July 19th, 2011

The Hunteress – New Slaves Invited !

August 2011

A Temp The Hunteress 888 2 The Hunteress   New Slaves Invited !

The Huntress

Session news from The Hunteress who’s considering new slaves next month.

Throughout the month of August The Hunteress invites new slaves & subs to apply to serve Her with all applications to be made via the form on Her site only.

This is a rare opportunity to apply to The Hunteress & may not be repeated for sometime to come you should therefore apply politely & ensure to use the form.

The Hunteress is an experienced Dominatrix who enjoys being served in a variety of ways & conducts Her sessions in various locations across England & travels the Globe extensively, you can find out more & apply by Clicking Here

July 18th, 2011

Ms Tara Sterling – Is Visiting Portland !

7th – 10th August 2011

A Temp Ms Tara Sterling Ms Tara Sterling   Is Visiting Portland !

Ms Tara Sterling

Travel confirmation from Ms Tara Sterling who visits Portland next month.

Mistress Tara Sterling will be in Oregon during the dates shown above & is now considering polite applications to serve Her via Her web site which contains full contact details as well a full schedule for Her future travel arrangements as well.

Role Play, Bondage & Torture are just some of the activities Ms Sterling enjoys, you can find out more information & apply to serve in Portland by Clicking Here

July 17th, 2011

Mistress Elin – At The Den Of Iniquity !

Los Angeles !

A Temp Mistress Elin Mistress Elin   At The Den Of Iniquity !

Mistress Elin

More news from The Den Of Iniquity where Mistress Elin can now be served.

Mistress Elin is now available at the Den on Thursday nights & Saturday during the day & is an apprentice Dominatrix who enjoys Equestrian Training, Bondage & Verbal Humiliation to name a few, Mistress Elin is fluent in English & German.

The Den of Iniquity is a multi room, multi Domme facility located in Los Angeles & fully equipped, find out more & apply to serve Mistress Elin by Clicking Here

July 15th, 2011

Bianca Beauchamp – Sneak Peak Shot !

Westward Bound !

A Temp Bianca Beauchamp Bianca Beauchamp   Sneak Peak Shot !

Bianca Beauchamp

Picture news with Bianca Beauchamp on a recent shoot dressed in Latex.

The teaser shot was taken on an Iphone & shows Bianca wearing shades & looking cool as She models for Westward Bound in their finest Pink Latex.

Bianca Beauchamp is a top Fetish model who also runs Her own web sites, see more pictures & keep up with all Her latest news via Her site by Clicking Here

July 15th, 2011

Alice Malice – Doubles In London !

Until End Of August 2011

A Temp Mistress Alice Malice2 Alice Malice   Doubles In London !

Mistress Alice Malice

A Temp Mistress Darcy2 Alice Malice   Doubles In London !

Mistress Darcy

News in from Mistress Alice Malice offering double sessions this Summer.

Mistress Malice has teamed up with Her close friend Mistress Darcy, who as reported recently on Hogspy is spending the Summer in the London to offer Double Domme sessions at central located Chambers in the heart of the capital.

Individual sessions are also available with either Mistress with applications to serve now being considered via their web sites which contain full contact info.

Humiliation, Kicking & Face Slapping are just some of the activities Mistress Alice Malice & Mistress Darcy enjoy, you can find out more details & apply to serve either Dominatrix or both via the site of Mistress Malice by Clicking Here

July 14th, 2011

Lindi St Clair – Press Bugged Phone !

Twitter !

A Temp Lindi St Clair Lindi St Clair   Press Bugged Phone !

Lindi St Clair - Circa 1985

Phone hacking news with Lindi St Clair who states Her phones were bugged.

Tweeting last week on Twitter Lindi St Clair, generally regarded as the original Miss Whiplash quoted in reply to Sky News that “The press were bugging MY phones in 1975 and did so for 30 years!! So bugging/hacking is nothing new!”

Lindi St Clair is a former Dominatrix who was available to be served in London during the seventies, eighties & nineties & many stories exist which lead to Her notoriety including allegedly renting a basement flat from Norman Lamont who at the time was the Chancellor of the Exchequer & accusing the Government of “Living Off Immoral Earnings” after the Inland Revenue requested a huge back payment in tax, She once owned a yellow Rolls Royce & claimed in excess of 250 Members of Parliament were Her clients, on top of that She tried to get elected.

Nowadays Lindi St Clair goes by Her birth name of Marian June & has now fully embraced Christianity following a near fatal car accident back in 2009 & lives a much quieter lifestyle, you can see the Twitter quote yourself by Clicking Here

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