Madame Christine – Antwerp Trip

3rd – 4th February 2014

Madame Christine & Mistress Shane On Hogspy
Madame Christine & Mistress Shane

FemDom travel news continues as Madame Christine visits Antwerp soon.

Madame Christine confirms that She is returning to Antwerp in Belgium during the dates shown up above where She will be conducting professional Domination Sessions from early until late. Polite applications to Serve may now be Submitted via Madame Christine’s web site which contains full contact & booking request details but please note you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your Dungeon Session. Applications are open to experienced as well as the beginner slave or submissive.

Whilst in Antwerp Madame Christine will carry out Her Sessions from the Dungeon of none other than Mistress Shane which is a fully equipped & multi room facility, clean, discreet & easily located & aside from individual Domination Sessions double Domination is also a possibility with both Mistresses subject to their schedule allowing for such, please indicate clearly when applying to Serve Madame Christine as to whether you’re seeking a one on one experience or double alongside Mistress Shane.

Located in Europe & with occasional travel beyond Madame Christine is an experienced Dominatrix & former Lady of The Other World Kingdom, Face Sitting, Caning & Boot Licking are just a few of the different types of Session that She enjoys most when Using & Abusing Her subjects, you can find out more, see additional pictures & apply to Serve Madame Christine in Antwerp from early next week by (Site Closed)

Ezada Sinn Seeks Film Slaves In England

3rd – 4th February 2014

Ezada Sinn
Ezada Sinn

Filming news in as Mistress Ezada Sinn seeks suitable slaves to use in Her productions.

Early next week Mistress Ezada Sinn along with a number of Her close friends & associates is set to undertake two days of Filming for the Kinky Mistresses web site. Genuine & reliable slaves & subs are being sought to be Used & Abused in the shoots which will take place in Kent in England during the dates shown up above & with the content produced ultimately being uploaded on to the Kinky Mistresses web site as well as various Clips stores & other FemDom sites.

Mistress Ezada Sinn will be joined on on the shoot with various other top Dominatrices including the likes of Lady Natalie Black & Mistress Ava Black & applications to be utilised by the Dominatrices are now being considered. Filming is set to take place from early until late & as with all Film shoots you must be of legal age & be prepared to sign a Model release form on the day of action. It’s important to stress that only reliable & hardworking slaves & subs will be accepted for the Kent shoot, your application should be informative but brief & outline any previous Filming experiences you’ve had. Themes are not specifically listed for these shoots but will be many & varied, your application should include information about your FemDom limits & state whether you would require the use of a Mask or Hood. No appearance fees will be payable to the performers lucky enough to be selected.

Lady Natalie Black
Lady Natalie Black

Those not able to attend next weeks Film shoot or who are not familiar with “Kinky Mistresses” can check out their fantastic web site which is ram packed with Female Domination action from a wide variety of international Dominatrices & what’s more it contains a good number of free sample Clips & pictures featuring Mistress Ezada, Lady Natalie Black & many  others which you can watch without the need to have to sign up, of course if you do join the site then you’ll gain access to their entire back catalogue of FemDom action which you can view over & over again & enjoy a massive variety of different FemDom scenes.Visit the Kinky Mistresses web site for free sample Clips.

Mistress Ezada Sinn is an experienced Dominatrix who’s usually located in Bucharest in Romania when not travelling which is mostly carried out in Europe & who will be available to be Served in Antwerp in Belgium from tomorrow for a few days as recently reported on Hogspy, Strap On Training ,Foot Worship & Corporal Punishment are just a few of Mistress Ezada Sinn’s different Session preferences & for those seeking Chastity discipline She also offers a Key holding service too.

You can find out more about Mistress Ezada Sinn, apply to be used as a Film slave next week in Kent, apply to Serve in a Domination Session in Antwerp from tomorrow, see more pictures & plenty more besides by visiting the web site of Ezada Sinn

Ultra Violet – Doubles In Charlotte

29th January – 2nd February 2014

Mistress Ultra Violet On Hogspy
Mistress Ultra Violet

FemDom travel with Mistress Ultra Violet visiting Charlotte from tomorrow.

Mistress Ultra Violet is heading for North Carolina where She will be available to be Served in professional Domination Sessions during the dates shown up above & polite applications for such can now be Submitted via Her web site which contains full contact & booking request details, please be aware that you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment.

Mistress Ultra Violet will travel on this trip with close friend & associate Ms Gianna Monticello who has not only recently appeared in a number of Clips & Movies for the Atlanta Dungeon but is now located there permanently & can be Served at the facility on a regular basis when not busy travelling. Double Domination Sessions as well as individual Sessions are a possibility on this Charlotte trip & will no doubt prove popular & with this in mind speedy applications are encouraged to avoid any disappointment. Sessions are scheduled to take place close to the airport.

Ms Gianna Monticello On Hogspy
Ms Gianna Monticello

Queening, Butt Worship & Tease & Denial are just a very few of the different types of Session that those lucky enough to granted an audience with the Domina’s can look forward to, check out the web site of Mistress Ultra Violet for more details as to their Domination preferences which also includes more information about the Charlotte trip including tribute rate & additional pictures of both Mistresses.

Worth pointing out too that whilst in North Carolina Mistress Ultra Violet & Ms Monticello will be undertaking some Filming, slaves & subs that wish to be made Use of in their productions should make contact right away giving brief details of any previous experience & general background information about themseleves in order to be considered for Filming.

You can find out more information & apply to Serve Mistress Ultra Violet & Ms Gianna Monticello in Charlotte, see additional pictures & read more on the Blog about the forthcoming trip by Clicking Here

Mistress Morgana – Visits Los Angeles

2nd – 5th February 2014

Mistress Morgana On Hogspy
Mistress Morgana

FemDom travel news with Mistress Morgana who’s visiting Los Angeles soon.

Mistress Morgana makes a welcome return trip to Los Angeles to conduct professional Domination Sessions during the dates shown up above, polite applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be Submitted by email or by utilising the contact form contained within the  “Contact The Mistress” page on Her web site, Sessions are available to beginners & the more experienced but please note you may be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving Mistress Morgana.

Whilst in Los Angeles Mistress Morgana will be carrying out Her Sessions from the excellent Dungeon West Studio which is a fully equipped facility, private, clean & discreet & located just a short distance from LAX airport with Domination Sessions available with Mistress Morgana available from early until late in the evening.

Mistress Morgana is usually located in San Francisco when not on the move & Uses & Abuses Her subjects from Her own “Maison De La Maitresse” private Dungeon which is multi room, very well equipped & caters for individual Sessions, couples & small groups & includes the option of overnight “Bed & Bondage” as well. Professional Dominatrices planning a trip to the West Coast seeking suitable facilities to Session from should contact Mistress Morgana via Her web site to discuss potential dates & details & to find out more about La Maison.

Discipline, Adult Baby Training as well as Transformations are just a very few of the different types of Domination Session that Mistress Morgana enjoys & caters for, check out Her informative web site for a much more comprehensive listing as to Her preferences as well as a great selection of pictures, latest news & travel along with other detailed information.

Apply to Serve Mistress Morgana at Dungeon West in Los Angeles from late next weekend into early next week, see additional pictures & more by Clicking Here

Ariane Arborene – New FemDom Story

The Rock Star’s Bi FemDom Training

The Rock Star's Bi FemDom Training On Hogspy
The Rock Star's Bi FemDom Training

News in from Ariane Arborene as She releases Her latest offering on Kindle.

Hogspy caught up with top author & lifestyle Dominatrix Ariane & asked Her about the new story & what we can expect  this time around & who kindly offerred an overview about Her new ebook release as we meet “Tyler” the Rock star & the beginning of  his journey under the control of his Dominant partner.

“For many submissive men, being forced into Bisexual activities under the strict orders of a Female is the ultimate fantasy. A Forced Bi scenario can be extremely Humiliating. I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest short story on Kindle: “The Rock Star’s Bi FemDom Training” This is the first in a series of stories about an egotistical Rock star who is secretly submissive to his very Bossy Lady, In this story Tyler is forced to endure Sexual Punishments designed to Train him into Submission to his Dominant Girlfriend.

She forces Tyler to service two men that She brings to his hotel room where he is resting after a concert. In Her Dominant hands, Tyler is subjected to Strap-On Anal Training as well as Bondage. Worse, She forces him to give pleasure to the men with his body. Tyler is a very reluctant service provider but he knows he has no options. Tyler must either allow these two men to use his body for their pleasure & try to Serve them with pleasure or he will lose his gorgeous Girlfriend. Come along for this hot, Erotic ride, watch an egotistical Rock star suffer a Forced Sex scene for the benefit & pleasure of his Dominant owner”

The Rock Star’s Bi FemDom Training is now available as an eBook On Kindle

Ariane Arborene is an American author who has been publishing high quality FemDom Erotica since 2010 & whose Femdom fiction gives Erotic pleasure to readers across all four corners of the globe, you can find out more information about Ariane as well as check out Her previous stories & books & makes purchases from Her catalogue of FemDom fiction & lots more by Clicking Here

Zoe & Sabine – At The Atlanta Dungeon

27th – 30th January 2014

Zoe Harlow & Mistress Sabine Venatrice On Hogspy
Zoe Harlow & Mistress Sabine Venatrice

FemDom travel news as Zoe Harlow & Mistress Sabine Venatrice visit Atlanta.

Top Dominatrices Zoe Harlow & Mistress Venatrice head for Atlanta next week where they’ll be conducting professional Domination Sessions during the dates displayed up above, applications to Serve may now be applied for but please note you may be required to pay a small deposit in order to secure your appointment Serving the Dommes.

Whilst individual Sessions are on offer with either Dominatrix priority on this trip will be given to those seeking double Domination Sessions which are available from early until late & are being held at the excellent Atlanta Dungeon which is an extremely well run facility, multi room, open every day of the week, clean, discreet  & all overseen by none other than top Dominatrix Mistress Ayn along with Her dedicated FemDom team. Well worth mentioning that Mistresses & Dominatrices travelling in America & seeking a suitable option for Sessions whilst on the move can hire space at The Atlanta Dungeon by the day, weekend or even longer, you can contact Mistress Ayn or any of the staff at Atlanta’s finest to discuss possible dates & details via their web site.

Zoe Harlow is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys a wide variety of different Domination Sessions whilst in the Dungeon Trampling, Nipple Play & Cock & Ball Torture are just a few of Her particular interests, check out Her web site where you can find a much more comprehensive listing of Her Session preferences along with a great selection of pictures,Blog & other useful snippets of information which you can access Here Mistress Sabine Venatrice is also an experienced Dominatrix & enjoys Humiliation, Corporal Punishment & Foot Worship, you can find out more details & see additional pictures via Her Tumblr web site which you can view Here

Applications to Serve Zoe Harlow & Mistress Sabine Venatrice in Atlanta next week are now open, respectful email & telephone enquiries can now be made for such via The Atlanta Dungeon web site by Clicking Here