Venus In Furs E-Book Release From Sardax

Venus In Furs By Sardax

Venus In Furs

Internet news in from Sardax who has recently launched his first E-book on Amazon.


British Femdom artist Sardax has now illustrated this famous novella with over 10 sumptuous paintings & published it together as an e-book on Amazon with a completely new translation. First published in 1870 , Venus in Furs is a classic romance of tragic Eroticism depicting the intense adoration for Wanda of Severin who desires to become Her slave & their developing relationship which reaches a very surprising conclusion.

Born 1836 in Lemberg in the Austro-Hungarian empire (now Lviv in Ukraine), Sacher-Masoch was a very popular writer of German fiction, often short stories depicting the types of regional characters of his day but Venus in Furs remains his most famous & significant novel, one of very few translated into English & other languages & still in print today. The author has had the singular fame or notoriety, along with De Sade, of having his name applied by Krafft-Ebing in Psychopathia Sexualis to the sexuality which he so famously depicted in Venus in Furs. The book has become an icon & been turned into movies, plays & television.

Now London based artist Sardax has illustrated this famous novella with over 10 sumptuous paintings and published it as an E-book together with a completely new translation. For over twenty years Sardax’s Femdom art has been published in books & magazines & he continues to maintain his membership website  alongside selling original artwork & commissioned portraits.
 He describes the Venus in Furs project as his labour of love, which was conceived over 10 years ago. “As the seminal work on Femdom”, he says, “it was what I was always meant to illustrate. It’s the best of me” You can buy your Venus In Furs Sardax copy as an E-book  via the Amazon web site.

Find out loads more information about The Venus In Furs E-book & view plenty more artwork samples via the Sardax web site

Ms Divine – Castration Doctor Found

Ms Divine Castration Assistant

Ms Divine
Ms Divine

News in from Ms Venus Divine as a Doctor agrees to assist in a slave Castration.

As the news of Ms Venus Divine & the real life Castration of one of Her slaves continues to gather momentum on the likes of Max Fisch where the request for a Doctor recently re-emerged we decided to contact Ms Divine direct to find out how things were progressing in the search for a genuine & qualified Doctor who is prepared to assist in the Castration of Ms Divine’s slave of some eight years Service.

Ms Venus Divine has told Hogspy that She has now found the required Medical assistant that is to say a Doctor & that background checks are now being carried out & credentials are being checked & if all stacks up then a face to face meeting will follow.

We can also reveal that Ms Divine plans to Film the Castration Operation & we’ll bring you the first shots or clips available from the footage here on Hogspy however it’s important to stress that Ms Divine states that She fully accepts that ultimately it will be the choice of the Doctor with regards to Filming & pictures taking place as they may be somewhat camera shy for obvious reasons, a position Venus Divine fully understands & accepts as the Castration itself is far more important to Her than any Filming which is not the driving force of the Operation.

We asked Ms Venus Divine whether She & Her slave were to engage Lawyers prior to progressing & the answer is simply no on the grounds of discretion which is the slaves choice stating that they have developed a strong trust over the years & that they are both comfortable with this position of no legal representation.

Wherever you stand morally or practically on the Castration of a male slave by a Dominatrix one things for sure it certainly is an emotional topic that stirs up lots of debate, often heated & a fantasy that many slaves we imagine often dream of but very few  have the Balls (Sorry I couldnt’ resist that!) to see through let alone find a Dominatrix prepared to undertake such a task.

Some have questioned Ms Divine’s motive for Her request for a Doctor citing it as simply a marketing ploy or even a fantasy enactment being carried out online, we’ll leave that for you to decide, Venus Divine is critical though of as She puts it the BDSM crowd, stating “I’m NOT surprised at all of the negative feedback I received regarding the post about castrating my slave.  I have found that the BDSM crowd is the most intolerent and judgemental group of people I’ve ever come in contact with and that is sad.  While main stream society calls me a freak, my fellow BDSMers are following right behind as pots calling the kettle black!”

One things for sure we’re going to keep in contact with Ms Venus Divine & bring you any updates as they occur, we would like to thank Venus Divine for the news & wish Her & the slave all the very best on their journey wherever it ends up.

Based in Las Vegas Ms Venus Divine is a Professional Dominatrix, you can find out plenty more details by visiting Her web site which is currently undoing a revamp.

Goddess Penelope FinDom Speech

Goddess Penelope FinDom Talk

Goddess Penelope
Goddess Penelope

News in from Goddess Penelope who confirms Her FinDom speech this coming Saturday taking place in London in England soon.

29th September 2012

The Goddess Penelope FinDom speech will be at the Club Rub Mistress Workshop in East London, England where She will be conducting a special talk on Financial Domination & all that it entails offering Her advise & expertise from Her many years online experience, spaces to attend are very limited & the work shop runs from lunchtime until the early evening & includes an open question section too.

The Mistress Work shops are open to all from beginner through to the more seasoned player & are a relaxed & friendly way of discovering more about FemDom with regular guest speakers & demonstrations which are overseen by none other than Kim Rub who has been actively involved in the scene for many years & runs the popular monthly Fetish Club Rub in the English Capital.

A small fee is payable on admission to attend the work shop & refreshments are available as well, further details about this & future events can be found on the Club Rub official web site.

Goddess Penelope is a Financial Dominatrix & Humiliator who conducts Sessions online & enjoys Using & Abusing males as well as Cuckolding slaves & subs too. Located in London in England Goddess Penelope frequently attends the top Fetish Clubs & Parties such as Torture Garden & various others in the English Capital, usually in Her favourite Latex attire as well as occasionally travelling overseas for Fetish & FemDom events & Parties. Chastity Training with Key holding & extended lock ups are also possible. Cashpoint meets  as well as Shopping & Dinner dates can be arranged subject to a deposit being paid in advance. The Goddess also has a vast selection of FemDom & FinDom Clips available to be purchased via Her Clips stores.

You can find out lots more details by checking out the Goddess Penelope web site

Ceara Lynch Briefly Visits London England

Ceara Lynch London FinDom Tour

Ceara Lynch
Ceara Lynch

Travel news continues this time with Ceara Lynch in a rare trip to London, England soon.


Starting tommorow Ceara Lynch flies in to Europe & will visit a number of cities including Barcelona, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris & of course London over the comming weeks, confirmed dates for locations are not yet available but should we learn more then we’ll publish them as soon as we have them.

Ceara Lynch who was previously referred to as Princess Ceara is an established & highly regarded practitioner of all things Financially Domme related & will be travelling & meeting up with the likes of Princess Lyne & Goddess Samantha, Bratty Bunny & Jasmine some of whom are part of the  Team Tease collective & whilst Sessions as such might not be available Ceara & Her friends are happy to rendezvous with losers who wish to hand over large sums of cash  & then immediately “Fuck Off” & leave them in peace, this is a genuine offer to get Royally screwed over & an opportunity to serve Ceara & some of Her friends too.

Ms Lynch is an online FinDom who enjoys Humiliating males & Abusing them in any way She pleases which is conducted mostly Online through the likes of Niteflirt & other similar web sites. Chastity Training & long term Key holding is also possible including “Buy Outs” for whom the urge becomes irresistible. Realtime FemDom Sessions are very occasionally possible but more likely in a Club or Party Setting as opposed to a Dungeon environment. Clips & Movies are available to purchase featuring Ceara, occasionally alongside Her friends  associates courtesy of Her Clips4sale store. Personal effects including Used Shoes & Boots & Panties are sometimes possible to purchase, further details for which can easily be found on Ceara’s site.

You can keep an eye out for Euro trip updates & see additional pictures & plenty more besides via the Ceara Lynch web site

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