Panty Auction – Princess Monique


Princess Monique
Princess Monique

Auction news in as Princess Monique puts a used pair of Panties up for grabs.

Online Dominatrix & Humiliatrix Princess Monique has recently added a pair of Her lacey peach Thongs to Her Ebanned account with the bidding all ready in full flow & attracting a lot of attention, currently there’s 18 bids with the latest offer placed at $66 but with over 9 full days to go w’re pretty confident that they won’t stay at this price for very long at all.

There’s a free Video featuring Princess Monique over on Her web site along with a number of pictures of Her wearing & Teasing with the Thongs & it’s really worth pointing out that the successful bidder will receive a full length version of the Film from the Princess, happy bidding !

Princess Monique is an Online Dominatrix of many years & who very occasionally conducts realtime Sessions either in America or on Her travels across the globe, She’s one of the original members of Team Tease & carries out Her Online Sessions by Webcam or through Her personal Chat Lines as well as via email.

You can find out more about the current Panty Auction by Princess Monique & keep up with all the latest bidding action over on Ebanned, incidentally if you’re not currently an Ebanned member right now & just want to see where the  bids are at then simply enter the word “Monique” in to the search box located in the top right position on the web site which should give you the latest up to date bidding news & which you can do just by Clicking Here

Lady Natalie Black – In London

September 2013

Lady Natalie Black
Lady Natalie Black

Advance travel news in with Lady Natalie Black who’s visiting London soon.

Once again Lady Natalie Black makes a most welcome return to the capital during the month of September, polite applications to Serve Her are now being considered via Her web site which contains a direct telephone number, email address as well as an online form too. Specific dates are not yet confirmed but will be updated on Her web site in due course so keep a close eye on there for further announcements.

Lady Natalie Black is an experienced Dominatrix & Fetish performer who runs Her own successful web sites & has appeared on countless others over the years including the Likes of Femme Fatale Films & Empress Empire to name a couple but please be aware She does not entertain Online or virtual Sessions in any capacity preferring to deal with Her subjects entirely in the flesh.

London Sessions with Lady Natalie Black always get snapped up fast & with this in mind genuine slaves & subs are encouraged to apply in the first instance to avoid any possible disappointment, Anal Play, Water Sports & Fisting are just a few of the Session types She enjoys, check out Her web site for additional details of the things She most enjoys.

You can apply to Serve Lady Natalie Black in central London during September, view pictures & much more besides by Clicking Here

Scat In Detroit – Mistress Amara Noir

30th – 31st July 2013

Mistress Amara Noir
Mistress Amara Noir

Travel news with Mistress Amara Noir who’s visiting Detroit early next week.

Mistress Noir makes a welcome return to the motor city during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve are now being considered, this is a 2 day only trip with some Session slots already taken with this in mind genuine slaves & subs are encouraged to apply immediately to avoid any possible disappointment, a deposit may be required to secure your time Serving Mistress Amara Noir. Sessions in Detroit will be conducted near the Airport on this trip.

An experienced Dominatrix of many years & specialising in all things Scat related including Farts & Scent play not to mention Golden Showers, Piss Pops & various other messy delights Mistress Noir enjoys a wide variety of FemDom activities in Session including Nipple Torture & Face Slapping & is also trained in Tang & enjoys Martial Arts & Kick Boxing too , check out Her web site for a more comprehensive listing of all the activities  She enjoys whilst Using & Abusing male slaves.

Mistress Amara Noir is usually based in New York City & can be Served there when not travelling, find out more, apply to Serve in Detroit & see additional pictures via Her Tumblr web site by Clicking Here

Domina Irene Boss – In Washington

26th – 30th September 2013

Domina Irene Boss
Domina Irene Boss

Advance travel with Domina Irene Boss visiting Washington late September.

The Dom Boss makes a welcome return to Washington D.C. during the dates shown up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be Submitted via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details. Please note that there is a 2 hour minimum booking duration & those Serving Domina Irene Boss for the first time may be required to pay a small deposit to secure your time Serving Her.

Irene Boss will be travelling with a vast array of Clothing & Equipment on this trip including but in no way limited to Rubber, Spandex & Leather along with a brand new Plastic Vac Bed offering the tightest of Bondage situations, Arm Binders, Gags & Hoods will also travel with The Boss on this Washington visit.

Worth mentioning too that whilst no Filming is scheduled to take place during this Washington trip Irene Boss is happy to take pictures during your scene with Her using your still Camera or Smart phone & at no extra cost !

A professional Dominatrix of many years & needing very little introduction Domina Irene Boss enjoys a wide selection of FemDom activities in the Dungeon including Corporal Punishment, Foot Worship & Chastity Play to name just a few, you can find out lots more & apply to Serve The Dom Boss in Washington in late September by Clicking Here

Mistress Jenna – Dungeon Relocation

South Manchester

Mistress Jenna
Mistress Jenna

FemDom news in with Mistress Jenna who confirms Her Dungeon relocation.

Mistress Jenna has now moved premises from Her former place in Chester to South Manchester where She will be available to be Served at the first rate facility of Princess Lucina which in fact is a sort of home coming given that Mistress Jenna began Her FemDom career alongside the Princess many years ago.

Sessions by Mistress Jenna at Princess Lucina’s facility will initially be available on Tuesdays & Thursdays only from early until late, however, this may change in due course, slaves & subs are encouraged to keep a close eye on Mistress Jenna’s web site for updates & additional days of the week being added, please note that you might be required to pay a small deposit to secure your time Serving Mistress Jenna. The Dungeon of Princess Lucina is fully Equipped & offers shower & refreshment facilities not to mention easy parking & is very discreet.

Mistress Jenna is an experienced Domina who enjoys a wide variety of different Session types including but in no way limited to Anal Training, Trampling & Hand Spanking, you can find out much more, see additional pictures & apply to Serve Mistress Jenna from Her new location by Clicking Here