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Irene Boss
Irene Boss

Travel news continues as Dominatrix  Irene Boss confirms Her multi City tour.

September – October 2015

Domina Irene Boss hits the road this Fall as She embarks on a FemDom tour taking in multiple destinations beginning in America & followed by a rare trip to Europe. Respectful applications to Serve Ms Boss whilst on Her travels can now be Submitted via Her web site & by carefully following the application instructions & using the direct email address shown there. Professional Domination Sessions with Irene Boss usually run from mid morning until late in the evening when on tour & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive but please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment. Tour dates & locations are confirmed as:

Northern Virginia 24th – 27th September 2015

Orange County 29th September – 4th October 2015

Hanover 7th October – 9th October 2015

London 11th – 13th October 2015

As mentioned, applications to Serve in all the above destinations can now be Submitted but only after having read the specific instructions on Domina Irene Boss’s site regarding how to apply & please ensure you indicate very clearly as to where you’re requesting to be Dominated.

Well worth mentioning that during this trip Irene Boss will not only be available to be Served in an individual FemDom Session as She travels the globe Using & Abusing slaves & subs along the way but also in double Domina activity alongside a number of Her close friends & associates including Mistress Lynn when visiting Northern Virginia, Madame Charlotte in Hanover as well as Mistress Miranda in London all of whom have their own fully equipped Dungeon facilities. Please ensure your request to Serve stipulates as to the type of experience you’re seeking, namely whether it be a solo or double situation.

Domina Irene Boss need little introduction as one of the world’s most respected & highly regarded Dominatrices who’s vastly experienced & knowledgeable in a whole host of FemDom activities & disciplines & is usually located in Pittsburgh at Her own “Compound” when not on the move, Female Domination preferences include administering Corporal Punishment, devising Bondage scenarios & carrying out Sensory Deprivation scenes to name a small selection, check out the Boss’s web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to the FemDom possibilities or contact Her directly to discuss your own particular Kink or scenario should it not be included. Chastity Training along with Key holding & extended lock ups is also a possibility for those slaves & submissives looking for a more ongoing arrangement.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in the United States or Europe during the forthcoming FemDom tour, see additional pictures & plenty more besides via the Domina Irene Boss web site