May 4th, 2012

London Fetish Weekend – Tickets !

5th – 7th October 2012

A Temp London Fetish Weekend 2 London Fetish Weekend   Tickets !

London Fetish Weekend

News in from the London Fetish Weekend who have just put their tickets on sale.

This years London Fetish Weekend takes place in various central London locations during the dates shown above & tickets can now be purchased via their web site safely & securely.

Now in its fifth year the Fetish weekend is a series of events which includes dancing, shopping, workshops, fashion, playing & general naughtiness all round & its’ spread over a number of different venues all of which are easily accessible.

Events over the weekend are open to all but please note that some, such as the Fetish clubs do have a strict dress code which must be adhered to, you can buy tickets for individual events but if you’re planning on attending a few then the good news is you can purchase a weekend pass to attend all of them for just £60 which represents a big saving on the individual prices & even includes brunch on Sunday too.

The London Fetish Weekend is a great opportunity to get out & about & meet friends & associates within the scene, dance your arse off, shop like mad & play with like minded people, Hogspy will bring you any updates about the weekend as & when we get them, in the meantime check out the web site & order your tickets in good time to avoid disappointment & get more details by Clicking Here

May 3rd, 2012

Bianca Beauchamp – Tomb Rubber !

Cosplay !

A Temp Bianca Beauchamp 2 Bianca Beauchamp   Tomb Rubber !

Bianca Beauchamp

Picture news with Bianca Beauchamp looking great as an iconic film character.

Entitled Tomb Rubber a collection of new photos have recently been added to Bianca’s site featuring Her dressed similar to the lead character of the film & video game with a fairly similar name, we’re sure Hogspy readers get who we mean.

The photo shoot took place in the Fiji Islands & follows years of requests to Bianca to undertake such with the Cosplay outfit custom made for Her by Polymorphe & in our opinion matching closely to the original costume portrayed.

Bianca Beauchamp is a Fetish Model who loves Latex & runs Her own web sites, see lots more photos from Tomb Rubber via the LatexLair link by Clicking Here

May 3rd, 2012

Goddess Severa – Seeks Picture Slave !

27th May 2012

A Temp Goddess Severa Goddess Severa   Seeks Picture Slave !

Goddess Severa

Photo shoot news with Goddess Severa who’s seeking a suitable slave to use.

Goddess Severa will be undertaking a photo shoot in San Diego on the date shown above & applications for such are now being considered, you must be extremely reliable & able to take instruction without complaint, be of legal age & prepared to sign a Model release form on the day of the shoot.

Pictures taken will be used on Goddess Severa’s web site & Clips4sale store so you must be at ease with this factor, potential applicants will need to submit photos to Goddess including a head & a body shot, no exceptions whatsoever & your application should include details of experience as well as your Fetish interests.

Goddess Severa is a well established & much respect Dominatrix who enjoys being served in a variety of ways you can find out lots more information & apply to be used as a picture slave or serve Goddess in Her Dungeon by Clicking Here

May 2nd, 2012

Depravation Chambers – Ladies Day !

25th May 2012

A Temp Mistress Davina Depravation Chambers   Ladies Day !

Mistress Davina

News from The Chambers Of Depravation who are hosting an event next month.

Entitled Ladies Day & being held on the date shown up above in Mistress Davina’s newly revamped Tranny Pod this is an event open to all Transvestites, Cross Dressers, Sissies & wannabe sluts with the fun starting early afternoon & going on right through into the evening & attended by different Dommes such as Mistress Davina Herself along with the likes of Mistress Athena & others too.

The party is open to all & light refreshments will be provided & on top of that there’s a number of prizes to be won on the night as well, you can find out all the details & contact Mistress Davina to apply to attend this party by Clicking Here

May 1st, 2012

Domina Erotica – New Interview !

3rd May 2012

A Temp Domina Erotica 2 Domina Erotica   New Interview !

Domina Erotica

Interview news in from Domina Erotica who’s on air this comming Thursday.

Domina Erotica has recently conducted an interview with WRPBiTV which is scheduled to be broadcast later this week & in it She talks about subjects in the BDSM lifestyle & discusses Fetishes & Her Domme philosophies, tune in to hear Her views on a variety of related topics & listen in as She clears up a few pre conceived notions & misconceptions.

Domina Erotica is an experienced Mistress located in Florida & enjoys Bondage, Sensory Deprivation & Roleplay to name just a few, apply to serve & find out more details on how to tune into Her up & comming interview by Clicking Here

May 1st, 2012

FemDom Empire – Slave Pictures !

Abuse !

A Temp Lexi Sindel Ms Jenni Fishnets FemDom Empire   Slave Pictures !

Goddess Lexi Sindel & Mistress Jenni Fishnets

A Temp Slaves FemDom Empire   Slave Pictures !


Here’s a couple of great pictures from FemDom Empire we thought you’d enjoy.

Seen recently on the internet the first shot features Lexi Sindel & Jenni Fishnets out on the town & showing off their slaves Butts & the bruises they’ve received & clearly having fun the second photo features a few slaves bedding down for the night at the sleepover of none other than Ms Coral Korrupt & probably not having so much fun.

FemDom Empire is a collective of some of the worlds top Dominatrices most of whom you can serve in person such as Lexi Sindel, Jenni Fishnets & Coral Korrupt & for those that aren’t able to serve in realtime the good news is that the FemDom Empire web site is ram packed with pictures & video clips featuring all the aforementioned & plenty more besides, check out their site by Clicking Here

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