Mistress Annalieza Seeks Film Slaves

Mistress Film Slaves
Mistress Annalieza

Film slave news in as Mistress Annalieza seeks subjects to use in Her latest productions.

17th November 2016

Following on from Her FemDom tour to London earlier this year Mistress Annalieza returns to the Capital this week & is actively looking for a handful of Film slaves & submissives to be Dominated in productions. Applications to Serve as one of the Mistress Film slaves   during this day of shooting are now open which does require a small tribute to be paid in order to be considered. Filming is set to take place from a central location in the heart of the English Capital & will run from mid morning until late in the evening. You must be of legal age to be utilised as Film slaves & be prepared to sign a Model release form on the day of the shoot. Contact shot will be used by Mistress Annalieza for Her own web site, Clips stores & various other outlets.

Applications to be Used as a Film slave can now be Submitted by using the direct email address easily found in the profile of Mistress Annalieza’s Twitter account. Please ensure you keep the offer of your Services brief & precise & outline any previous FemDom Filming you may have undertaken as well as any special skills you have to offer.

Worth mentioning too that following this week’s trip to London Mistress Annalieza returns to the Capital later in the month & aside from individual FemDom Sessions She may require the use of 1 or 2 slaves early in the evening on that particular day for Filming purposes. Keep a close eye on Miss Annalieza’s Tweeter feed for all Her latest Filming & travel news announcements.

Mistress Annalieza is an experienced Dominatrix who travels extensively across the United Kingdom Using & Abusing Her slaves along the way & enjoys a wide variety of different types of scenes & activities including but not limited to Butt Worship, Trampling & Face Spitting to name a small selection. Financial Domination or “FinDom” situations & arrangements are also possible with Ms Annalieza too.

You can find out more details & keep up to speed on all the latest Film slave shouts & requirements, see additional pictures & more via the (Site Closed)