October 24th, 2012

Lady Bellatrix – Birmingham Visit

12th – 13th November 2012

Bella 131 Lady Bellatrix   Birmingham Visit

Lady Bellatrix

Travel news with Lady Bellatrix who’s visiting Birmingham during next month.

Lady Bellatrix will be in Birmingham, England to conduct Sessions during the dates shown up above & applications to Serve Her whilst there can now be sent via Her web site which contains full contact & booking details.

Sessions will be carried out at a fully equipped Dungeon by Lady Bellatrix who’s an experienced Dominatrix, usually located in London & who enjoys Spanking, Humiliation & Ball Busting to name just a few. You can find out lots more details & apply to Serve Lady Bellatrix in Birmingham or London & for those unable to Serve in person on the telephone by way of Her own Chat lines by Clicking Here

October 23rd, 2012

Torture Garden – Halloween Sells Out

Halloween 2012

Torture Garden 300 Torture Garden   Halloween Sells Out

Torture Garden

Confirmation from Torture Garden that all Halloween tickets are now sold out.

This year Fetish Club Torture Garden host not one but two separate events in central London to celebrate Halloween with confirmation in that both events are now fully sold out & that no tickets will be available on the door.

The first event takes place this Saturday on the 27th of October with the second night taking place exactly one week later, approximately 3500 tickets combined have now been sold to lucky party goers in the capital.

We congratulate Torture Garden on affirming their position as the world’s most famous Fetish club with the ability to pull massive & diverse crowds & to do so over two consecutive weekends & in the same city surely is unheard of anywhere in the world, what’s more is the fact that tickets are often bought & sold on Ebay some reaching very dizzy heights & these two events are unsurprisingly no exception, a quick glance on Ebay a moment ago shows 1 ticket offered for the 27th at £104  attracting 18 bids & various others easily topping the face value price.

You can find out more about Torture Garden including details of up & coming events taking place after Halloween as well as see pictures of previous parties & keep up with all their latest news via the official web site by Clicking Here

October 23rd, 2012

Ms Tytania – Brings U.C.S.C. To Life

East London

Urban Chick Supremacy Cell Ms Tytania   Brings U.C.S.C. To Life

Urban Chick Supremacy Cell

FemDom news as Ms Tytania brings The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell to life.

Ms Tytania brings the UC-SC to life & is now offering real time terror Cell style Sessions in the hands of the Urban Chicks in the heart of East London.

Have you fantasized about becoming a hostage to this group of fierce, Militant Female Dominants ? If so you can start your cultural reeducation into Hard Edge Femdom in real life now.Underground is hard Edge FemDom Roleplay, Kidnapping, Bondage, Interrogation, Enforced Anal, Ball Busting, Punching, Boxing & Waterboarding. Smug City boys & other male scum will be subjected to a harsh, no escape terror regime, all in the capital city.

You can find out more information about The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell by contacting Ms Tytania via the U.C.S.C. site which you can do by Clicking Here

October 22nd, 2012

Madam Mysteria – Wrestles In England

6th – 9th November 2012

Madam Mysteria Cropped Madam Mysteria   Wrestles In England

Madam Mysteria

Travel news in with Madam Mysteria who’s back in England during next month.

Madam Mysteria makes a welcome return to the United Kingdom to embark on a mini tour which finds Her in Manchester on the 6th of November, Leeds on the 7th which is followed by London on the 8th & 9th November. Applications to Serve in all destinations are now being considered  by Madam Mysteria via Her web site which contains full contact information.

Madam Mysteria is an experienced Wrestler & Dominatrix who specialises in Domination Wrestling & who also enjoys a wide variety of different Session activities including but not limited to Spanking, Trampling & Strap On Training to name just a few, you can find out lots more details & Submit an application to Serve Madam Mysteria in all England locations via Her site by Clicking Here

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