Mistress Darcy – Boston Bulls & Cucks

13th – 16th September 2012

Mistress Darcy
Mistress Darcy

Travel news in with Mistress Darcy making a welcome return to Boston soon.

The Boston return is set to be a special & eventful few days for Mistress Darcy & those brave & wild enough to Serve Her & takes place during the dates shown up above with all the action occurring in a massive Hotel suite in Back Bay & will include extravagant Bondage Scenes & also the very real possibility of a filthy Forced Bi party too. Mistress Darcy will travel with a large collection of  outfits & equipment much of which was purchased whilst recently in London & includes bespoke Latex Outfits, new Latex & Leather Hoods, a collection of new Gags, new Electrics, Canes, Floggers, vintage Stockings & heaps more.

Mistress Darcy travels on this trip along with two attractive & horny Studs who are on call for Forced Bi Sessions as well as another extra two horny Bulls for those into Cuckolding scenes, please note that Mistress Darcy doesn’t usually combine the two Sessions with one man however on this occasion the Hotel Suite is big enough to accommodate all four men if need be.

Also on this  Boston trip Mistress Darcy will travel with a load of disposable cups & plastic sacks for Golden Showers & Caviar on the run with Mistress Darcy stating that with Fall just around the corner She’s most happy to provide a warm drink & snack to those that can take it with plenty to go round from a Dominatrix who’s renowned for Her quantity & flavour, it’s worth noting also that mixed combo Doggy bags are on offer too for those a little strapped for time or those that want to take home a special memento of their Superior.

Session availability is already filling fast on this trip & therefore all genuine slaves, subs & cucks are encouraged to contact Mistress Darcy in the first instance to express their interest & politely request an audience with Her for what looks set to be a truly memorable weekend of depravity & frolics.

You can find out more about Mistress Darcy & apply to be a part of the Boston weekend, see additional photos & keep up with all Her news by Clicking Here

Miss Jessica & Shay Hendrix – Doubles

6th October 2012

Miss Jessica Wood
Miss Jessica Wood
Miss Shay Hendrix
Miss Shay Hendrix

More news from Miss Jessica Wood who’s offering double Sessions in October.

Miss Jessica Wood alongside close friend & associate Miss Shay Hendrix will be available to be Served in double Domination Sessions on the date shown up above & applications can now be submitted via Miss Jessica’s web site which contains full booking request details as well as additional information.

Sessions will take place at the facility of Miss Jessica in Watford which is close to London, Face Sitting, Ball Busting & Maid Training are just some of the activities both Dommes enjoy, you can find out more & apply to Serve in a double Session or individual Session with either Miss Jessica or Miss Hendrix by Clicking Here

Mistress Nikita – New Pictures

Fort Lauderdale

Mistress Nikita
Mistress Nikita

Picture update with Mistress Nikita who recently released some new photos.

A number of new pictures such as the one featured above of Mistress Nikita alongside Tranny Barbi were recently released & uploaded on to Her various social network  sites such as Twitter, Tumblr & Fetlife & were taken from a recent Video shoot with a full Clip now available to be purchased via Her Clips4sale store entitled Barbi Cums. You can see more free pictures from this Clip as well as others on the web site of Mistress Nikita & also find links to the different social networks She belongs to as well.

Mistress Nikita is an experienced Dominatrix located in Florida & who enjoys being Served in different ways, Slut Training, Boot Worship & Humiliation to name just a few, you can find out more & see additional photos by Clicking Here

Goddess Sadie – Pittsburgh Sessions

2nd – 10th September 2012

Goddess Sadie Hawkins
Goddess Sadie Hawkins

Travel news in with Goddess Sadie Hawkins who visits Pittsburgh next month.

Goddess Sadie will be available to be Served in Pittsburgh during the dates shown above & applications to Serve Her whilst there are now being considered via Her web site which contains full booking & contact details.

Both incalls as well as outcalls are a possibility & those wishing to have their Session Filmed can do so but you must be prepaed to sign a Model release form if genuine. Please note that a deposit may well be required.

Goddess Sadie Hawkins is an experienced Mistress who enjoys being Served in a variety of ways Butt Worship, Role Play & Public Humiliation are just some of the Session types Goddess Sadie Hawkins enjoys, you can find out lots more information & Submit your application to Serve in Pittsburgh by Clicking Here

Goddess Severa – Washington Visit

11th – 13th September 2012

Goddess Severa
Goddess Severa

Travel news in with Goddess Severa who’s visiting Washington mid next month.

Goddess Severa will be available to be Served in Washington D.C. during the dates shown above & applications to serve Her whilst there are now being considered via Her web site which contains a booking application form.

Goddess Severa is an experienced Dominatrix & one of the tallest Dommes on the planet who enjoys being Served in a variety of different ways, Height Comparison, Foot Worship & Roleplay to name just a few, you can find out more information & apply to Serve Goddess Severa in Washington by Clicking Here

Mistress Ayn – New Pictures On Site


Mistress Ayn
Mistress Ayn

Pictures news in with Mistress Ayn who recently added new photos to Her site.

Mistress Ayn recently completed two photo shoots & many of the shots can now be found in the photo gallery section of Her web site with the prospect of even more pictures being added soon so be sure to check the site frequently for all the latest additions which will include Shoes & Feet pictures & plenty more besides.

Mistress Ayn is an experienced Dominatrix located in Atlanta who enjoys being Served in many different ways, Toilet Training, Face Sitting & Humiliation to name just a few, you can find out more details, see the new pictures & apply to Serve Mistress Ayn in the Dungeon in a one on one Session by Clicking Here