November 30th, 2013

Mistress Jenna – Takes A Slut Dogging

Cock Sucking

Mistress Jenna On Hogspy

Mistress Jenna

Blog news as Mistress Jenna updates with details of Her recent Dogging Session .

Entitled “A Dogging mission” this great article is a report of events by Mistress Jenna who took Her very lucky slut on a Dogging trip a while back & completely Humiliates her by  forcing her to beg to suck the Cocks of complete strangers on a night out that surely “slutty britney” will never forget. Although a fairly short blog entry it’s well worth a read & will no doubt excite those big into Humiliation, Forced Femme &  Cock Sucking fantasies.

Mistress Jenna is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Chester in England & conducts individual Domination Sessions from Her own Dungeon located there as well as occasionally Dominates in South Manchester & sometimes London too, it’s important to stress that Mistress Jenna whilst offering Dogging outings & similar public activities these are not normally available on a first or even second booking requests owing to the planning involved & of course safety factors too, a deposit is usually required as well.

Aside from Humiliation Sessions, both indoors & out, Mistress Jenna enjoys a wide variety of different Domination activities whilst in the Dungeon which include but are in no way limited to Bastinado, Hand Spanking & Orgasm Denial to name just a few, check out the Interests section located on Her web site for a full listing of Her Session preferences which are available to both beginners as well as the more expereinced slave & submissive & which also contains information about Webcam Training & other forms of distance Training too.

You can read the full Blog entry by Mistress Jenna & Her antics with slutty britney on their Dogging adventure, watch free Youtube Clips of Mistress Jenna, see additional pictures & find out lots more by Clicking Here

November 28th, 2013

Miss Jasmine – Used Lingerie Auction


Miss Jasmine On Hogspy

Miss Jasmine

Auction news in as Miss Jasmine offers used items for sale over on Ebanned.

Top Canadian Dominatrix & Fetish Model Miss Jasmine has recently listed a number of Lingerie items on the adult auction site which will no doubt prove popular with Her many fans across the globe, if you haven’t signed up to Ebanned yet you’ll need to do so, which is free & quick & once you’ve joined search the site for the user name “Zitajones” which is the name used by Miss Jasmine for the purpose of Ebanned. Good luck with your bidding.

Miss Jasmine is an experienced Dominatrix who conducts individual Domination Sessions mostly in Canada but who travels extensively across the world Using & Abusing male slaves & subs with frequent trips to Europe & England in particular, Distance Training is often possible with Miss Jasmine too by way of Her own personal Fetish Chatlines which are carried out through Niteflirt or Skype, Webcam Domination & Email Training are also options. Gagging with Panties, Golden Showers & Nipple Torture are just a very small selection of the types of Domination that Miss Jasmine mostly enjoys, check out the “Sessions” page on Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her Domination preferences.

Miss Jasmine On Hogspy

Miss Jasmine

In other news, Miss Jasmine is set to return to San Diego in the run up to Christmas with dates confirmed from the 15th until the 18th of December, applications will no doubt be strong as the Festive Season fast approaches & with this in mind early, polite applications are invited from beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive. Keep a close eye on the “Travel” section on Miss Jasmine’s web site for future travel announcements which is updated frequently & includes information regarding deposits which you may well need to pay in advance in order to secure your Session with Her.

You can find out more information, obtain  details about the Lingerie Auction on Ebanned, apply to Serve on Chatlines or Webcam,keep up with all the very latest travel news & apply to Serve Miss Jasmine in a Domination Session via Her web site which you can access by Clicking Here

November 25th, 2013

Hogspy – Recent Developments

We take the rare step today of clarifying our position owing to recent events.

Over the years has maintained a dignified silence towards all sorts of people who at some stage have decided to take it upon themselves & speak poorly of us whether it be on a Social media site, message boards or somewhere similar, we have never used Hogspy to retalieate or “out” anyone or hit back & have never published private communications that we have received, always preferring to keep matters private & look to resolve them amicably where a dispute arises.

Now, before you start wondering how many of these situations come up I can tell you it’s very few, very few indeed especially when you consider the volume of articles posted over the years but sometimes things can go a bit wrong, usually through misinterpretation but thankfully most things get sorted pretty quickly & no one’s usually any the wiser, after all, we keep things private.

Those of you who follow us not only on here but on various other sites across the net may have noticed one or two (so called) Professional Dominatrices publish private communications of mine & posted them in various different places recently, a situation that I’m completely not accepting of & one that has extremely disappointed me. has always exercised discretion in the FemDom world, something we feel is absolutely vital for all those that partake, whether you’re a Dominatrix, slave, sub, site owner or whatever, discretion is vital for all those involved, we do not think it appropriate or fair for anyone, especially practising Domina’s to publish private communications & personal details without permission, however that’s exactly whats recently occurred with myself despite the fact that I oferred to resolve matters & even oferred a U-Turn to try put things right very early on in the situation. (they probably didn’t tell you that bit in their original defamatory postings)

Today Hogspy will not be naming the Dommes involved, we are making a conscious choice not to sink to their level as we maintain what we feel is the right way to go about things, ie discreetly & in private but rest assured we continue to pursue those involved vigorously & repeat our request for all the articles to be removed with immediate effect. (Even a simple Retweet can have serious ramifications)

Sheep On Hogspy


Everyone who works in the FemDom scene or enjoys it on any level whatsoever we think should be afforded total & utter discretion, how on earth can a slave or sub confidently book an appointment if “loose Cannon” Mistresses begin to expose people simply because they haven’t got their own way? how could a Dominatrix continue if an angry slave or sub started posting all Her personal details across various message boards & sites thereby putting Her at risk & causing lots of unnecessary distress & damaging Her business affairs? Hogspy maintains it’s stance of total discretion despite recent events & attacks on my name & business activities, admittedly it’s a very hard thing to do right now but something I’m not prepared to change.

The above situation had it’s beginnings within an email received by us from a Dominatrix who wanted some news posting & with this in mind I’d like to clear up an important topic & provide clarity.

Firstly, every Dominatrix on the planet is welcome to send us their news, yes we have a few restrictions as to what we’ll run but overall we’re happy to publish most things that suit our site & if not we usually write back explaining why.We ask for basic information along with the web site address & pictures to accompany, there’s a form we have on the “Contact” section of the site which very clearly states our requirements in terms of what we need, picture dimensions etc.

It’s important to understand that all Dominatrices are equal as far as we are concerned, every one, no matter what country, shape, size, etc we will run articles on pretty much most Dommes in accordance with our news submission requirements as seen on the contact page.

As most of you know we sell advertising space on Hogspy, however, just because a Domina buys an Advert it does not entitle Her to any special treatment whatsover, yes there’s an element of “All Dommes Are Equal But Some Are More Equal Than Others” but only to a very tiny degree, that’s human nature, advertisers may stand out in my inbox when their latest news arrives but their article doesnt get priority over anyone else or treated any differently.

Adverts are exactly that, they’re adverts & do not entitle anyone who has taken one out eternal favour or special treatment from me, an Ad is an Ad & most Advertisers do well in terms of bookings, Clip sales & profile building as a result of paying for one but please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can get more than anyone else in terms of exposure or not send us what we need, expecting us to trawl the net looking for it, of course we’ll do that occasionally but to keep repeating this & expecting favour simply because you’ve advertised at some point in the past is a misgiuded train of thought.

No individual Domme is bigger than Hogspy, no one has more clout than anyone else, I care not one bit who you are (Or who your whopping great big ego tells you who you think you are) or how long you’ve been “In the scene”, if you advertised in the past that’s great, we’re sure you done well out of it, thank you, but that’s it.

Rest assured I thought long & hard about posting this article, however, on this occasion I feel I have the absolute right to redress things, tell me, how would you feel if your emails were plastered accross different sites on the net,? ok, there’s nothing too personal within them, none the less I did not want them posted &  expressly requested their removal.

Fair enough, you may now go seeking out the aforementioned expossed emails, I’ll hold my hands up & admit that at one point I “lost it” a bit & my tone could well have been better but it’s hardly surpirssing given it was a Sunday afternoon & just like most people at that time of week I   was trying to relax & always remember I had given more than one offer for a solution & oferred to run the article very early on but stll the emails got uploaded in some fuelled up mental attack.

Those that are involved or even have Retweeted or made comments elsewhere are reminded that I am pursuing this through legal channels, attacks have been launched on me & having made numerous requests to those involved to remove the emails (which they still haven’t) I’m left with no alternative.

Dominatrices, Mistresses, Goddesses & Female Dominants are warmly invited to send me their latest news & pictures, rest assured normal service resumes here at Hogspy (along with discretion) & we look forward to hearing from you with any news you have, we’ll take a look & probably run it

We will not be returning to this topic anytime soon for various different reasons & I sincerely thank you for taking the time reading this slightly unconventional article tonight.

November 25th, 2013

Femme Fatale Films – Mistress Eleise

Free Clips

Mistress Eleise De Lacy On Hogspy

Mistress Eleise De Lacy

Quick reminder with Femme Fatale Films who continue to update their web site.

Femme Fatale Films the fast growing Female Domination site has recently uploaded more free sample Clips which you can view right now without the need to sign up & features some excellent new footage which includes the final instalment of “The Business Of Humiliation” staring Mistress Eleise De Lacy as She sets about Her slave whose been caught red handed going through Her personal possesions & pays the price dearly as he’s Humiliated, Used & Abused & given a lesson that we’re sure he won’t easily forget.

Aside from the free Clip with Mistress Eleise you can catch a whole load more free action on the Femme Fatale Web site with a host of some of the top Dominatrices around right now many of whom can be Served in a realtime Domination Sessions in the Dungeon such as Mistress Krush, Mistress Yuliya Kate & Ms Nikki to name just a few & as mentioned without the need to pre register, with that being said if you do join the site & you’ll gain access to their entire back catalogue which will keep even the most enthusiastic slave or submissive entertained for many hours indeed, it’s a quick & easy process to register & carried out through CCBill who are a well respected & trusted provider within the Adult arena.

Check out the latest sample Clip with Mistress Eleise & the other Dominatrices that appear on the Femme Fatale web site, see additional pictures & plenty more besides by Clicking Here

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