September 23rd, 2013

Mistress Sable – In New York City

5th – 16th November 2013

Mistress Sable On Hogspy

Mistress Sable

Advance travel news in as Mistress Sable heads for New York this November.

Dominatrix Mistress Sable will once again be available to be Served on the East Coast in New York City during the dates shown up above, early applications can now be sent via Mistress Sable’s web site which contains full contact details including Her email address & telephone number too, an advance deposit may well be required to secure your time Serving Mistress Sable. Applications are open to both beginner slaves & subs as well as the more experienced.

An experienced Domina of many years Mistress Sable is usually located in Los Angeles when not on the move & enjoys a wide variety of different Domination Sessions including Cigarette Torture, Face Slapping & Hair Removal to name just a few & on top of this Mistress Sable also offers a Chastity Key Holding service & occasionally offers Her personal items for sale as well, details for which can be found on Her site.

You can apply to Serve in New York for early November right now as well as apply to Serve in California either before or after the Big Apple trip, see more pictures & lots more besides by Clicking Here

September 23rd, 2013

Princess Cheryl – Seeking Film Slaves

4th October 2013

Princess Cheryl On Hogspy

Princess Cheryl

Filming news in as Princess Cheryl seeks additional slaves for new productions.

Princess Cheryl is once again actively looking for suitable Film slaves to Use & Abuse on the above displayed date only  & the content for which will be uploaded on to Her different Clips stores & up & coming brand new web site.

Genuine applicants are now invited to respectfully apply to Princess Cheryl in order to be considered for the shoot which takes place in a Dungeon setting in Stockport in England.

Preference will be given to slaves & subs that are comfortable showing their face as well as able to be marked & the shoot will also include Human Ashtray scenes too so Smokers or those with a tolerance to such are very welcome to apply. A tribute is not required in order to be Used as a Film slave & you will be responsible for making & paying for your own travel arrangements.

Only reliable & efficient slaves need apply & keep in mind you must be prepared to sign a Model release form on the day that action takes place, applications should be brief & also include details of any previous Filming undertaken & with whom, Princess Cheryl will no doubt be inundated with emails & messages so please apply giving accurate & comprehensive info but do keep it to the point.

Princess Cheryl is an Online Dominatrix & Humiliatrix of male slaves & submissives who also conducts individual realtime Domination Sessions in various different Dungeon facilities including in Blackburn in England as well as occasionally travels for Sessions mostly in the United Kingdom, Telephone Domination & Webcam Sessions are available online via various different sites. Princess Cheryl is currently working on Her brand new web site which is set to go live in the not too distant future, we’ll be sure to bring you details of the launch right here on Hogspy  just as soon as it’s confirmed.

You can apply to Princess Cheryl to be Used as a Film slave early next month by contacting Her through Her Twitter account, see additional pictures & follow Her by Clicking Here

September 22nd, 2013

Ms Tara Sterling – Dominates Tokyo

20th – 30th October 2013

Ms Tara Sterling on Hogspy

Ms Tara Sterling

FemDom travel news as Ms Tara Sterling heads for Japan during next month.

Dominatrix Ms Tara Sterling will be available to be Served in Tokyo during October on the dates displayed up above, polite applications can now be Submitted via Ms Sterling’s web site through the “Contact” section which contains very specific instructions on how best to apply, please note that Ms Sterling prefers longer duration Sessions & that an advance deposit will be required to secure your time Serving Her.

Usually located in California in America Ms Tara Sterling is an experienced Dominatrix who travels the globe extensively Using & Abusing male slaves & subs along the way, keep an eye on the “Travel News” section of Her web site for all the latest updates on where Ms Sterling can be Served over the coming months which incidentally currently includes proposed dates for the likes of London & Berlin in Europe early next year as well as Cape town in South Africa shortly afterwards.

Corporal Punishment, Humiliation & Chastity Training are just a small selection of the different types of Session that Ms Tara Sterling enjoys, you can find out lots more information, apply to Serve in Tokyo during next month, see additional pictures & much more via Her web site which you can access by Clicking Here

September 21st, 2013

Mistress Jenna – Twitter Account


Mistress Jenna On Hogspy

Mistress Jenna

Internet news as Mistress Jenna confirms deletion of Her Twitter account.

Citing it as not a productive use of Her time not to mention “The Idiots You Attract On There” Mistress Jenna has now closed Her Twitter account & is keen to let the slaves & subs that were following Her know that the move was deliberate & at Her instruction. Mistress Jenna is keen to point out that Her Blog is still very active & that all Her latest news including travel, site updates & other snippets of interest will appear on there from time to time & to check back frequently.

Mistress Jenna is an experienced Dominatrix who is located mostly at Her own fully equipped facility in Chester in England & who also has access to other nearby facilities too, check out Her web site for specific details of the different locations & days that Mistress Jenna can be Served on & where.

Electrics, Hand Spanking & Water Sports but not on a first Session are just some of the different types of Female Domination Session that Mistress Jenna enjoys, you can find out more information, read the latest Blog entries, view additional photos & plenty more besides by Clicking Here

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