Mistress January Seraph

January Seraph
January Seraph

It was with great sadness we learnt of the passing of January Seraph over the weekend.

In Loving Memory

Sunday had started in the usual way here at Hogspy, we published our daily article early on & set about Retweeting our advertisers as per normal & then there, out the corner of my eye I saw Lexi’s Tweet. To say I was stunned is an understatement, I frantically searched around for details, was this accurate? had someone got their wires crossed?, I made further checks with trusted contacts, alas, it was true, January Seraph is dead.

The crappiest part of my job is the Obituaries, fortunately they don’t happen too often, I hate them, writing them is not easy especially when you’re head’s fucked & you’re still trying to comprehend the enormity of what happened. I actually have an approach nowadays to these articles which involves reaching out to someone very close to the deceased & giving them the freedom of the site, to write what they want for as long as they want & to say whatever they want, I never edit those pieces at all. However, on this occasion it’s different, I mean, which industry individual could I possibly turn to? The answer is hundreds of individuals, maybe a Dominatrix, Designer, Film Producer, Photographer, Studio owner, Event Organiser, Plugger or Promoter, a slave or sub or perhaps a Board owner? January Seraph was loved by so many in the Fetish & Adult world that it would be impossible to for me to ask any one person & if I’m honest, I wanted the opportunity to pay my respects, in my very own words.

It would be inaccurate for me to say that myself & January were very close friends, many of you reading this knew Her much more than I ever did, that said were were indeed friends & would meet up occasionally in London whenever She was in town.

January Seraph was an early supporter of Hogspy, always encouraging me & helping where She could & was one of the very first Dominatrices to take out paid for advertising on the site, something I was extremely proud of at the time, still am. Over the years She would send me travel news, often with half the info missing or emailing me back an hour later saying something along the lines of “Wait, there’s a change of plan, hold that article” Yes, occasionally She was scatty, one exciting new idea would follow the next, sometimes without the previous one even having been started & She would buy Domain names like they were going out of fashion for Her ‘next big thing’ this was JS & I loved Her for it.

January Seraph
January Seraph

The last time I met up with January was in London a few years back. She had contacted me & said She wanted to meet for lunch & sort out Her Hogspy advertising. Naturally being the Super Domme that She was She kept me waiting for over an hour at the rendezvous point, just as I was about to give up & head home suddenly there She was, standing in front of me with the broadest of smiles, big hair & looking fantastic, any frustration I was feeling was gone within a second, Her smile had that effect on people.

During lunch we chatted Shit, put the world to rights & once finished She insisted on picking up the tab, I offered to pay, She wouldn’t have it. As we left the premises January asked me to take Her to a bank as She wanted to give me money for Her Advert. We walked & talked & eventually found a Cashpoint machine. She stuck Her card in, pulled a wad of notes, handed them to me & joked “I think we’ve just done the world’s first reverse Cashpoint meet, you know, where the Domme withdraws money from the ATM & gives it to the guy”, I thanked Her to which She replied with something like “you’re welcome, just advertise me & promote me as best as you can & for as long as the money lasts & let me know once it runs out” I didn’t let Her down. I never saw Her again.

Over the weeks & months no doubt lots will be written about January Seraph, I will try to absorb it all & will keep a close eye out for any collections or confirmed Memorial dates which we understand are currently being planned & will always Retweet news over on the Hogspy Twitter feed As regular readers will know, Mistress January Seraph appeared many times on our site over the years although lots got pulled during one of Her “Take it all down, I’ve had enough, I’m out of this business” type emails. At present there’s a ton of Her articles still on the site, none of which I can face reading at the moment, however, I will look for guidance regarding the articles & will pull them in an instant if so requested by those that were closest to Her.

January’s passing has hit myself & many others hard, I’m still in shock, She was a very special & unique individual, someone I’ll miss for a very long time, the only comfort I can feel at present is knowing that She’s finally getting some peace.

God bless you Mistress January Seraph.