Mistress Tia Films In Stoke This Month & Tours In Edinburgh In Scotland Next Month

Mistress Tia
Mistress Tia

Female Domination news in as Mistress Tia announces a single day of Filming in Stoke as well as a 4 day BDSM tour to Edinburgh.

October – November 2023

Mistress Tia has recently announced that She’ll be holding an afternoon of Filming in Stoke in England towards the end of this month as well as a rare trip to Edinburgh in Scotland taking place early next month. Reliable slaves & subs are now being sought by Mistress Tia for Filming Sessions in Stoke which is taking place from Greengate Studio. Accepted applicants will be required to sign a Model release form on the day of shooting which will cover a wide variety of Fetish themes & scenes & the completed Mistress Tia Films will be utilised for Her various Clip & Video store outlets. You must be of legal age to be included & an advance deposit is required in order to confirm your inclusion.

Shortly following the Film shoot day in Stoke Mistress Tia hits the road next month & heads to Edinburgh in Scotland from where She’ll be conducting BDSM Sessions for 4 days some of which will be Dungeon based. Applications to Serve Mistress Tia in the Scottish Capital are now open to beginner slaves & subs which can be made by using the direct email address found via Her X profile. The Film shoot day in Stoke & trip to Edinburgh dates are confirmed as:

Stoke 26th October 2023

Edinburgh 7th – 10th November 2023

Please be very clear in any request sent as to where you’re applying to Serve. During the Scotland tour Mistress Tia will be holding some of Her Sessions from Maison De Debauch on select days, specific dates for which can be obtained by reaching out to Her directly.

Mistress Tia
Mistress Tia

Located in Derby in England & with touring throughout the United Kingdom, Mistress Tia, who last featured on our site prior to a day of double Domination Sessions with Mistress Vixen in Derby is an experienced Professional Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of FemDom activities when Dominating slaves & subs including but not limited to Cock & Ball Torture, Spanking & Whipping & Ass Worship to name a small selection. Chastity Training including Key holding & long term lock ups are also possible too.

You can find out more details & apply to be used as a Film slave in Stoke this month or for a FemDom Session in Edinburgh next month by following Mistress Tia on X