The Coral Korrupt Medical Fundraiser

Coral Korrupt Fundraiser

Coral Korrup
Coral Korrupt

Confirmation in that the Coral Korrupt medical fundraiser is now fully up & running.


As some readers may be aware a while back top Dominatrix Coral Korrupt  of Fort Lauderdale was diagnosied with Cancer which She continues to battle & with the ongoing medical bills rising close friend & associate Goddess Lexi Sindel  has launched a relief fund in Her name in order to alieviate some of the financial pressures. Lexi has kindly taken on the role of administrator of the new fund & all proceeds of which will go directly to the expensive treatment that Coral faces.

Coral’s relief fund is being held via the popular “Gofundme” web site which is safe & secure & offers a variety of different methods & whilst it has a nominal target of $10k, which we’re delighted to see is now well underway to being reached, it’s important to stress that the total bill may well exceed this amount so with this in mind every single dollar donated  will make a difference.

Lexi Sindel & Coral Korrupt
Lexi Sindel & Coral Korrupt

As mentioned Goddess Lexi Sindel who is a close friend of Coral’s, previously seen on our site double Dominating in Los Angeles is handling the medical relief funding & has released details about Coral’s situation & how you can assist over on Coral’s offical Gofundme page, as follows:

” Coral Korrupt has been an icon in Female Domination traveling throughout the U.S. with a devoted following for the past 13 years. Originally based out of Philadelphia, Coral now resides in Fort Lauderdale. In May, Coral was diagnosed with stage 3B gynecological cancer and has been battling it ever since. The latest post treatment PET scan showed signs of metastasis of cancer nodules activity in her lungs and bone.

Her illness and the physical effects of treatment have made it increasingly difficult to maintain financial independence. In addition, she may have to move or get treatment in another state or country.

Coral has already undergone radiation and chemotherapy and is about to start a second round of more aggressive chemotherapy treatment that is quite costly. She is also looking into clinical trials. With independent health insurance, it only covers so much of these intensive treatments.

Coral has been a notorious figure in the Femdom scene for over the past decade. We are reaching out to loyal friends and fans to support her during this difficult time. 

Coral has been a pillar of strength during this whole ordeal. Thank you in advance for any and all support you can offer at this time”

Naturally Hogspy wishes Coral Korrupt all the very best for a full & speedy recovery & we would ask readers to consider making a contribution, however small or in the very least help spread the word as every single dime will make a difference to Coral’s well being & whilst a mentally strong Woman who doesn’t seek sympathy or attention financial pressure is surely something She could well do without right now so please give some serious thought to making a Donation.

You can find out more information & make a contribution via the Coral Korrupt Fundraiser (Fund Closed)

Professional Dominatrix Lexi Sindel can be contacted via the FemDom Empire web site

Mistress Heather Dominates England

Mistress Heather England FemDom Tour

Mistress Heather
Mistress Heather

The Autumn travel news continues as Mistress Heather confirms Her Sessions in England.

10th – 16th November 2014

Mistress Heather makes a much welcome return to the United Kingdom with FemDom Sessions scheduled to take place during the dates displayed up above & polite applications to Serve Her whilst there may now be Submitted via Her web site by using the direct email address which can be found in the “Booking” section. Female Domination Sessions with Mistress Heather are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive & will run from early until late whilst on tour but please note that you may well be required to pay an advance deposit in order to secure your appointment.

Mistress Heather’s English tour kicks off with an open diary for both the 10th & 11th of November & invites sensible applications & suggestions for FemDom Sessions on both days. Genuine slaves & subs who wish to Serve Mistress Heather in the U.K. can Submit their application ideas to Serve in most parts of the country & should demand be high enough then FemDom Sessions will be carried out there. Alternatively, individual slaves & subs seeking extended Sessions on either dates of greater than say 3 hours can apply to be Used & Abused in most cities but again, please keep in mind that a deposit will almost definitely be required in this scenario.

Mistress Athena
Mistress Athena

Following the open Session dates Mistress Heather, who’s sometimes referred to as Heather Divine heads to the North of the country to Huddersfield from where She’ll be Dominating Her subjects on the 12th & 13th of November with Sessions set to take place at the very well appointed  Yorkshire Dungeon which is the FemDom facility owned & operated by none other than to top English Dominatrix Mistress Athena & who last year Filmed with Mistress Anuska for Femme Fatale Films & with this in mind double Domination Sessions are also a strong possibility subject to each Mistresses schedule allowing for such. Please be clear in any application for Huddersfield as to whether you’re seeking a double or solo experience. Worth mentioning too that established Dominatrices & content producers seeking suitable rental options in this part of England can contact Mistress Athena to discuss possibilities & potential hire arrangements.

The final part of Mistress Heather’s mini England tour is taking place in central London with Session dates confirmed from the 14th until the 16th inclusive & as with all the aforementioned applications can now be made but please be certain to indicate your desired location & the duration of the Session that you seek.

Mistress Heather is an experienced Dominatrix who’s mostly located in Spain nowadays but who travels in Europe & beyond Dominating Her slaves & subs along the way, Ball Busting, Face Slapping & Trampling are just a few of the many different types of FemDom Session that She enjoys,  check out Mistress Heather’s web site for a much more detailed listing as to what She enjoys most or contact Her directly to discuss your own particular  Fetish should it not be listed.Chastity Training with Key holding is also a possibility with Mistress Heather for those looking for a more ongoing arrangement.

You can find out much more information, apply to be Dominated by Mistress Heather in England, see additional pictures & much more besides via the Mistress Heather web site

Morrigan Hel Glasgow Domination Sessions

Morrigan Hel Glasgow FemDom Tour News

Mistress Morrigan Hel
Mistress Morrigan Hel

Autumn FemDom travel continues as Mistress Morrigan Hel visits Glasgow to Dominate.

18th October 2014

Top Dominatrix & Latex Model Mistress Morrigan Hel makes a brief trip to Glasgow in Scotland taking place tomorrow & a limited number of FemDom Sessions now remain available to genuine slaves & subs. Applications to Serve can now be Submitted via the web site of Mistress Hel by utilising the direct email address & telephone number displayed there but please note that you may well be required to pay a small deposit in order to confirm your appointment which will run from early until late whilst Mistress Hel is in town. FemDom Session applications are open to beginners as well as the more experienced slave & submissive.

This is a rare opportunity to Serve Mistress Morrigan Hel who’s an experienced Dominatrix & Latex Model who has graced the cover of many a Fetish magazine & appeared on a vast number of FemDom web sites over the years & who enjoys a wide variety of scenes when in the Dungeon which includes but is no way limited to Corporal Punishment, Plastic Bagging & Foot Worship to name just a few. Mistress Morrigan Hel also undertakes Chastity Key holding along with extended lock ups for those slaves & subs seeking a more ongoing arrangement & is usually located at the excellent Murder Mile Studio in London when not on Her travels.

Mistress Morrigan Hel
Mistress Morrigan Hel

Female Domination Sessions with Mistress Hel are scheduled to take place tomorrow from the well appointed AbstraktMe Studio in the heart of Glasgow which is located very close to central Station & fully equipped & furnished & includes such items as Bondage Bed, Gibbet Cage, Prison Cage, Violet Wand, Rubber Vacuum Bed & plenty more besides. Well worth pointing out that Abstrakt Studio is available to hire to touring Dominatrices seeking suitable rental options to Dominate from whilst in Scotland & continues to attract a large number of Mistresses from all over the globe as well as from closer to home & includes semi residencies & appearances with the likes of  Mistress Lilith, Mistress Argentina, Mistress Esme, Miss Hunter & plenty more besides, keep a close eye on the AbstraktMe web site for announcements of Dominatrices set to appear there soon.

You can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in Glasgow tomorrow or in London after the weekend, see additional pictures & much more besides via the Mistress Morrigan Hel web site