom Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - Ensuite Bathroom

Singular over night stays are possible, multi days as well as by the hour hire are available too, check out the rates sections on Dungeon Manor’s site for costing details of multi day residential stays, hourly Session rental rates & Film production fees. Same day booking enquiries can be made by established Dominatrices too with a quick response time assured.

Sticking with touring Dominatrices it’s well worth mentioning that aside from conducting Sessions whilst on the road Mistress Evilyne can arrange for Film & Photo shoots with quality personnel if you really want to maximise on your time spent whilst travelling. Film shoots can be arranged on either a “Content Share” or Price basis the possibilities are numerous & flexible in this regard  & well worth a discussion with Mistress Evilyne when making your enquiries if Filming appeals to you whilst on tour.

The Dungeon Manor is perfect for travelling Dominatrices, spacious & welcoming but with privacy when you want it & provides a one stop solution for all your touring requirements, Mistress Evilyne is always on hand, an excellent host who takes pride in Her establishment which offers you a unique opportunity to plan your travel arrangements safe in the knoweldge that you’ll be conducting your FemDom Sessions from a brilliant facility that not only lends itself perfectly for Female Domination but also takes care of all your accommodation requirements at the same time.

Dungeon Manor Relaxing1 Dungeon Manor   The Domme Life

Dungeon Manor - Secluded

The afternoon flew by at Dungeon Manor which I’d spent roaming around the grounds, drinking Tea & chatting the breeze with the truly delightful Mistress Evilyne who Hogspy sincerely thanks for having taken the time out from Her busy schedule to show me around & really was the perfect host throughout the day, thank you Mistress Evilyne.

Whilst Hogspy doesn’t usually recommend any particular Dungeon or Studio, nor individual Dominatrix for that matter one thing’s for sure, whether you’re a visiting Domina from within England or a Touring Dominatrix from overseas or perhaps a Content provider looking for a new setting for your next production then The Dungeon Manor is definitely worth investigating, its setting, flexibility, professionalism & numerous options really do give you solutions to whatever your next FemDom rental requirements might be.

You can find out additional information, plan your next Tour, Pro Domme Sessions or Film shoots & plenty more besides by checking out the web site of Dungeon Manor

July 19th, 2014

Mistress Priya – Doubles In Florida

22nd – 31st July 2014

Mistress Priya Mistress Priya   Doubles In Florida

Mistress Priya

Summer travel news with Mistress Priya who’s visiting Florida from next week.

Mistress Priya hits the road shortly & travels to a couple of different destinations within the Florida region. Applications to Serve may now be Submitted but please note that you might be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment. Sessions will run from early until late during this trip & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

Mistress Priya will be travelling to Florida with Her close friend & associate namely Mistress Betty Pickle & together they’re offering a rare opportunity to Serve in double Domination Sessions throughout this visit. Individual Sessions are of course a possibilty too with either Mistress subject to their schedule allowing for such, please be clear in any application as to whether you’re seeking a double or single Session.

Mistress Betty Pickle Mistress Priya   Doubles In Florida

Mistress Betty Pickle

First up & Mistress Priya & Mistress Betty Pickle head for Naples & Fort Meyers where they will be Using & Abusing their subjects for a couple of days only which takes place on the 22nd & 23rd of July which is closely followed by Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Key West taking place from the 24th of July & running until the very last day of the month. Female Domination Sessions will be conducted from a fully equipped Dungeon facility whilst on this trip as well as from a well appointed hotel suite too. Double Domination Outcalls may also be an option.

Well worth mentioning too that whilst in Fort Lauderdale Mistress Priya & Mistress Betty Pickle will be attending a FemDom party which is being held on the 24th of July, contact the Dominatrices direct for more information & to enquire as to how you might be fortunate enough to be invited.

Foot Worship, Corporal Punishment & Verbal Humiliation are just a few of the many & varied different types of FemDom Session that both Mistress Priya & Mistress Betty Pickle enjoy, contact the Dominatrices directly to discuss your particular Kink & the style of Session you seek.

You can find out additional information, see more pictures & apply to Serve in Florida via the web site of Mistress Betty Pickle

Alternatively, whilst Her new site continues to be constructed you can touch base & apply to be Dominated via the new Twitter page of Mistress Priya

July 18th, 2014

Mistress Jessica – In Spain & Ireland

July & August 2014

Mistress Jessica 1 Mistress Jessica   In Spain & Ireland

Mistress Jessica

FemDom Summer travel continues with Mistress Jessica visiting Spain & Ireland.

Mistress Jessica keeps on the road this month & firstly in Tenerife in Spain which is followed by a return trip to Ireland where She’ll be visiting Limerick on this occasion. Respectful applications to Serve in either destination may now be Submitted via the web site of Mistress Jessica but please note that you may well be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment in Her presecence. Female Domination Sessions will run from early until late & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

First up & Mistress Jessica is currently in Tenerife & from where She’s offering a very limited number of Outcall only appointments up until the 30th of this month which is closely followed by a return to trip to Ireland & the City of Limerick on this occasion & from where Mistress Jessica will be Using & Abusing slaves & subs from the 1st of August & running right through until the 13th, inclusive. Please be certain to include your preferred location for a FemDom Session with Mistress Jessica in any application which can be applied for either by using the form on Her web site or by the direct email address shown, alternatively you can call Mistress Jessica by using the relevant telephone number dependant on which country She’s curently in, again full details for which can be seen on Her web site.

Mistress Jessica 2 Mistress Jessica   In Spain & Ireland

Mistress Jessica

Human Ashtray Training, Ball Busting & Trampling are just a very few of the many different types of FemDom Session that Mistress Jessica enjoys, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing or contact Her directly in the unlikely event that your particular Kink is not listed.

Those not fortunate enough to be granted an audience with Mistress Jessica in either of the aforementioned locations can apply to be Used & Abused & Humiliated by way of Distance Training which includes telephone Chatline Domination along with Webcam Training too which are mostly carried out via Adultwork further details for such are over on Mistress Jessica’s site which also includes information on how you can apply to purchase a number of Her Used personal items such as Panties, Stockings, Tights & more. Chastity Training along with Key Holding is also a possibility.

Finally, Mistress Jessica will continue to travel throughout this Summer, check out Her site for all the very latest dates & destinations which is currently displaying information for up & coming trips to Greece & Austria as well as Lebanon too.

You can find out lots more details, apply to be Used in Spain or Ireland as well as all future destinations, get Degraded & Humiliated on Webcam or Chatlines, purchase personal items & plenty more besides by visiting the web site of Mistress Jessica

July 17th, 2014

Fetish Liza – Dominates In London

From 28th July 2014

Fetish Liza Fetish Liza   Dominates In London

Fetish Liza

The Summer travel news continues as Fetish Liza confirms Her next London trip.

Fetish Liza is once again making a welcome return to the English capital city of London from where She’ll be Using & Abusing Her subjects from early until late at a fully equipped Dungeon facility, commencing from the date displayed up above with a departure date yet to be confirmed, FemDom Sessions are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive but please note that you might be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment with Her.

Fetish Liza is an expereinced Female Dominatrix & Latex Model who speaks Dutch, French, German, English & Spanish who’s based mostly in Europe but travels extensively throughout the world & aside from running Her own successful web site She has Filmed & appeared on some of the top FemDom sites across the internet as well as having modeled for numerous different Latex designers too. Foot Worship, Face Slapping & Corporal Punishment are just a few of the many different types of Female Domination Session that Fetish Liza enjoys.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in London later this month, see additional pictures & plenty more besides by checking out the web site of Fetish Liza

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