Mistress Jenna Begins Sissy Maid Training

Mistress Jenna Sissy Maid Training News

Mistress Jenna
Mistress Jenna

Female Domination news in from Mistress Jenna who’s now offering Sissy Maid Training Sessions in the North West of England.


Following the announcement of Her Forced Bi Sessions earlier this year Ms Jenna confirms that She has recently expanded Her range of Domination activities to now include Maid & Domestic Training for wannabe Sissies & Maids who are  seeking to learn & improve their skills in a safe, discreet environment & at the hands of a Mistress that will be certain to put you to good use & which you’ll no doubt thank Her for after you have been released from your duties.

You will be provided with a suitable Uniform & will be given a list of tasks to carry out, cleaning, Serving & organising are all very much on the menu during a typical Domestic course with Ms Jenna which are usually designed around 3 hours long & costs from £225, it’s important to stress that this doesn’t include Session time although that may be incorporated by advance arrangement, longer duration Domestic courses may be possible, including extended stays, further tribute information & additional details can be found on the web site of Mistress Jenna.

Mistress Jenna is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Cheshire in England & who occasionally conducts professional Domination Sessions in London & further afield, aside from Maid & Domestic Training Mistress Jenna enjoys a wide variety of different types of FemDom actions from Her fully equipped premises including but not limited to Ball Busting, Leg Worship & Degradation to name just a few, those not fortunate to be able to Serve Mistress Jenna in an individual Domination Session or those that simply can’t wait to be in Her presence can see Her in action in a number of YouTube Clips which you can access via the “Videos” page located on Her web site.

You can apply for Training & Domestic Domination, apply for other types of FemDom Sessions, including Caged Confinement, see additional pictures & watch the YouTube Clips & plenty more besides via the Mistress Jenna web site

Mistress Gigi Allens – FemDom Empire

Mistress Gigi Allens At The FemDom Empire

Mistress Gigi Allens
Mistress Gigi Allens

Internet Production news as Mistress Gigi Allens joins & shoots with FemDom Empire.

FemDom Clips & Movies

Dominatrix Mistress Gigi Allens who originates from Australia has recently undertaken a number of Film & Movies shoots as She hooks up  with the FemDom Empire collective as they continue to expand their site with some of the best FemDom action & Domina’s on the planet.

Clips & Films featuring Gigi Allens have already been uploaded o to the FemDom Empire web site & includes titles such as “Pimped Out Bit” & “Enslaved Fuck Pet” as well as “Seduced To Surrender” to name just a few & with even more fresh content scheduled to be uploaded on to the Empire’s site soon featuring Ms Gigi Allens it’s well worth keeping a close eye on the site for all their very latest releases.

The FemDom Empire is a collection of Female Dominates who produce their own FemDom Clips & Movies & who operate their own web site which you can safely sign up to & watch hours & hours of Female Domination action from a wide variety of professional Mistresses many of who can be Served in realtime Domination Sessions mostly in America but many who travel globally as well. The FemDom Empire site contains individual profile links to all the Domina’s that appear there along with links to personal Social media profiles such as FaceBook & Twitter.

Well worth mentioning too that you can watch free sample Clips on the FemDom Empire web site right now without the need to have to register, however, if you want the full experience & access to their entire catalogue of excellent Female Domination action then signing up will let you see everything they have to offer from one of the leading Female Domination web sites.

You can find out lots more, see additional pictures, watch free sample Clips & Films & view Dominatrix profiles & catch more from Mistress Gigi Allens via FemDom Empire web site

Jewell Marceau Confirms Female Domination Tours

Jewell Marceau Female Domination Tour News

Jewell Marceau
Jewell Marceau

Female Domination travel news as Jewell Marceau confirms a busy month approaching.

March 2014

Dominatrix & Fetish Model Jewell Marceau is once again off on Her travels next month taking in a number of different locations in America & is now considering polite applications from slaves & submissives who wish to be Used & Abused by Her in a Professional Domination Session. Please note that as is often the case with Mistresses on the move you may be required to pay a small advance deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving Ms Marceau. Enquiries are welcome from beginners as well as the more seasoned slave & sub.

First up is Charlotte in North Carolina where Jewell Marceau can be Served for 1 day only on the 11th March which is immediately followed by a trip to Atlanta where She’ll be Dominating from the 12th through until the 14th, next comes Tampa in Florida where you can catch Mistress Marceau from the 17th until the 20th then finally Jewell Marceau heads for New York City later in the month where you can apply for a Session in the Big Apple between the 24th & 27th of March. Domination Sessions will be conducted from early until late in all the aforementioned locations & requests for such may now be Submitted by direct email using the address that can be easily found on Jewell Marceau’s site.

Usually located in Los Angeles in the United States when not busy travelling across the world, Dominating & Filming along the way,  Domina Marceau is an expereienced Dominatrix & Fetish Model who has produced & featured in numerous FemDom Films, Clips & Movies over the years & enjoys a wide selection of Domination activities in the Dungeon which includes but isn’t limited to Role Play, Smothering & Golden Showers, to name just a few, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing & details of what you can expect when being Dominated by Jewell Marceau. Worth mentioning too that you can also be Dominated on the phone through the personal Chatlines of Jewell Marceau which are mostly conducted through Skype as well as apply for Chastity Training with Her which includes a  key holding option, further information on both are included on Her site.

You can find out lots more details, apply for a professional Domination Session, see additional pictures & apply to be Dominated on Skype & much more besides via the Jewelle Marceau web site

London Toilet Week – Mistress Esme

Mistress Esme Toilet Week News

Mistress Esme
Mistress Esme

FemDom news with Mistress Esme who’s hosting another Toilet week in April.

22nd – 28th April 2014

Dominatrix Esme announces Her next Toilet week which is set to take place in London during the dates displayed up above. Polite applications are now open for genuine slaves & submissives to be used by Mistress Esme as Her personal lavatory on individual days during that week but please note that you will be required to pay a non refundable deposit of £50 in order to secure your appointment.

This is a rare opportunity to explore all your Scat & Water Sports fantasies. Successful applicants will be required by Mistress Esme to arrive at Her London Dungeon at 10am sharp & from that point onwards they’ll be used by Her as a personal Toilet in any way She requires including of course full Scat & Piss & which kicks off  with Her very first dump of the day. The cost to attend is just £350 & you’ll be required to be on duty by Domina Esme right through until 7pm in the early evening. When not being used throughout the day slaves & subs will be locked away until required. Applications are offered on a first come, first Served basis, keep in mind only one person a day is required by Mistress Esme & therefore early applications are strongly advised to avoid any disappointment. Beginners can opt for a Toilet Training day instead.

Mistress Esme
Mistress Esme

It’s important to stress that during Toilet Week Ms Esme will be available to be Served in traditional FemDom Sessions not just Caviar & Watersports activities but all Her regular types of Female Domination Session from Her North London location which include but are in no way limited to Anal Play, Bastinado & Mummification to name just a few, those not able to Serve Dominatrix Esme in person can still see Her in action via Her personal Clips & FemDom Movies, details & links for such can easily be found on Her web site along with information about Serving on Her personal telephone Chatlines & via Mobile phone Texting Domination which is carried out through Adultwork, Mistress Esme’s web site  also includes Session application details along with a direct email address & contact number. Hogspy can also reveal that Ms Esme will be attending our multi slave Party in London this Summer

You can find out lots more, apply to Serve during Toilet week & get information about what’s on offer & what it entails on the “Eat My Caviar” section on the Blog pages of Mistress Esme’s site, see additional pictures, buy Clips & Films or apply to be Dominated on Chatlines or through Text messaging & much more besides by checking out the Mistress Esme web site

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