July 30th, 2012

Goddess Alexia – New Web Site Live


Goddess Alexia Goddess Alexia   New Web Site Live

Goddess Alexia

Web confirmation in with Goddess Alexia who has released Her brand new site.

The new web site which went live very recently is a combination of Her previous free site as well as Her members site making it much easier to keep upto date with all the goings on in Goddess Alexia’s world & is infact the first major update for some six years which no doubt Her many followers will appriciate.

Navigation is well laid out & all the information you need to apply to serve Goddess Alexia is contained within the site not to mention a number of brand new FemDom pictures which can be found in the massive free gallery section.

Goddess Alexia is an experienced Dominatrix who is based in central London but whom travels the globe extensively, Butt Worship, Trampling & Spanking are just a few of the Session activities that She enjoys, you can find out loads more as well as see the new web site & submit an application to serve by Clicking Here

July 29th, 2012

Fetish Liza – New Pictures Released


Fetish Liza 4 21 Fetish Liza   New Pictures Released

Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza 2 2 Fetish Liza   New Pictures Released

Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza 3 2 Fetish Liza   New Pictures Released

Fetish Liza

Fetish Liza 1 21 Fetish Liza   New Pictures Released

Fetish Liza

Picture catch up with Fetish Liza who recently posted various new photographs.

Fetish Model & all round Kinkster Fetish Liza has released a number of new pictures over the course of the last few days on Her Social  media pages such as Twitter & Tumblr some of which we have featured above & all of which find Her looking as fantastic as ever in a variety of poses & mostly wearing Her preferred Latex.

You can find out more details about Fetish Liza & see additional pictures as well as view free clips via Her web site which is updated frequently by Clicking Here

July 28th, 2012

Sterling Dommes – Slave Olympics


Sterling Dommes Sterling Dommes   Slave Olympics

Sterling Dommes

News in from the Sterling Dommes who are holding a special slave Olympics.

The London Olympic games are now underway & the Sterling Dommes are giving slaves & submissives the chance to win a special prize of Filming for the day with them as well as offering a couple of alternative prizes for those unable to attend including pairs of Worn Socks from all of the Domina’s.

The competition is naturally centered around various sporting activities & includes different disciplines such as Pony Boy Show Jumping & Sissy Gymnatastics amongst others, in short you need to record your efforts & submit them to the Sterling Dommes no later than the beginning of September for your chance to win the cherished prize with the winner being selected by the Dominatrices & notified accordingly.

Masks & disguises are permitted in the material that entrants Submit but be aware that extra points will go to those that don’t use them & it’s important to stress that any footage sent will only be used by the Mistresses for their own amusement & will not be shown to anyone else without your prior consent. Well worth mentioning too that the Dommes have produced a new Clips4sale Video giving more details & encouraging you to make an entry.

The Sterling Dommes are a collective of British based Superiors who offer a mixture of online & offline Servitude as well as Financial Domination & general abuse of males & includes Goddess Candika, Goddess Miss Kelly & Goddess Penelope, find out more details about the Slave Olympics & submit your entry for consideration via any the Dommes individual web sites including that of Goddess Penelope & win this special prize of Filming with them by Clicking Here

July 27th, 2012

Mistress Nikita – New Pictures

Fort Lauderdale

Mistress Nikita Mistress Nikita   New Pictures

Mistress Nikita

Picture news with Mistress Nikita who recently added new photos to Her site.

The photographs were shot by Elis Berg & feature Mistress Nikita mostly in the Studio setting & looking as amazing as ever as can been seen in the sample above.

Mistress Nikita is a professional Dominatrix based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who can be served in Her own discreet & private Dungeon & enjoys Corporal Punishment, Caning, Spanking & Whipping as well as Forced Feminization & Sissy Slut Training to name more than a few.

Check out all the new pictures in the FemDom gallery of Mistress Nikita on Her web site & find out how you can apply to serve Her & lots more by Clicking Here

July 27th, 2012

Cybill Troy – New Pictures On Site

New York

Cybill Troy 681x1024 Cybill Troy   New Pictures On Site

Cybill Troy

Picture news with Cybill Troy who recently added new photos to Her web site.

A number of new shots of Cybill have now been added to the gallery page of Her main site & feature Her looking as stunning as always & mostly dressed in Latex as per the photograph above & these will no doubt prove popluar with Her fans.

The new pictures are part of a big overhaul that Cybill Troy has undertaken on Her web site which has been updated &  contains everything you need to know about the New York based Dominatrix including how to apply to serve in person.

Electrical Play, Cigarette Torture & Spanking are just a few of the Sessions that Cybill Troy enjoys, you can find out more & see the new pictures by Clicking Here

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