Ms Ekatarina Romanovich & Inga Larsson Tour

Ms Ekatarina Romanovich
Ms Ekatarina Romanovich

Female Domination touring news in as Ms Ekatarina Romanovich & Inga Larsson continue their East Coast tour in America soon.

April 2021

Currently in New York City where they will remain for the next couple of days, Ms Romanovich & Dominatrix Inga Larsson hit the road together recently & embarked on their latest FemDom tour taking in Washington D.C. & Boston which follows their Big Apple trip. Respectful applications to Serve the Dominatrices in all of the tour locations can now be applied for via their respective web sites but please note that you will be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment & some pre Session protocols may apply owing to the ongoing global situation. The East Coast tour dates & destinations are confirmed as:

New York City Until 19th April 2021

Washington D.C. 19th – 21st April 2021

Boston 21st – 23rd April 2021

Please be very clear in any application sent as to what day you’re applying to Serve. Details of the setting for FemDom Sessions in all locations can be obtained by reaching out to the Dominatrices directly. Aside from double Domination Sessions individual activities are also possible in all destinations.

Inga Larsson
Inga Larsson

Ms Ekatarina Romanovich & Inga Larsson are both experienced Dominatrices who divide their time between the East & West Coast of America & who previously featured on our site prior to a previous East Coast Female Domination tour & between them enjoy a wide variety of scenes & activities when Dominating slaves & submissives including but not limited to Spanking & Flogging, Cock & Ball Tortures & Humiliation & Degradation to name a small selection, check out their web sites for much more detailed information of their FemDom preferences & approach which can also include Chastity Training too or contact them directly to discuss your own BDSM scenario should it not be mentioned. Financial Domination or FinDom arrangements are also possible on the current East Coast tour, a deposit for which is always required prior to full consideration.

You can find out more details & apply to Serve in New York City, Washington D.C. & Boston as well as see additional photos via the Inga Larsson web site

Alternatively you can submit a request to be Used & Abused on the current East Coast tour via the web site of Ms Ekatarina Romanovich