Madame Says Bristol Tour

Madame Says
Madame Says

Late Summer travel news continues as Madame Says confirms Her visit to Bristol soon.

31st August – 2nd September 2018

Ms Says hits the road early next month & embarks on a mini FemDom tour to Bristol in England from where She’ll be conducting a very limited number of opportunities to Serve Her during the dates displayed up above. Respectful applications to Serve Madame Says during this 3 day trip can now be applied for by completing the form easily found in the “Cornwall Dominatrix” section of Her web site & carefully observing the booking application guidelines. Rendezvous in Bristol are set to run from early in the morning until late in the evening during this tour & they’re open to novices as well as the more experienced slave & submissive but please not that you will be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment. During this Bristol trip Madame Says will be located at a well appointed & centrally located Hotel. Worth mentioning too that whilst the above dates are confirmed, Madame may well extend Her trip, dependant on requests to Serve & subject to Her own schedule allowing for such , keep a close eye on Her web site & Twitter account for any further announcements in this regard.

Usually located in Cornwall & with occasional travel throughout the United Kingdom, including frequent trips to London, Madame Says is an experienced Dominatrix & manipulator who enjoys a wide variety of different types of scenes & activities including but not limited to Foot Worship, Ball Busting & Caning in addition to a wide variety of FinDom activities which can typically include pre arranged Diner & Shopping trips not to mention Cashpoint Meets too, check out Madame Say’s web site & Twitter feed for much more comprehensive information of Her FemDom & FinDom preferences which can incorporate Chastity Training with Key holding as well.

You can find out lots more details & apply to be Used by in Bristol soon or in Cornwall at various other times as well as see additional photos & lots more beside by checking out the Madame Says Twitter page