Mistress Tia Village Hall Update

Mistress Tia
Mistress Tia

Female Domination news from Mistress Tia concerning the Village Hall story which hit National headlines a short while back.

As many Hogspy readers will know Mistress Tia appeared in National as well as International Newspapers as well as the Mail Online after having hired a Village Hall to conduct a photo shoot which was subsequently leaked to the press, there was a bit of a fuss made by the local community after they found out the exact nature of the shoot the result being a ban for Mistress Tia’s further use of the Hall & wide coverage.

Mistress Tia has contacted Hogspy as She wanted to put the record straight on a couple of issues concerning the Village Hall story, please note that the following wording is exactly as received here at Hogspy & was written by Mistress Tia Herself.

“When the papers first contacted me about the village hall I was surprised that people where so interested in it, and me. It’s just a load of small minded busy bodies with nothing better to do other than get involved with other peoples business!

I never deceived the people I hired the village hall off, they asked me what it was being used for and I told them for a photo shoot, they never asked what type of shoot, when someone books somewhere for a party they don’t specify what type of party do they? The people I hired the hall off where quite happy to receive the £30 a time I paid for it and actually they made the mistake as they admitted they were not supposed to hire it out for commercial use, only they did as they wanted the money in their pockets!

The person who first went to the papers about me probably thought I’d be unhappy about it all, it could not be further from the truth, I’ve had so much great publicity from it all, my website memberships have shot up, I’m inundated with sessions and business is booming as they say!

I’ve had so much support, really I should send that person who thought they were damaging me a big bunch if flowers and a thank you card!

I couldn’t believe it when the story went in all the national papers! I sold the story myself then and did a great shoot and interview for the Sunday and Monday sport, and also the womens magazine reveal, the reveal one has not been printed yet so that still to come. It then went international which was just amazing! I’ve found I have so many loyal fans and followers it really does make you feel good”

You can find out lots more via the Twitter account of Mistress Tia