August 10th, 2014

London Fetish Weekend – Ticket News

4th – 7th September 2014

London fetish Weekend 20141 London Fetish Weekend   Ticket News

Tickets for this years London Fetish Weekend are continuing to sell out very fast.

Less than a month remains before the London Fetish Weekend kicks into full swing with early bird tickets now sold out for Club Subversion & all Friday & Saturday passes being snapped up too. In fact tickets for all events, discounted or otherwise are shifting fast so if you are planning on visiting any or all of this year’s Fetish Weekender in London then please buy your tickets as soon as you can for what looks set to be the biggest & best London Fetish Weekend to date.

A multitude of Partying, Shopping, Workshops, casual meets & drinks & a whole host of entertainment make up this years weekend & bought to you by the likes of Torture Garden, Club Subversion, The Camden Crunch & The London Alternative Market amongst many others, there’s even a Kinky Bus Tour taking in a number of different London landmarks.

The London Fetish Weekend always attracts a diverse crowd of friendly Fetish people not only from the capital & within England but as far afield as Europe, America & beyond, whether you come with group of friends or pop along on your own one thing’s for certain you’ll be made to feel very welcome & really get the chance to chat & socialise with friends & associates both new & old alike.

The official London Fetish Weekend web site tells you all you need to know about this years big event including of course the full line up of what’s happening & where things are taking place as well as start & finish times, venue details, ticket price & a handy “Nearest Tube” indicator as well, head for the “Weekend Line Up” link seen on the first main page of the web site to see what’s occurring.

Hotel & Travel information can also be found on the London Fetish Weekend web site which also includes a frequently asked questions tab giving you even greater detail as well as a gallery showing loads of pics of last years event & of course a “Tickets” tab where you can buy your tickets safe & securely.

It’s sometimes said that London is the Fetish capital of the World with it’s truly diverse array of Clubs, shops & scenes accommodating  just about every Kink imaginable & really does attract people from every corner of the globe to it’s many vibrant Fetish communities & whilst as a world covering & neutral web site we couldn’t possibly agree with such an accolade, (nor disagree for that matter) one thing’s for certain,come the first weekend of September you’d be hard pushed to find a more fun & Kinky place in the universe than in the heart of the English capital.

You can find out further information & buy your tickets via the official web site of the London Fetish Weekend

Alternatively, keep right up to speed with all the very latest announcements as the weekend approaches via the London Fetish Weekend account on Twitter

August 9th, 2014

Mistress Evilyne – Slave Lotto Update

Closes 15th August  2014

Mistress Evilyne Mistress Evilyne   Slave Lotto Update

Mistress Evilyne

Quick reminder that Mistress Evilyne draws the balls for Her slave lottery soon.

Mistress Evilyne is currently running a slave lotto which comes to a conclusion next week in what is a rather unique opportunity to enter a game that you literally cannot lose. Every single entrant in next week’s draw will win a prize.

Here’s how the Lotto competition works. Mistress Evilyne is offering a maximum of 70 differing FemDom rewards in Her forthcoming lottery draw which range from the top prize of an overnight Session, usually priced at £1400 & includes a whole host of other prizes too including a 3 or 3 hour Session, £100 worth of Clips, worn Panties, Socks & Stockings not to mention a Box of Poo or bag of Piss. Should you not be lucky enough to win one of aforementioned prizes then fear not as Mistress Evilyne has prizes for those who enter the draw of a whopping great 50% discount on a Sessions with a duration between 1 & 4 hours.

It’s important to remember that every single entrant that purchases a £50 ticket wins, there’s no catch whatsoever, it’s a Summer competition that you just cannot lose out on. As an example, a 2 hour Session with Mistress Evilyne at Her Dungeon Manor facility just outside of London usually comes in at £500, buy a ticket, win one of the 50% discount prizes & you’ll be able to Serve Mistress Evilyne for a full 2 hours in a pre arranged FemDom Session for just £250 !!! It really is that simple, everyone’s a winner.

Entering the slave Lotto is all very straight forward, you can purchase a ticket right now by following the link found on Mistress Evilyne’s web site & what’s more there’s no limit on the number of tickets that you can purchase to increase your chances of winning either the main overnight Session prize or any of the other rewards mentioned, remember there’s only a total of 70 tickets up for grabs & once they’re gone they’re gone but every single ticket wins something. The slave Lotto will be Filmed by Mistress Evilyne & uploaded to Youtube.

You can find out much more information & purchase your winning ticket for next week’s slave Lotto via the web site of Mistress Evilyne

August 8th, 2014

Mistress Demonic By Mistress Absolute

Rest In Peace

Mistress Demonic Mistress Demonic By Mistress Absolute

Mistress Demonic

As the FemDom world mourns the tragic passing of Mistress Demonic today we hand over to Mistress Absolute who has very kindly taken the time to pay tribute to Her close friend at what we know is an almost impossible moment for Her. The following article with pictures is provided by Mistress Absolute in Her own words. Hogspy along with all its readers offer our sincerest condolences to Mistress Demonic’s family & friends & anyone else who has been affected by this tragic event. Thank you again Mistress Absolute, we appreciate you sharing some of the moments & memories that you was so lucky to have enjoyed with Mistress Demonic over the years who’ll never be forgotten as an Icon of the Fetish world.

“Mistress Demonic sadly passed away on Sunday night. After finding out only 5 weeks ago that She had a brain and lung tumour last week She bravely faced a gruelling week of chemotherapy by hosting a party to get Her friends to help Her shave Her hair off so She did not have to lose it bit by bit. Unfortunately after only 3 days of chemotherapy a chest infection she was fighting developed into Pneumonia. She slipped away peacefully in Her sleep on the night of 3rd August.

Mistress Demonic Mistress Absolute Mistress Demonic By Mistress Absolute

Mistress Demonic & Mistress Absolute

As most of you who read Hogspy know Mistresses come and go but Mistress Demonic stood the test of time with Her energy, wicked sense of humour and caring yet strict style of Domination. I had the honour of playing alongside Her from the very start, sharing many wonderful and hilarious moments in and out of the dungeon; both of Us growing and developing as Dommes and personalities on the scene.

Some people will know Her from The Gate Club, some from Her videos and some from sessioning with Her. Some of You/you will have the privilege of being a friend. Once you met Her She was impossible to forget. It was always amazing to watch Her command a room, have fun on a Catwalk or blow people away in a club. Her sudden departure from this world leaves a huge hole in so many people’s worlds; Her friends, colleagues, slaves and Her fetish family. I thank My lucky stars to have been able to spend so much time with Her and glad She is not suffering.

I would like to think She is lounging on a cloud in Heaven with a couple of Angels at Her Feet and I am sure She will boom out Her favourite saying when someone asks what She will do when She meets God: I see Her hands on hips, nose in the air as She announces “what do I do with God? Kick him in the Balls!” followed by Her wicked laugh….. RIP Mistress Demonic”

Details of the funeral will be posted on Mistress Demonic’s Facebook page when finalised. In the meantime feel free to leave messages on Her Facebook Page of condolences and memories

August 7th, 2014

Empress Ming – FemDom In Atlanta

10th – 14th August 2014

Empress Ming1 Empress Ming   FemDom In Atlanta

Empress Ming

FemDom Summer travel news continues as Empress Ming heads to Atlanta soon.

Dominatrix Empress Ming makes a much welcome return visit to Atlanta in Georgia where She will be Using & Abusing slaves & subs during the dates displayed up above, polite applications to Serve the Empress whilst there may now be Submitted but please note that you may be required to pay a small deposit in order to confirm your appointment which are offered from early until late whilst Empress Ming is in town. Female Domination Sessions are open to novices as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

Empress Ming will be conducting Her FemDom Sessions at the very all appointed Atlanta Dungeon a multi room & multi themed facility, fully equipped & open every day of the week. Worth pointing out too that the Dungeon is available to hire by touring Domina’s seeking at suitable rental option in this part of America, Mistresses & Dominatrices are welcome to reach out to the team to discuss potential dates & possibilities likewise Film companies & content shooters are also encouraged to touch base should they be seeking an excellent option for their up & coming productions.

Aside from individual FemDom Sessions whilst in Atlanta Empress Ming is also available to be Served in double or even triple Domina Sessions alongside a number of the Mistresses located there, check out the “Dommes” section via the link up above & be sure to indicate clearly in any application as to whether you’re seeking a single or double Dominatrix experience & with whom.

Empress Ming is an experienced Mistress who’s located in Los Angeles when not on the move & enjoys a wide variety of Sessions in the Dungeon which includes but isn’t limited to Butt Worship, Spitting & Trampling to name just a few, check out Her web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her Session preferences. FemDom Chatlines & Webcam Abuse along with other forms of Distance Training are also possible with Empress Ming as too is Chastity discipline with Key holding.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in Atlanta or Los Angeles, see additional photos & much more by checking out the web site of Empress Ming

August 6th, 2014

Carissa Montgomery – London & Alton

26th August – 2nd September 2014

Carissa Montgomery Carissa Montgomery   London & Alton

Carissa Montgomery

FemDom travel news as Carissa Montgomery visits England on a mini tour soon.

Carissa Montgomery is once again hitting the road as She makes a very rare trip to England  beginning later on this month, applications to Serve whilst on the move may now be Submitted via Her web site by utilising the contact form easily found there but please note that you might be required to pay an advance deposit in order to confirm your appointment in Carissa’s presence. FemDom Sessions whilst in the united Kingdom will be conducted from early until late & are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive. As mentioned this really is a rare chance to Serve Carissa Montgomery who nowadays only visits England once every two or so years & with this in mind early applications from genuine slaves & submissives to Serve in FemDom Sessions are encouraged in order to avoid disappointment.

First up & Carissa flies in to West London from where She begins Her England trip with Sessions taking place from the 26th of August & running through until the 31st of the month inclusive which are being held at the well appointed facility of  none other than top Dominatrix & Bondage expert Mistress Miranda. Double Domination Sessions may also be possible subject to each Mistresses schedule allowing for such, please be clear in your application as to whether you are seeking a single or double experience.

Following London Mistress Montgomery heads for Alton in Hampshire where She’ll be Using & Abusing Her subjects for one day only on the 2nd of September & what’s more She’ll be conducting them from the private Dungeon of Mistress Nikki Whiplash with double Domina Sessions also being possible, again, please do indicate very clearly as to the type of FemDom Session you’re seeking whether it be a solo or double request.

Carissa Montgomery 200 Carissa Montgomery   London & Alton

Carissa Montgomery

Usually located in Philadelphia in America Carissa Montgomery is an experienced Dominatrix & Fetish Model who has graced the cover of many a magazine & FemDom web site including Hustler & various others & enjoys a wide variety of different activities whilst in the Dungeon which includes but isn’t limited to Role Play, Golden Showers & Cock & Ball Torture to name just a few, check out Carissa’a web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her preferences or contact Her respectfully to discuss your own particular Kink should it not be included. Chastity Training with Key holding is also possible for those seeking a more ongoing arrangement & well worth mentioning too that Carissa is also an experienced Wrestler & will be offering a limited amount of Wrestle Sessions which will take place from the London Wrestling Studio whilst in the capital on Her tour.

FemDom Clips & Movies, including custom requests are available to purchase via Carissa’a Clips4sale store for those not fortunate enough to be able to Serve in person & various different types of Distance Training are offered too, further info for such & links are contained on Mistress Montgomery’s site.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in London or Alton later this month or in Philadelphia at most other times, see additional pictures & plenty more besides via the web site of Carissa Montgomery

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