April 20th, 2014

YouTube Videos – FemDom & Fetish

Music Videos

Over the years many  a marketing company has utilised the visual delights of various Fetish images, Latex clothing & occasionally FemDom itself as a method to grab the viewers attention & promote their products & services, none less so than the Music industry which for decades has created masses of music videos which feature their Artists in varying different Fetish or FemDom imagery or actions occasionally resulting in a ban for the video itself which of course only goes on to fuel the promotional efforts of the accompanying track in a way that the music industry moguls can only dream of, when they get it right it’s a winning formula that rarely fails to work.

Today on Hogspy we bring you a selection of YouTube Videos which we’re certain includes something for everyone, many of the videos you’ll no doubt have seen before, some perhaps you might be watching for the very first time, others you may have totally forgotten about but all of them have something in common, they all include an element of Fetish, Latex or FemDom & feature in no particular order or without any preference. As mentioned there are  plenty of similar videos that have been produced over the years & the following are just a small selection that we hope you’ll enjoy, an erratic collection of music videos from some of the biggest performers & bands ever to grace MTV & music programs across the world, here goes, turn up the volume & enjoy these video classics with a Fetish, Latex or FemDom connection.

Billy Idol

First up & it’s successfull British to America export Billy Idol caught here having the time of his life as he hits a New York wharehouse & gets Hot In The City whilst surrounded by scantily glad Females. The action really heats up as Leather Man Billy smacks a hole in the dividing wall only to reveal a whole host of shenanigans taking place next door, look out for flashes of Pony Play, FemDom, Lingerie & heaps more from the song that you simply can’t fail to shout out the words “New York” to from the top of your lungs somewhere towards the end of the track.

Interesting to see how much time Billy spends at the gap he created in the wall, (subliminal Glory Hole perhaps?) as he rubs his thighs up & down & does that quivery thing with his mouth that only Mr Idol can do, great video, some cheesy dancing & a classic early 80′s track with  relatively harmless visuals, Billy Idol in his prime. Incidentally, rumours that another of Billy’s songs, namely “Dancing With Myself” is in fact about Jerking Off as opposed to actually Dancing have never been proven, look it up, have a listen & judge for yourself.


If you’ve not seen what is possibly one of the most infamous promotional videos ever made by Madonna namely Justify My Love we’d be very surprised, if you’ve seen it a thousand times or more we’re sure you’ll agree that this is one that we simply couldn’t ignore & features a great deal of S & M imagery, Latex, Leather & all sorts of visually pleasing action & was shot in the city of love, Paris, France. The song was written Lenny Kravitz, Madonna & others & was a big hit worldwide. The video was banned on MTV & by many broadcasters worldwide. Madonna’s most notorious promotional video so far perhaps & one which She took a lot of stick for at the time but a classic example of viral marketing rampantly taking over, word spread like wildfire & another  smash hit was notched up, some videos you never get bored of & this is one of them.

Duran Duran

Whilst not a big hit in itself Duran Duran came up trumps with the music video for The Chauffeur which we include today & features lots of Stocking & Lingerie scenes, Teasing & Titillation & was shot in black & white in London with the storyline set to a secret redezvous  backdrop. Duran Duran don’t appear in this video. The Chauffeur featured on Durans Duran’s album Rio which was released in the 1980′s

Britney Spears

Getting a bit more up to date & which Catsuit lover could ever forget Britney Spears bopping around to one of Her earlier releases in a red Latex number singing Her heart out & dancing in a way that only She can. Britney has occasionally featured Fetish or FemDom imagery in other promotional material but this particular cheesy video for Oops I Did It Again is certainly one that you wouldn’t easily forget, a classic pop track that probably charted well across the globe. Britney at Her peak, maybe not your thing music wise but hard to not sing along too & as for the Catsuit, well a big Meow to that.

The Prodigy

Very few bands nail it in terms of track, video & promotion all coliding as one & hitting the top spot across the world simultaneously. The Prodigy proudly fell in to that elite group with the release of the highly controversial, instantly banned & massive worldwide hit Smack My Bitch Up. Politicians, Religious groups & all sorts of nutters & do gooders everywhere cited the end of the world with this one, firstly at the title & lyrical content,(Although the track of course isn’t anything to do with Physical Abuse) & then the shit really hit the fan with the release of the promotional video, needless to say very few television companies would play it  & if so only after late at night with the usual disclaimers, various different versions of this video have appeared online over the years in terms editing, unfortunately, it still gets quickly removed from sites but we’ve managed to find a version today which we hope is still playable as you’re reading this.

So, just why have we included Essex’s finest & the Smack My Bitch Up video in todays article? well aside from perfectly capturing many aspects of  a night on the town that some of you, including yours truly, have most likely expereinced as you staggered home or even to a Club, (minus the “Class A’s” obviously) this video is the only one to feature a Dominatrix & what’s more Mistress Teresa May, who appears significantly in the video towards the end but not as a Domina we should add, can be Served in a professional Domination Sessions currently in central London. An energetic performance sees Teresa May heavily feature starting from the “Clip Joint” stage scene about two thirds of the way through & eventually makes it home to the protagonists apartment where She indulges in a final bedroom scene.

The Smack My Bitch Up video remains one of the most controversial promotional videos ever made in music video history & firmly keeps Mistress Teresa May engrained in FemDom folk law forever more. This video also includes flashes of a typical red London phone box, complete with “Cards” & serves as an excellent visual reminder for those into Female Domination whether as a Domina or slave of how Sessions were sometimes advertised & arranged pre internet days in London. Cards in phone boxes do still exist in the capitals unofficial urinals but not like it was in it’s heyday when you couldn’t see the wood for the Blu -Tack as you fumbled around with a pocket full of  lose change & tried desperately to remember the address that the husky voiced Maid was giving you in your already scrambled & over excited head.


We return to the original Queen of pop Madonna & after much deliberating have decided to include the Bedtime Story video on slightly slim grounds of early Panty scenes as well as toned Thighs & Legs to die for as we find Madonna laying on Her back at the beginning of this brilliant & somewhat trippy video to the song taken from the album with the similar title, Bedtime Stories. Pervery aside this piece of visual art takes you on a bit of a mad one like few others with the track itself written by Bjork & being as horny & seductive as you can possibly get, (Portishead’s Glory Box aside) “lets get unconscious honey” indeed.

The Police

Although not big on Fetish or FemDom, if at all, here’s the oldest video of the lot bought to you from The Police & an early track entitled The Bed’s Too Big Without You which includes some mild Lingerie & Maid Outfit shots as well as hints of a Sexual nature. This Clip is taken from a popular television comedy show broadcast in the UK round about the late 70′s or early 80′s & was no doubt the subject of many an adolescents fantasy if you happened to be watching the Kenny Everett show in England at the time . A young Sting & The Police run around a country house with Females dotted about everywhere in this budget but memory provoking video, a bit of a flashback for many a 40  something & a worthy inclusion.


Our final video & we once again return to Madonna & what better way to end with the Fetish Fest that is Human Nature. This promotional video pushed boundaries again with plenty of Latex & Rubber, Suspension, Cuffs & Restraints & heaps more all included with a somewhat playful appearing Madonna really getting into Role Play in both Domme & sub roles. Occasionally in a Catsuit & other fantastic Latex attire   this video still very much stands the test of time with Madonna looking amazing as She reminds us to express ourselves not repress ourselves,we hear you loud & clear Madonna.

There are probably many music videos jumping into your head that we might have included in our feature today from performers such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce or even Girls Aloud but as you can see, Fetish, FemDom & Latex are nothing new in the music video world & long may it continue to be so for many a year to come !

April 19th, 2014

Mistress Akella – Dominates In Berlin

28th June – 1st July 2014

Mistress Akella On Hogspy

Mistress Akella

Advance Summer travel with Mistress Akella who’s heading for Germany in June.

Mistress Akella is visiting Berlin in Germany this Summer where She will be conducting a limited number of Domination Sessions during the dates displayed up above, polite applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be Submitted via Her web site but please note that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment. Sessions in Berlin are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive & will run from early until late in the day.

Aside from Female Domination Sessions whilst in Germany Mistress Akella will be Filming content with the increasingly popular ‘Sado Ladies” FemDom web site & with this in mind early individual Session applications are advised should you wish to Serve Mistress Akella on this brief trip to Berlin.

Sado Ladies, for those not familiar, is a Female Domination web site featuring a large number of well established & world renowned professional & lifestyle Dominatrices all of whom enjoy Using & Abusing their subjects & many of which can be Served in realtime Sessions from various different Dungeons within Europe & beyond. The Sado Ladies web site is ram packed with quality Footage & action & what’s more includes a number of free sample Clips to give you a flavour of what to expect should you decide to join & thereby gain full access to their entire back catalogue of productions & content. Signing up to the Sado Ladies web site is quick & easy & administered through the ever popular, safe & secure CCBill platform.

Mistress Akella is an experienced Dominatrix who’s usually located in London in England when not on the move & enjoys a wide variety of different types of Female Domination Session which includes but of course isn’t limited to Strap On Training, Face Slapping & Trampling to name a few.Double Domination Sessions with Mistress Akella are also a possibility from time to time alongside Her close friends & associates such as Mistress Darcy, Mistress Alice Malice & Goddess Alexia, further details for which can be found on Her site.

You can watch free FemDom Clips & trailers & view the individual profiles of the Dominatices that feature by visiting the web site of Sado Ladies

Alternatively, apply for a professional Domination Session in Berlin, see additional photos & find out more by checking out the web site of Mistress Akella

April 18th, 2014

The Hunteress – UK Domination Tour

Spring 2014

The Hunteress On Hogspy

The Hunteress

Travel news continues as The Hunteress confirms Her up & coming tour dates.

The Hunteress continues with an as busy travel schedule as ever as She hits the road once again taking in a number of different destinations in England. Applications to Serve in all locations are now being considered by The Hunteress however, you must only use the Session Application form on Her web site & carefully follow all instructions & protocol in order for your request to be reviewed. Please also note that you will be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment with The Hunteress. Novices & the more experienced slave & submissive are invited to apply to Serve.

Currently in London The Hunteress will continue to Dominate in the English capital for a couple more days until Sunday the 20th which then sees Her leave London & heading to Hampshire where you can be Used & Abused by Her early in the week on the 21st & 22nd, a small gap with the next opportunity to Serve The Hunteress being the Interrogation Boot Camp event that She co hosts which is taking place on the 3rd of May, details & links for which, along with future event details, can be found on Her web site. Manchester features next but for one day only on the 7th of May which is immediately followed by a revisit to London between the 8th & 10th of the month. The Hunteress finally heads North again where She will be conducting FemDom Sessions in Leeds which happens on the 13th of May.

Worth mentioning too that after the English tour dates The Hunteress goes international yet again as She visits Dubai from the 22nd until the 26th of May afterwhich comes Sharm El Sheik in Egypt from the 10th until the 12th of June.

The Hunteress is an experienced professional Dominatrix who travels extensively Using & Abusing Her subjects along the way & enjoys a wide variety of different types of Session including Boot & Foot Worship, Corporal Punishment & Humiliation to name a selection, Her web site offers more details of what you can expect to receive should you be fortunate enough to be in Her presence.FemDom tour announcements always prove popular with The Hunteress & with this in mind early applications are strongly advised.

You can find out more information, apply to Serve on the UK Domination tour or further afield after, see additional pictures & plenty more besides by visiting the web site of The Hunteress

April 17th, 2014

Miss Foxx – New YouTube Clip


YouTube news as Miss Foxx uploads a fantastic new teaser Clip to Her Channel.

Added to YouTube just a short while ago & entitled “Financial Feet & Boot Domination”  this short but very seductive Clip finds Miss Foxx relaxing in a red Corset & thigh length Boots & includes occasional glimpses of Her bare Feet as She reminds viewers who & what they are & puts them firmly in their place. Whilst only about a minute long this brand new release from Miss Foxx will no doubt appeal to Her fans both new & old alike.

Miss Foxx is a mostly Online Final Dominatrix & Humiliatrix who occasionally conducts individual Domination Sessions just outside London for those fortunate enough to be granted an audience with Her, Telephone FemDom by way of Her own personal Chatlines as well as Webcam Degradation & Training through a variety of different platforms are possible such as SinfulCall, Niteflirt & others, Miss Foxx also produces Her own FinDom Clips & Movies which you can purchase through a variety of different Film sites like KinkBomb & Clips4sale & the Blog section on Her web site is where Miss Foxx frequently shares Her thoughts & gives you an insight in to all the latest developments in Her world.

You can find out more information & see other samples & pictures, apply to Serve & check out the latest Blog entry by visiting the web site of Mistress Foxx

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